Elevate your business with GlocalMe, Mediative Hong Kong, Ungert Line Limited and Primasia Asia Hong Kong

July 10, 2015



GlocalMe G2 is the Future of the Telecom Industry

As the creators of the GlocalMe G1; we are now initiating a revolutionary new product; a smart 4G Wi-Fi hotspot perfect for business and leisure world travelers. The GlocalMe G2 Kickstarter will be available shortly; starting July 2015.

Our new hotspot device will turn local 3G and 4G networks into secure Wi-Fi signals in over 100 countries. With GlocalMe G2, you will also find it easier to surf and make online voice calls (VOIP) via the Internet in all these countries.


Similar to our GlocalMe G1 model; users will be able to access the internet at an affordable price and without needing to purchase local SIM cards from the countries you are traveling in. Our technology is all about having easy access to a portable network device- with no worries about high roaming fees from your mobile carrier- as you travel around the globe.



Elevate Your Business with High-Quality Portraits from Mediative Hong Kong


The old cliché is that a picture is worth a thousand words. In the modern world, business is increasingly conducted on the internet through websites like LinkedIn, Indeed and Monster. Additionally, a professional reputation on social media is important because access to the content is so easy. Mediative Hong Kong offers the professional photography service to make you look your best online and off.


Online profiles are full of words, yet normally only one picture can be posted. That is why it is vital to show your best self in your professional business portrait. A good business portrait should capture your physical beauty and show the type of person you are. At Mediative Hong Kong we have a proven track record of helping our clients look great but what really makes our photographers special is their ability to capture your emotions.




Ungert Line Limited Locates its Warehousing Headquarters in Hong Kong


By investing in a Hong Kong warehouse, Ungert Line Limited is showing how more companies are confident about the logistics sector in the area. The Russian company entered Hong Kong in early 2012, and it designs and supports efficient and flexible solutions for products that need temperature and humidity controlled environments.


Ungert Line Limited has been operating an air-conditioned and ultra-modern warehouse in the Tuen Mun city, complete with 24hour security and fire protection since 2014. The temperatures in the warehouse range between 18°C and 22°C, but they can also be adjusted to specific levels within a reasonable range. Humidity level is maintained between 60% and 70%. In addition, the warehouse also has an innovative radio shuttle racking infrastructure to maximise utilisation of space and also speed up the movement of goods.



Primasia Ensures Compliance with Hong Kong Employers’ Reporting and Return Obligations


There is one season that is consistently dreaded around the world and it isn’t summer, winter, spring or fall. The dreaded season is tax season. Filing tax returns in your native country is difficult enough, let alone filing tax returns in a foreign country. If you are in need of accounting or taxation services in Hong Kong, Primasia Corporate Services Limited Hong Kong can help.

Our philosophy is that all Hong Kong businesses should have access to efficient, affordable and straight-forward accounting services. We also believe that the secret to effective accounting is a personalized approach, tailored for each individual client. Primasia Hong Kong offers full compliance with all of your tax reporting and accounting needs. You can read about the number of quality services we offer online here.


What Defines Generation Y’s Needs

June 1, 2012

As Baby Boomers begin to retire at an increasing rate, Generation Y is starting to dominate the workplace in Hong Kong. This has started to lead to a noticeable generation gap in the workplace between management and employees. In an effort to bridge that gap, both parties must begin to understand how their needs and expectations differ.

Generation Y is much more technologically advanced than any other generation. Because of this, we tend to rely on text messages more than phone calls and emails and Im more than in-person conversations. We also tend to crave immediate feedback while non-Gen Y bosses prefer to communicate only occasionally. Our generation also tends to value a happy work-social life balance more than previous generations. We tend to be very independent and are more accustomed to busier lifestyles. Our generation also is more family oriented, more group oriented, are more outspoken, and strive for individuality.

With up to four or five generations in one work place, how can we begin to bridge the generational gap? There has already been an increase in multigenerational programs. These programs focus on getting their work done without allowing differences in age and background to affect their productivity. A higher understanding for generations different than your own is also very important. Being more understanding of other generations can allow people from every generation to better adapt to both their coworkers and management.
A huge piece of advice to management who may not know how to work with our generation- give more guidance and more support. Job satisfaction, learning opportunities, and different work exposure are all great ways to motivate Generation Y, and it all begins with the way our generations can work together.