Offers for Facebook Timeline Can Help Increase PRDA Client Sales

May 13, 2012

Social Media Provider PRDA is always up to date on new tools to help clients increase sales and fan growth. Just last week, Facebook added a new tool for business pages called “Offers.” Facebook Offers is located on the main timeline page for your business, right where you post your status. Just click on the plus where it says “Offer, Event +” and add a deal for your customers!

Facebook is making big headway when it comes to supporting business big and small. With Facebook Offers, you can provide your customers discounts and deals without the hassle of clipping coupons, and in a way that they will understand in a technologically advanced world. PRDA will be offering this service to their clients as soon as Facebook makes it available for every single business page; however, for now it is still in beta, which means a limited number of pages have access to it.

So how will PRDA make the most of Facebook Offers? By including strong headers, we’ll attract clients to view your offer. We will supplement our headlines with bold photos that work well as thumbnails because they will be displayed small. Most importantly, each offer will be unique to the business and product. PRDA knows their clients well, and we’ll be sure to design offers specifically for your target audience.

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Yes, the power of social media can help clean the air we breathe

June 22, 2011

By definition, social media is the medium for social interaction. Using web-based and mobile technologies, social media has literally made the world smaller — with just a few clicks, a couple of keyboard taps and quick share of information, the world has become one big interactive platform. Because it’s easy to use and highly accessible, social media is now also being tapped for events, causes and things that can somehow create change in society. Enter – social media for social good.

One perfect example of how social media is helping causes is by taking a quick look on the Clean Air Network and the good work they do. The Clean Air Network’s mission is to educate the public about the health impacts of air pollution and encourage Hong Kongers to speak out in favor of better air quality management, a flash mob type of event was held recently in Hong Kong. The event was very well participated in — proving that there is, indeed, a clamor for better, cleaner and healthier air in Hong Kong.

Social media played a big role in the promotion of this flash mob type of event. Via the power of social media, more Hong Kongers knew about the event. As a result, more decided to take part in such a cause that aimed to spread awareness and to encourage more people to fight for their rights.

Which, ultimately, was in consonance with the goals of both PRDA Asia and Wheel2Wheel. Prosperity Research Digital Agency (PRDA), a Hong Kong-based social media agency, along with Wheel2Wheel, an independent non-profit organization, supported the Clean Air Network and even sent some representatives to join the flash mob. Both PRDA and Wheel2Wheel officials say that they wanted to highlight and honor the Clean Air Network and the good work that they do, hence, they joined the event and they attested that they truly felt empowered. Nothing beats joining events that are for the good of many!

Westlaw HK Video Blog: The Next Evolution in Legal Research

March 19, 2009

The law is constantly developing and Westlaw HK continuously evolves to meet the needs of Hong Kong’s legal profession. This video highlights Westlaw HK’s authoritative content and leading edge functionality that legal professionals in Hong Kong are choosing to use, helping them to achieve better results faster.

在香港, 法律仍在不繼發展及改進以配合現時社會需要. Westlaw 香港版亦與時並進, 迎合香港專業法律人員的需要. 這影片將會講解Westlaw 香港版的權威性內容及前尖性的功能, 協助香港的專業法律人員更快地得到結果.

在香港, 法律仍在不继发展及改进以配合现时社会需要. Westlaw 香港版亦与时并进, 迎合香港专业法律人员的需要. 这影片将会讲解Westlaw 香港版的权威性内容及前尖性的功能, 协助香港的专业法律人员更快地得到结果.