Novotel Blogger Hong Kong Event Oct 2010

October 27, 2010

The Novotel Hong Kong hotels are welcoming top bloggers from the Asia-Pacific to the first Novotel Blogger Hong Kong Event from October 28 – 31, 2010!

The bloggers are invited to go to the opening of the Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival, Halloween at Ocean Park and Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, also, to indulge spa massages and a Michelin starred dining experience!!

Antony Platford, General Manager of the Novotel Hong Kong Century hotel says “We recognise the increasingly important role that bloggers and their opinions have come to play. Their unbiased and authentic reporting style appeals to people looking for credible, relevant and up to date information about travel and destinations. We are delighted to welcome this group to Hong Kong and are excited about setting them free on the city to explore and blog on their discoveries.”

The 9 selected bloggers share their writing on travel, writing, family and food through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and individual blogs. Combined, their blogs have millions of views and fans following online.
They will be staying at the three Novotel Hotels in Hong Kong (Novotel Hong Kong Century, Novotel Hong Kong Kowloon and Novotel Hong Kong Citygate). Discover more at

The 9 bloggers invited by Novotel include:
Australia Blogger Minh Giang, New Zealand Blogger Deborah Zoe O’Sullivan, India Blogger Ajay Jain, Philippines Blogger Ivan Henares, Indonesia Blogger Budi Sutomo, Malaysia Blogger Lee Khang Yi, China Blogger Zhan Yun Yi, Singapore Blogger Lau Feng Kai, Japanese Blogger Owen Schaefer.

The 5 Hong Kong bloggers participating include:

HKEpicurus, Razlan Manjaji, Jason Tse, Lo Yan and Fabrice Lau.

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