Engage In Customer Conversations With JamiQ’s Monitor Everything Feature

March 26, 2014

For a brand, monitoring brand conversations on social media is more than just counting the number of likes or Twitter mentions. The ultimate goal of brand social media monitoring is to understand where and how the brand consumers are engaged with the brand through social media and engage the consumers at the right moment with the right message. That’s why JamiQ provides your brand with our Monitor Everything feature!


JamiQ knows that the foundation of social media monitoring is the ability to capture most, if not all, online conversations. Just like a search engine, the more web pages that are covered the better a service it is. JamiQ uses the world’s best search engines, APIs, RSS feeds, and specially built web crawlers to monitors the social media in real-time. Our revolutionary design and relentless approach enables us to capture social media posts on blogs, forums, microblogs, news, social networks, video sites, and more. Based in Asia, JamiQ specializes in monitoring the diverse and multilingual Asian social media.

Consumers often engage with multiple social networks simultaneously. They also cross reference messages within the social networks. On Twitter, tweets often contain links to other social networks including Youtube.com, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, and Pinterest. This shows that when tweeting, people also share images, videos, or updates present in other social networks. By monitoring content shared across social networks with the help of JamiQ, brands can explore what content is being cross-shared and what media type is being used. Brand’s can then use these findings to construct messages in various forms that cater to different social networks. JamiQ’s Monitor Everything feature lets you know where your customers talk about you and your competitors so you can strengthen brand engagement across all social networks.

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Learn How to Be Prepared and Network Your Way to the Next Job With smartjob.com

July 20, 2012

Networking is one of the most effective ways to expand your influence. The more professionals that know you, the higher your chance of being offered a promising job opportunity. Walking into a room full of strangers can be daunting, so how do smartpeople network effectively? smartjob.com has some easy tips to get you started.

A quick introduction is key to effective networking. smartjob.com recommends that you prepare an elevator speech – a quick introduction in 15 seconds or less. Include your name, current profession, and why you are excited to be at the event. End your speech with a question to keep the conversation going. “How about you?” always does the trick.

Attending an event is only the first step. Create a clear goal to achieve by the end of the event. The easiest objective would be to get a specific number of name cards by the end of the event. Start with a small number, and build up your goal from there.

Acting smart is also important in developing connections. Be polite, attentive, and listen. Ask questions to get more details and always make eye contact. smartjob.com has other great tips on body language in the professional world.

Name cards are one of the most effective ways to make your name stick in a new contact’s mind. In a culture as diverse as Hong Kong, smartjob.com recommends having one side of your name card printed in Chinese and the opposite side in English. Make sure to have updated and accurate contact information on your name card.

After the event, hop on the internet and follow up by sending the people you met an invite to connect on LinkedIn, following them on Twitter, and subscribing to their blogs. Always be sure to remain in their radar in a respectful, non-intrusive manner.

Networking effectively takes time and practice. As your network grows, you’ll find yourself face-to-face with your dream career before you know it.

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