Planet Yoga’s Master Naveen shares his experience in Hong Kong.

January 7, 2010

Master Naveen is the leading instructor at Planet Yoga central, Hong Kong. With seven years of practice and experience and a solid knowledge of yoga concepts, Naveen has a huge, loyal following at the centre.

How did you decide to come to Hong Kong and teach Yoga?

A couple of years ago, before all the other centres opened in Hong Kong, Planet Yoga was the only big studio. It is renowned in India that, all the experienced Yoga instructors would come here, if they wanted to be in Hong Kong. In fact, most of the directors of big yoga centres in Hong Kong now started at Planet Yoga.

That’s very interesting. Not a lot of people would know that. What lead you to become a yoga instructor?

Yoga is intricately tied into religious practices in India. As a child I was always involved in praying, performing rituals and meditation.

In my senior year in high school, my sister suddenly passed away. My whole family was devastated. Our family doctor saw how the tragedy had affected my father’s health and suggested a yoga retreat for him to go to. After my dad came back from the retreat he was a renewed man.

I watched him practice at home and I started doing yoga with him. It was our way to bond as father and son. Through yoga we healed from the sadness together. After that, I started studying yoga in University and have not stopped practicing ever since.

We are sorry to hear that, but it seems that you now practice what you preach because yoga has actually been life changing for you. You have worked in Planet Yoga for a while, do you see a change in the clientele or what their needs are?

A couple of years ago, most people came to Planet Yoga to exercise and have a good workout. Now I think that the focus has shifted and there is a new interest in meditation, detox, and yoga as a lifestyle. Kapil and I host information sessions (offered nowhere else in Hong Kong) every week and many of our members come in to listen and talk about the concepts of yoga.

Finally, what does Real Yoga mean to you?

Real yoga is internalizing and engaging all five aspects of yoga, the physical, mental, emotional, social and the spiritual.


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