Sustainable Lifestyle from Bamboa Home and Le Luxury. Sara Gabriel Wedding Veils and Accessories. HIV Advocates supports AIDS Concern Hong Kong

July 24, 2015


Be Smart About Your Watch, Get a Polar M400 at Le Luxury

Currently, smartwatches are all the rage in the technology industry. The release of the Apple Watch earlier this year marked the official beginning of the next frontier in mobile communication. But wait, the bugs and difficulties associated with the Apple Watch are well documented. Although understandable, the hefty price tag in excess of $500 simply is not worth it, so Le Lexury says “Forget about it!” Be smart about your smartwatch and invest in Polar M400.


The Polar M400 model smartwatch is a sleek and versatile device that is perfect for active people. Everyday that you wear it the GPS-enabled Polar M400 tracks your steps, distance traveled and calories burned. Also, an onboard heart-rate monitor means that this watch will even keep track of the hours of quality sleep you get at night. And because Le Lexury sells it, you know that the Polar M400 is just as fashionable as it is useful.



Bamboa Home – Sustaining our lifestyle!

Founded by Julia Washbourne; Bamboa Home exclusively carries beautiful products made from locally harvested bamboo, by local communities throughout Asia. A visit to our boutique in the PMQ building, located in Soho on Hong Kong Island will yield attractive contemporary bamboo products made by local artists. Our goal is to provide high-quality bamboo products, help rural communities and to encourage the use of a sustainable resource.


Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on Earth- some species grow up to one meter a day! It also provides a stable source of income for about 1.5 billion people- helping them to overcome poverty and deprivation. Combined with a future of scarce resources and limited energy- Bamboa Home believes rediscovering the beauty of bamboo is integral to our Earth’s future!

For stylish, high-quality protection from the sun- you’ll love our Booshades! We use 100% sustainable bamboo in every pair for the ultimate eco-friendly fashionista. Lightweight with UVA/UVB polarized, polycarbonate lenses- they even float in water! Our Booshades are named after the 6 highest mountain peaks in Hong Kong- we find them inspiring.


Each Sara Gabriel  Wedding Headpiece from Hitched! Bridal Hong Kong is Truly a Crowning Achievement

The wedding dress is the point of much attention for a soon-to-be bride. There are many factors to consider such as style, color, and price to name a few, but the adorning accessories should not be forgotten. A wedding veil is a symbolic fashion statement that can enhance the appearance of any bride and HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong is proud to offer a line of fine veils and headpieces by American designer Sara Gabriel.

Sara Gabriel is an expertly trained bridal milliner, that is, a craftsperson of women’s hats meant specifically for wedding ceremonies. From her Denver, Colorado design studio Sara produces veils and headpieces that range from traditional to cutting edge, incorporating the finest fabrics and gemstones on earth. HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong carries a full range of Sara Gabriel designs, from floor sweeping veils to pearl studded headbands so any bride is sure to find the perfect accessory for her gown.


HIV Advocates supports AIDS Concern

HIV Advocates would like to urge all male expats to help with a brand new study by AIDS Concern. Your assistance and input can help improve local Hong Kong support services and ultimately prevent the rise and spread of HIV infections.

AIDS Concern will be holding confidential interviews over the next few weeks- they want to hear your opinions!  This study is to determine if male expats are at a higher risk than Chinese males for HIV infection in Hong Kong. It will also assist in assessing the needs of Non-Chinese speakers and visitors to Hong Kong. AIDS Concern would love to get your insight- confidentially of course- over a cup of coffee.

If you are a non-Chinese man interested in having a confidential discussion on HIV risk in your community, we would appreciate your help. Please contact Grace Wayser at AIDS Concern until August 7, 2015, by email to schedule your interview. She would love to meet you at their office in Chai Wan or at your favorite local coffee shop—wherever you’d like.




Protect Environment and Have Fun at CLP Green Park Online

August 23, 2010

CLP Green Park is one of the latest online theme park in Hong Kong.  It is quickly gaining popularity across Asia-Pacific because it is a fun and quick way to help the environment right from your own home !

As various logging companies look to expand their profits by cutting down trees, many forests have been destroyed on the way. CLP Green Park is one of the latest initiatives looking to help reverse some of this damage through educating the public about the importance of protecting trees.

Photo taken from Conservation Volunteers (
CLP Green Park is a great way to help those around you know a little more about biodiversity, the environment and ecosystems around us.

A fun and interactive game, CLP Green Park is a new way for us to help protect trees and nature.   The great thing is, we don’t even need to leave our home to help out! A great way for busy city-dwellers to also do their part and help the environment around them.  For every virtual tree planted at CLP Green Park, HK $5 is donated to Green Partners in Hong Kong, China, Australia, India and Thailand.  Play now:

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Virtual Tree Planting at CLP Green Park

August 23, 2010

You don’t have to leave the comforts of your home to help protect the environment—CLP Green Park has made it easy and simple for everyone from city girls to country boys to learn about Tree Planting.  You will be pleased to know that you are also helping raise donations to Green Projects across Asia-Pacific. Click here to play now.

For many city dwellers, the online world has become their second home.  Because of this trend, using the online world as a channel to raise the world’s awareness about the deteriorating condition of our ecosystems is only natural. CLP Green Park aims to portray an amazing world where people and nature can harmoniously exist together.  

How Does It Work?

For every virtual tree planted in the park, a total of HK$5 will be given to the 5 participating green partners. The organizations come from five different countries and all are dedicated in saving our nature. The funds are used in supporting projects for the preservation of biodiversity.

Green Partners

The information about each Green Partner is available on the CLP Green Park website.  In Hong Kong, the participating organization is The Conservancy Association which is founded in 1968. It is a non-government environmental organization that is dedicated to protecting the environment and preserving the natural cultural heritage of their country.

How Will They Use The Money?

Funds donated to the participating environmental organization are budgeted according to the organization’s program plans, as each organization has planned different projects for the betterment of the environment. For example, The Conservancy Association of Hong Kong is working on the funds they have earned for Eco-Protectors, a program that targets environmental education for common people.

CLP Green Park is just one of the simple ways of helping our nature, their target is to plant a total of 100, 000 virtual trees and raise $500,000!

Visit to play now!!

Restaurant & Bar Convention Hong Kong 2008

September 21, 2008

The food service industry showcased “thousands of ideas and oceans of inspiration” for the food service business at Asia Pacific’s first and leading fine dining and bar show! At the Restaurant & Bar Hong Kong convention in September 2008. This convention was launched 5 years ago with the unique idea of targeting a niche – top-quality hospitality operators – we think they have succeeded. See for yourself!