one2free: It’s time to turn Hong Kong into a live PLAYGROUND.

April 15, 2013


One2free, Hong Kong’s most colorful mobile communications brand, now gives you the power to turn your phone into an explosion of fun, just a press of a button away!

One2free is launching its brainchild, PLAYGROUND, this April with three exciting bite-sized
games that promise to take Hong Kong by storm. One of the most anticipated ones among these seem to be the Fishball Master.

If you think being a true Fishball Master was easy, think again. You’ll need nimble fingers and sharp senses to feed this hungry crowd of Hong Kongers. Master the local art of serving fishballs to a feisty lot that has lined up outside your shop! Flick the correct number of fishballs into the mouths of customers as fast as you can and then move them along as soon as they are full to serve the next customer in line.

You’ve got to hurry too because the clock is ticking away! The more fishballs you serve and the more customers you please, the better you score! But the fun doesn’t stop there. The rewards at PLAYGROUND might just get you your own plateful of fishballs! Real time rewards mean that you can not only brag about your high scores but also redeem discount coupons all around Hong Kong.

If you can’t wait to try your hand at flinging fishballs, and other exciting games, download the app today! You should also head over to the Facebook page to make sure you are in on all the latest updates rewards and badges! With PLAYGROUND in your hands, fun, games and giveaways will never be too far away. Log on to the website to find out more.

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PRDA Shares: Social Media Trends to Look for in 2013

February 7, 2013

2012 has come and gone, and with a new year, it’s time to put our social media strategies into high gear. PRDA has put together a short list of social media trends that you should look out for in 2013.

Increasing Visuals

2012’s big news was Facebook purchasing Instagram. It should come as no surprise that eye-catching images will be crucial this upcoming year. Likewise, Pinterest grew the quickest- over 1000%- in 2012. To keep up with the social media game, 2013 will have brands needing to embrace the right visual platform to reach their consumers.

Twitter Soars

Facebook’s public status has caused the social media giant to worry about profits. This has hurt some brand pages with limited reach algorithms and pay-to-use services. Twitter continues to deliver its users’ messages to all followers without limitations. Twitter has also started personalizing profiles with a “TweetRank” that includes engagement, influence, and interests. This allows brands to better target the right audience.

Go Mobile

There are over 600 million total monthly mobile active Facebook users. Every major social media network has a mobile ready site, as well as a mobile application designed for users on the go. Creating content that is mobile friendly will be crucial this year as more brands find consumers researching brands, products, and services from their tablets and cellphones.

Facebook Improves

Facebook will work hard to maintain its social media dominance this year. They are rolling out user satisfaction surveys to try to hone what consumers are really looking for on social media and what brands need to aid their social media marketing strategies. Their soon-to-be new feature, Graph Search, will allow users to find photos, products, and pages that match their interests more easily. A premium version of Facebook Pages will be offered to give brands better insights around specific fan segments to more efficiently target their consumers and better tailor their content.

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PRDA Helps You Reach Consumers With SoLoMo

January 21, 2013

Marketers are always looking for new ways to reach more consumers within their target audience. With an increase in mobile use and social media, marketing strategies are evolving. SoLoMo, a new marketing strategy, has proven to be very successful in today’s electronic world and PRDA has taken note.

SoLoMo combines three things that today’s consumers rely on when searching for products and services: SOcial media, LOcal information, and MObile usage. Mobile devices utilize users’ locations to deliver relevant information online and through social media. This technology can be taken advantage of to reach consumers in your target market.

China has surpassed the US as the world’s top smartphone market. There are over 1 billion mobile subscribers, with over 400 million consumers taking advantage of mobile web. China is also home to the world’s largest e-commerce market with an expected worth of 2 trillion yuan by 2015. Mobile usage, e-commerce, and social media usage have all increased significantly every quarter.

How can your business capitalize on this new trend in China? Use social media tools to drive traffic to your product.

Creating business pages on the best and most used social networks will give your company more visibility and will allow you to build trust in your brand. This also allows you to introduce offers locally to your target consumers. Mobile users spend most of their time on social media, so don’t miss out.

Be sure to include localization in your web pages and online stores. This localization will be useful when mobile users search for a specific product online. Optimize your website for mobile usage and consider developing an app for your consumers to use. Mobile users are people of action, so be sure to include all your information: phone number, location, hours, and special offers.

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“Leaked, the new technology for HD LCD adopted in new Chocolate Phone”

September 16, 2009

According to the industry, surely the phone embedded with the new technology for HD LCD was adopted in the new Chocolate. As competition is getting fierce in the market, mobile manufactures are investing more than millions in order to develop new technology to survive. In fact, LG became the No.3 mobile company in the world due to the consistent growth of its technology for years. As for another clue, according to the revealed full spec of the handset, HD LCD might be the critical feature loaded in the new LG Chocolate. As spoken by the operators, the launch date has been delayed about 2 weeks for no reason, so evidently the leaked technology is related to HD LCD.