Join the Hocusadabra – Makedo Cup Critter workshops

November 30, 2011

Dubbed as the “Lego of a new generation,” the Makedo Cup Critter kits are some of Hocusadabra’s best selling products. And there’s no surprise there, truth be told. After all, Makedo, which originates from Australia, encourages children to exercise their imagination and creativity plus it urges kids and parents alike to see potential and possibility — even of things that people might already consider as just mere waste.

Now, in an effort to further introduce the multi-award winning Makedo connector system to more kids especially in Hong Kong, Hocusadabra and Makedo have teamed up and have organized several Makedo Cup Critter workshops. During these workshops, children will be taught how to connect packing remnants commonly found in the home – from boxes to plastic containers to fabric scraps – in order to make cool, “new” things such as creatures, cars, play spaces and more.

Admission to these workshops is free. For inquiries, you can send an email to

In the meantime, get your own Makedo Cup Critters now! There are three variations of this product available at our online store. We have the Makedo Cup Critters Cow – Rooster set, the Chimp – Rabbit set and the Penguin – Hippo set. Each kit comes with enough parts and easy to follow instructions in order to make two different animals from the cups.

See you at the workshops!

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How to exercise your child’s creativity and imagination

October 27, 2011

In order for children to be happy and healthy, they also need to regularly exercise their creativity and imagination. They must be given the opportunity to use their imagination — be it through simple means or things.

The key, though, is to keep things fun and enjoyable not only for your child but for you as a parent as well.

We recently heard about a game called “the long way home.” In this game you challenge your child to come up with different ways to get home. You can do this exercise when you’re fetching your child from school or if you’re about to go home from a familiar place like the park or neighborhood grocery store. Ask your child for various routes to take or means of transport to get home.

Not only will this be a fun thing to do for you both, it can also really help your child think.

We also love our Makedo Cup Critters Critters. They are small and complete with parts to help your child make two animals per kit. There are three options available – chimp / rooster, cow / rabbit and penguin / hippo. Each kit comes with very easy to follow instructions. Your child will really have a great time “creating” different animals from these Makedo Cup Critters. When they are done with the animals, they can reuse the parts to make anything their imagination so desires.

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