Join the Photography Class at Mediative Hong Kong, Physiotherapy- Now Offered in Iso Fit Hong Kong. Find the perfect wedding reception at Hotel Royal Macau with your Augusta Jones Bridal Gown from Hitched Bridal Hong Kong

August 7, 2015


Mediative Hong Kong Offers a New Photography Program

MED Photography Class 13

Mediative’s photography program begins on the 2nd of September, with lessons on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Lessons start at 9am and run for 4 hours with a maximum class size of 4 students per workshop. Students will enjoy “hands on” learning, with the goal of understanding and managing basic technical aspects of photography along with our approach to creative process.


The program will cover:


  •         Basic types of photography
  •         Basics of composition
  •         A general understanding of symbols & visual art
  •         The basics of exposure and steps involved
  •         Learning and understand camera modes- Manual & Semi-Manual(A,S,P,M)
  •         The basics of lighting- how to best find  and use Natural Light & Flash
  •         How to understand & manage “difficult” lighting conditions
  •         Tips & easy secrets of getting great portraits & landscape shots

Our photographers are skilled, passionate professionals who would love to share their experience with you. Join our class for only 3000HKD- bookings must be confirmed & paid a minimum of 4 weeks before classes start. Lessons may also be given as a gift.


Contact the team now for consultation. Call Natalia Segura at mobile: +852 902 12 859 or send e-mail to



Physiotherapy, Now Offered in Iso Fit Hong Kong


Physiotherapy at Physio Fit will also minimize risks of being injured the same way again in the future.


In Central, Hong Kong, the Iso Fit Hong Kong studio now offers Physiotherapy for individuals who rehabilitate and reeducate their bodies. The Iso Fit Hong Kong Physiotherapy center is called Physio Fit and is adjoined to the main studio. Focus is on Gyrotonic and Pilates-based exercises in combination with traditional Physiotherapy practices to treat various injuries and cases.


Treatments in the Physio Fit center in Hong Kong include specialties such as Pilates Exercise, Gyrotonic Exercise as well as more traditional techniques such as Manual Physiotherapeutic Interventions and Ultra Sound.


Contact ISO Fit Hong Kong  now and see how very well their classes “fit” your lifestyle! Get to try the new machines as well.



Hotel Royal Macau Accommodations, Conferences and Meeting Rooms


Every one of the 380 guest rooms in Hotel Royal Macau is fully furnished and classically decorated. Spanning 19 floors, our hotel offers lovely views of the garden of Vasco de Gama, Colina da Guia, Pearl River Estuary and the sparkling lights of the city skyline. Even our most affordable rooms, the Superior Rooms, are equipped with elegant features. All Superior Rooms feature a queen size bed or two twins, cable TV, internet access and a fully functional bathroom.


If you want even more quality from Hotel Royal Macau, then perhaps you would be interested in our Premier Suites. There are 15 suites in the hotel, each featuring a seating area with a sofa and an armchair in addition to the king-sized bed. Guests of the Premier Suite enjoy an LCD TV, marble bathroom with soaking tub, bathrobes and slippers, free local calls and two daily wake up calls. For important business or a special treat, our Premier Suites are the ultimate in lavish accommodation.


11141145_962111040499749_3176481795936631579_nWhy You Should See The Augusta Jones Collection At HITCHED! Bridal


More often than not, a lot of excited brides-to-be worry about their bridal gowns as soon as they get engaged. For good reason, actually. It’s not easy to find that one perfect wedding dress, after all! However, there’s one tried-and-tested way to keep stress and worries at bay. And that is to check out the Augusta Jones Collection available at HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong.


Augusta Jones bridal dresses are extremely flattering and contemporary. The Ali dress, for instance, features clean lines, beautiful lace and even a satin belt with diamond brooch. This dress is for the bride who wants to keep things simple yet very classy and modern.



Elevate your business with GlocalMe, Mediative Hong Kong, Ungert Line Limited and Primasia Asia Hong Kong

July 10, 2015



GlocalMe G2 is the Future of the Telecom Industry

As the creators of the GlocalMe G1; we are now initiating a revolutionary new product; a smart 4G Wi-Fi hotspot perfect for business and leisure world travelers. The GlocalMe G2 Kickstarter will be available shortly; starting July 2015.

Our new hotspot device will turn local 3G and 4G networks into secure Wi-Fi signals in over 100 countries. With GlocalMe G2, you will also find it easier to surf and make online voice calls (VOIP) via the Internet in all these countries.


Similar to our GlocalMe G1 model; users will be able to access the internet at an affordable price and without needing to purchase local SIM cards from the countries you are traveling in. Our technology is all about having easy access to a portable network device- with no worries about high roaming fees from your mobile carrier- as you travel around the globe.



Elevate Your Business with High-Quality Portraits from Mediative Hong Kong


The old cliché is that a picture is worth a thousand words. In the modern world, business is increasingly conducted on the internet through websites like LinkedIn, Indeed and Monster. Additionally, a professional reputation on social media is important because access to the content is so easy. Mediative Hong Kong offers the professional photography service to make you look your best online and off.


Online profiles are full of words, yet normally only one picture can be posted. That is why it is vital to show your best self in your professional business portrait. A good business portrait should capture your physical beauty and show the type of person you are. At Mediative Hong Kong we have a proven track record of helping our clients look great but what really makes our photographers special is their ability to capture your emotions.




Ungert Line Limited Locates its Warehousing Headquarters in Hong Kong


By investing in a Hong Kong warehouse, Ungert Line Limited is showing how more companies are confident about the logistics sector in the area. The Russian company entered Hong Kong in early 2012, and it designs and supports efficient and flexible solutions for products that need temperature and humidity controlled environments.


Ungert Line Limited has been operating an air-conditioned and ultra-modern warehouse in the Tuen Mun city, complete with 24hour security and fire protection since 2014. The temperatures in the warehouse range between 18°C and 22°C, but they can also be adjusted to specific levels within a reasonable range. Humidity level is maintained between 60% and 70%. In addition, the warehouse also has an innovative radio shuttle racking infrastructure to maximise utilisation of space and also speed up the movement of goods.



Primasia Ensures Compliance with Hong Kong Employers’ Reporting and Return Obligations


There is one season that is consistently dreaded around the world and it isn’t summer, winter, spring or fall. The dreaded season is tax season. Filing tax returns in your native country is difficult enough, let alone filing tax returns in a foreign country. If you are in need of accounting or taxation services in Hong Kong, Primasia Corporate Services Limited Hong Kong can help.

Our philosophy is that all Hong Kong businesses should have access to efficient, affordable and straight-forward accounting services. We also believe that the secret to effective accounting is a personalized approach, tailored for each individual client. Primasia Hong Kong offers full compliance with all of your tax reporting and accounting needs. You can read about the number of quality services we offer online here.


One Important Reason Why Soon-To-Be-Wed Couples Should Hire Mediative Hong Kong

April 9, 2015


Soon-to-be-wed couples have their own criteria on how to choose their wedding photographer. These criteria may include popularity of the photographer, the skills and eye for art and details of the photographer, the team members of the photographer (they should be knowledgeable and courteous!), how impressive the photographer’s portfolio is and even how impressive his client roster is! However, there is one important criterion that soon-to-be-wed couples should also consider – does the wedding photographer really, truly and wholeheartedly like weddings?


This is an important question to answer. You see, not all photographers can be wedding photographers. Real and effective wedding photographers should feel the couple’s story, should feel the importance of the event, should know how to capture the beauty not only of the ceremony but of each and every guest and wedding detail and of course, should sincerely love weddings. If a photographer applies his technical expertise and uses state-of-the-art equipment well but just sees the event like any ordinary event, then the photos will not be what they should be: full of emotion.


Take the case of Mediative Hong Kong. The photographers can say it out loud: weddings are their favorite! Weddings, they say, always get them every time, no matter how many times they’ve covered them. Emotions are genuine and people are natural. Now if you have wedding photographers who see your special day that way, don’t you want them to be a part of your memorable day?


Mediative Hong Kong offers full service Location Wedding photography in European cities such as Prague, Bratislava and Vienna as they have close connections with these capital cities. The team also knows how to speak the local language and know all the hidden beautiful places in those said areas.


Contact the team now for consultation. Call Natalia Segura at mobile: +852 902 12 859 or send e-mail to


Mediative Hong Kong is located at Room 803, Cheong Kee Building, 86 Des Voeux Road, Central.


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Sideways Driving Club is racing fun, Paul Gerrard Salon is your oasis in Central, ERA Barbers is the urban men’s retreat and picture perfect photos from Mediative.

March 31, 2015

3de4f9929d4ae12e90fb4141b6f201b7Fulfill And Give In To That Adrenaline Rush At Sideways Driving Club Hong Kong


Sideways Driving Club has also been in town for more than 10 years – solid proof that they’re on top of their game and that people who have that need for speed choose them and only them! With additional services such as catering, racing shop and a fully licensed bar (no other center has these), Sideways Driving Club is truly a must-visit in Hong Kong.


In fact, why don’t you visit on April 10-12 and fill that adrenaline rush? It’s the season of the 2015 Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix and for those who can’t fly to Shanghai and witness the races, the next best thing is to experience how it is to race (albeit virtually!) Showcase those wicked driving skills at the venue where even real life race drivers like Macau Grand Prix winner Darryl O’Young and Formula BMW Asia Champion Ross Jamison have given their stamps of approval.


Paul Gerrard Salon Hong Kong Recommends These Must-Try Spring Hairstyles


As you say adieu to snow and cold weather and say aloha to the long-awaited sunny but still a bit chilly days of spring, there’s no better time to sport a new hairstyle! Change in weather also calls for a nice change in hairdo, right?


So – would it be short or long? Whatever spring hairstyle you prefer, don’t forget to have your friendly hairstylists over at Paul Gerrard Salon do it for you! Paul Gerrard Salon Hong Kong is home to professional, highly skilled and courteous hair stylists. With years of experience in various parts of the world, these pros can help you get that perfect spring look!


era-barbersERA Barbers Is Where Hong Kong Gets Its Groove On


ERA Barbers. This popular barber shop is best known for its cutting edge, urban chic hairstyles for men. From retro to contemporary, their highly skilled barbers can whip them up! Want retro style groovy haircuts? ERA Barbers knows how to deliver awesome old school cool.


ERA Barbers Hong Kong also sells carefully handpicked skin care products especially crafted for the Adonises of this generation.


Strategically located in the heart of Central, this Hong Kong barber shop can also ignite the creative side of any man. Want a little inspiration? Go to ERA Barbers and get a stylish haircut that’s straight out of a men’s fashion magazine. Go on – you deserve it!


10885034_773672906020836_8494235593821872745_n.jpg-oh=a57a1edea7ccdd374212b38889313425&oe=55A3D2F5&__gda__=1437907324_36199f96fd663306c23ea92a92b28481One Important Reason Why Soon-To-Be-Wed Couples Should Hire Mediative Hong Kong


Mediative Hong Kong photographers can say it out loud: weddings are their favorite! Weddings, they say, always get them every time, no matter how many times they’ve covered them. Emotions are genuine and people are natural. Now if you have wedding photographers who see your special day that way, don’t you want them to be a part of your memorable day?


Mediative Hong Kong offers full service Location Wedding photography in European cities such as Prague, Bratislava and Vienna as they have close connections with these capital cities. The team also knows how to speak the local language and know all the hidden beautiful places in those said areas.


Contact the team now for consultation. Call Natalia Segura at mobile: +852 902 12 859 or send e-mail to

HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong Shares Tips To Capture Great Must-Take Wedding Photos

May 1, 2014

Photos are essential in all weddings. Nothing beats having special moments during a wedding, especially spontaneous or candid ones, captured on film. Wedding photos will serve as lovely mementos of that one beautiful day full of love and hope. Still, there are certain wedding photos that can be considered “must-take.” These are photos that absolutely every wedding album should have. How can you be sure though that these must-take wedding photos turn out to be great?


Here are a few tips from your friends over at HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong, the best one-stop Hong Kong bridal shop:


1. Keep all wedding details in check and within reach. These include the rings, your shoes, your significant other’s tux or suit or perhaps a favorite watch, the wedding cord and veil, among others. Keeping them within reach is important because your wedding photographer would need to document them and may even use them for artistic takes.


2. If your family and your partner’s loved ones are staying in the same hotel where you need to be prepped up, make sure that they are all dressed, made up and ready at least two hours before you all proceed to the wedding venue. This is to ensure that your wedding photographer can take proper photos of them with you and other members of the entourage.


3. Get a jovial wedding reception host. This person need not be a professional host. As long as he or she can carry a crowd and make you and your guests feel at ease, then that’s what matters. Your wedding photographer can then capture nice candid shots of your guests’ reactions, laughter and smiles.


All in all, however, the most important tip of all is – remember that this is your special day. You have all the right to enjoy and have fun to your heart’s content!


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Visual Goes Social: Sharing Photos For A Cause

July 3, 2013

A picture speaks a thousand words. This statement can be reinstated by the overnight popularity of Instagram with social networking. Users can edit and share photos of events, happenings and even for a cause. This additional medium has given small businesses a chance to succeed using eye-catchy photo adverts and unique product photos.

The increase in the trend of taking photos can be noted from the fact that 140 billion photos are stored on Facebook! Statistics also report 72% of users take photos from a mobile device, with 5 million photos being uploaded per day on Instagram.

Pictures going social has also increased engagement on social media networks. With Pinterest being the third most popular network in the US, Facebook has seen an incline of 65% after adding Timeline, as it allows users to interact with photos more effectively. Sharing Instagram photos on Twitter is 20 times higher than a year ago, while Tweets with images rate twice more on engagement levels.

Why, one wonders, the sudden focus on visual content? It may stem from the fact that 94% of articles with visual content get more views than articles without it. Including photos and videos in press releases also increases viewership by a sharp 45%. These facts clearly demonstrate the increasing need for brands to inculcate visual content for marketing products on social media.

JamiQ social media solutions provides brands with strategies to increase social media engagement. JamiQ’s team of experts provides small businesses the assistance necessary for visual content of products to make an impact on audiences.

Contact JamiQ and get further details on social media solutions for your brand.

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SOUTV Hong Kong Dog Rescue Tribute Book Launch

October 23, 2008

Rosemary Vandenbroucke supports Hong Kong Dog Resuce. FINDS restaurant hosts the 2008 Tribute book signing. Pick up a copy today to help this great charity. Visit for more!