Sell Your Yacht With Simpson Marine – Here’s Why

July 31, 2014

Want to sell your existing yacht and perhaps purchase a newer model? Selling your yacht may not be that easy. You would need experienced yacht brokers who can provide not only great, personalized service but an extensive network of possible buyers as well.



Simpson Marine is your best bet when it comes to choosing a yacht brokerage firm. Simpson Marine is Asia’s leading yacht dealership, brokerage and service company and has 30 years of colorful, solid achievements under its belt to boot.


Here’s a general idea of how Simpson Marine can help you find a good buyer for your luxury yacht:


First off, Simpson Marine offers free yacht valuation services. So go ahead and call them and set an appointment. Their professional consultants are ready to give you fair valuation of your prized possession.



Secondly, Simpson Marine can then recommend ways and means that could help increase your yacht’s saleability, prepare a sales and marketing plan and even prepare a full and detailed brochure for your yacht, along with a dedicated, professional photo gallery. How’s that for personalized service and attention to detail?



Ensure a swift sale for your yacht. Get in touch with Simpson Marine today!

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Simpson Marine Offers Unique Sales and After Sales Services to All Our Clients

June 5, 2014

Simpson Marine’s service begins before your boat has even been delivered. We will arrange all aspects of the delivery process, including shipping, insurance, sea trials and crew training. For custom-built yachts and larger yachts we will also visit the shipyards to oversee construction. We are committed to ensuring that all clients receive the same high standard of service in each of our locations across Asia.


Throughout your ownership we offer a full range of after sales services via our highly trained technicians. Once delivered, our team will undertake all warranty service requirements for your yacht. Simpson Marine maintains regular contact with the various manufacturers we represent, and adhere to international service standards


With offices throughout Asia-Pacific we offer unique after-sales service to all our clients. Contact your local office for help and support in Hong Kong, Bali, Hainan, Jakarta, Kaohsiung, Pattaya, Penghu, Phuket, Port Dickson, Shenzhen, Singapore, and Taipei.


At Simpson Marine, boating is what we do best. We will provide you with all the support you need for the most complete and fulfilling yacht ownership experience possible!


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Simpson Marine Brokerage Hong Kong Lessons on Buying Your First Boat Part One

June 5, 2014

Simpson Marine is a full service dealership with staff who possess an unrivaled depth of experience; we are experienced yachtsmen and yacht owners ourselves, who understand the full range and breadth of our customers’ needs. Accordingly, we are the experts when it comes to helping you buy your first boat!


Even before you start looking at boats, there are some basic questions that you should ask yourself.  If you are new to boats, then you will almost certainly be going for a power boat. For first time boaters, the simplicity of turning a key and heading out on to the water is a major attraction. But this is only the beginning.

The second question you should ask yourself is how much do you want to spend? This question alone will narrow down your choice significantly. If you plan to handle the boat yourself, then you shouldn’t be thinking of anything too much over 50 feet in length. If your budget will allow for a larger yacht complete with crew, then the choice is much wider but the costs go up considerably.

Remember when considering your price range that buying the boat is only one part of the exercise. You will also have to consider the expenses in running the boat, and this includes the cost of fuel, insurance, mooring, crew and maintenance. All of these can add up and it is better to have a smaller boat that does not stretch your finances too far than opting for something larger that you cannot really enjoy because the costs are too high.

The most important question you need to ask yourself is what you will be using the boat for. This will help you determine the type of boat that you need and, in some circumstances, the size of boat that you should go for. It can also help you decide on such things as speed and other performance factors.

By asking yourself some basic questions, you can narrow down your choices considerably. And remember: you don’t have to go it alone. At Simpson Marine boating is what we do best. Let our experts help guide you to the right choice for you!


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Simpson Marine Yacht Brokerage in Hong Kong and Asia Since 1984

June 5, 2014

Simpson Marine was first established in Hong Kong in 1984, to provide full-service brokerage for the local yachting community. We have offices in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. Simpson Marine is a full service dealership with staff who possess an unrivaled depth of experience; we are experienced yachtsmen and yacht owners ourselves, who understand the full range and breadth of our customers’ needs.


Today, with a team of more than 100 staff, Simpson Marine provides a wide range of yacht services throughout Asia and is the exclusive dealer for many of the world’s leading yacht brands in the region, including Azimut, Azimut Grande, Beneteau Power, Beneteau Sail, CNB Yachts, Lagoon, and Monte Carlo Yachts











We also provide international yacht brokerage, custom construction, and yacht management. Our award-winning after sales service and maintenance is famous across the Asia-Pacific region. Once delivered, we will undertake all warranty service requirements for your yacht. Our Service Teams are on stand-by to help you get the maximum pleasure out of your yacht, including instructing crews in the correct operation of the yacht, carrying out repairs under warranty or advising owners on the very best places to go cruising


We also assist non-owners in chartering worldwide. Our contacts and experience will ensure that you have a wonderful holiday.


Simpson Marine is in the business of yachts and committed to the world of yachting. We are your source for all yachting needs throughout Asia because yachting has been our passion since 1984.

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Celebrate Your Wedding in Style with HITCHED! Bridal Hong KOng

November 5, 2013

Picking the perfect location for your wedding is no easy task. Lucky for brides and grooms to be everywhere, HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong has found some of the most beautiful, and functional, wedding locations right here in Hong Kong.

Beach weddings aren’t reserved for tropical island getaways. Have your own beachfront wedding here in Hong Kong at Ooh La La on Lantau Island. Or, if a view of the sea is all you crave, try The Verandah in Repulse Bay. Up to 400 guests can soak in the luxurious ocean views, marble decor, and dark wood finish. For palm trees and breath-taking views without the expensive flights, visit Gold Coast Hotel. Extremely private, this location can host up to 700 guests and has three lawns to choose from!

For those wanting a more intimate ceremony, Spasso in Harbour City is perfect. Complete with fine Italian cuisine and a view of Victoria Harbour, Spasso can seat up to 150 guests. Add a touch of history to your private affair with the remodeled The Pawn. Once a pawn shop, this location can now seat up to 80 guests in the middle of Wan Chai. Upper House provides the perfect atmosphere for a classy, secluded ceremony with a pristinely groomed garden and beautiful ivory shades.

A beautiful ceremony is nothing without a beautiful, glowing bride to match. Turn heads as you walk down the aisle in an elegant Rivini wedding gown. Rivini wedding gowns are a perfect match for brides who crave a bit of luxury and class. Extremely detailed with tucks, beads, and sheer panels, no one will forget how beautiful and happy you looked on your wedding day. Rivini gowns for any style can be found at HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong. Call them at 852 2815 8330, visit their store in person, or visit them online.

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Travel the globe with Moët Hennessy Wines!

May 11, 2012


The United States, Argentina, Brazil, New Zealand, Spain and Australia are all locations where Moët Hennessy vineyards can be found. Wine lovers from across the globe recognise the distinct quality of wines originating from these diverse regions. Let us give you an insight in to the various wines, their global locations and what it is that helps to make these distinct and captivating flavours.

A popular Moët Hennessy wine is the deep red, full-bodied, fruity blend of Cabernet Merlot produced by Cape Mentelle. They take advantage of the rich terrain surrounding Australia’s Margaret River, which help make both Cape Mentelle and Moët Hennessy renowned worldwide. Another example, equally as deep and sumptuous is the amazing concoction of blueberries and mulberries combined with the spicy freshness of nutmeg, cardamom and black pepper found in the 2012 Shiraz.

As a pioneer in new wine producing concepts and techniques, Moët Hennessy has teamed up with Argentina’s Bodegas Chandon to produce Terrazas de los Andes. The wines from this area achieve their distinct taste thanks to the altitude and high-elevation of their vineyards. Afincado in particular is one of the highest quality wines produced in Argentina, with an intense, full-bodied flavour complemented by its consistent fruity aroma. The wine is carefully produced in restricted amounts and only exceptional years go on to be retailed, making it one of the best luxury wines offered by a Moët Hennessy Wine Estate.

With such an array of flavours and locations, why not travel the world with Moët Hennessy Wines and discover your favorite?

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Sense of Touch: Re-discover the Pleasures of Life

April 11, 2012

Sometimes, with today’s busy and strenuous world, it’s getting too hard to manage. A person plainly needs to sit back and relax. Have a soothing massage, dip in a wine or beer bath to relax and warm tired muscles, do some gentle exercise, and treat yourself with some beauty and hair treatments. Sense of Touch believes that every mind and body deserves to be indulged extraordinarily in order to function well the following day. This is what Sense of Touch can provide to hardworking individuals, to make a spa day as part of the usual routine of a person.


Innovative, unique and result oriented treatments are offered by Sense of Touch. From the list of various spa services to enliven your senses and signature treatments to a wide variety of skincare products, you will definitely feel refreshed and rejuvenated after this spa experience.

Sense of Touch has captivated the tastes in indulgence and relaxation of a broad market all over Hong Kong. With its five accessible locations to choose from, you can pamper yourself when your stress levels come at the highest point and you need to relax desperately. Having an established name in the spa business, we take pride in offering exceptional spa services and providing a haven of recreation and relaxation to our clients.

You might feel anxious the minute your spa treatment ends thinking that you will have to get back to your tied-up life. With Sense of Touch, you don’t need to worry. With its affordable services and products, you can come to this place more often just a visit. You can think of yourself as a king or queen even just for a day, and take comfort in a world of indulgence. Enjoy and sooth yourself at one of the Sense of Touch spas for everybody is entitled to be treated luxuriantly.

For those who love spa and wellness, Sense of Touch is the perfect place for you.

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Escape in Macau. Escape at Banyan Tree Macau.

July 4, 2011

Macau may be home to world heritage sites, cobbled stone pathways, fascinating museums, church ruins, ginormous casinos and even numerous restaurants that promise gastronomic delights but there’s one thing that Macau is now best known for — a paradise that you can escape in and merely surrender.

Banyan Tree Macau recently opened in the vibrant Cotai City, Macau and it’s an urban resort that offers a sanctuary for all your senses. It’s a place where you can escape and just succumb to the pleasures of life. Want to experience leisure, entertainment, dining and other thrills of life? This first high rise, luxury urban resort in Macau is the only answer.

Spend a day discovering Senado Square, the Ruins of St. Paul’s, the A-ma Temple, the Guia Fortress and even the Coloane District. Then, come home to Banyan Tree Macau and give your sore feet a treat. The skilled professionals over at Banyan Tree Macau will make you feel like a king or queen.

Banyan Tree Macau is part of Galaxy Macau, the latest fully integrated development in Cotai City. Just a mere fifteen minutes away from the Macau International Airport and 10 minutes from the Taipa Ferry Terminal and Macau Heliport, this new Macau tourist destination offers 227 luxurious suites, including the ultra exclusive Presidential Suite. It also has 29 villas, where 10 feature lots of space that each even have their own gardens complete with private swimming pools. Those pools will be so inviting you simply cannot resist taking a plunge as soon as you come back from spending an entire day exploring the various temples, museums and public tourist attractions in Macau.

Reserve your own piece of heaven at Banyan Tree Macau today. Call them at +853 8883 8833 or send them an email at

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Understanding the Chinese web surfer

June 28, 2011

We all know that China has the biggest population in the whole world. Given that fact, it’s no wonder that more and more webmasters, bloggers, social media practitioners and even ordinary businessmen want to gain attention among the Chinese. One really good example of just how fervent the hope of people to get as much attention from China as possible is the very strong demand to be included in the popular Chinese search engine, That site is like the Google counterpart in China. Once your site is included, consider yourself a lucky man.

You can also consider patting yourself on the back if you’re fond of writing about finance, investments and properties. This, because those topics are apparently the most browsed or searched for topics among the Chinese.

According to an online article, Chinese people like searching for topics related to investments, properties or just about anything related to money and finance the most. This basically means that a rich Chinese man who surfs the web is most likely to look for topics on how to make himself even richer! The next topic that the Chinese web surfer also like to read is music information. Next up are topics about cars then literature and the arts then leisure, travel and vacation. Interestingly, the Chinese spend lesser time reading up on IT and communications. Rounding up the list are shopping and dining guides, education and training then lastly, relationships. Which practically means that wanting to get rich or even richer is the top most priority among Chinese these days than hooking up with someone. Is that good or bad news?

Nonetheless, the figures tell us one thing: if you want to gain attention from the world’s biggest population, then just write about the greens, the bling-bling and the moneymakers.

Cucina: a Michelin rated restaurant Asia meets Italy with stunning harbour views

June 8, 2009

Cucina: a Michelin rated restaurant
Cuccina is a Michelin-rated restaurant where an exquisite open kitchen showcases the preparation of Italian and Chinese influenced food.