The new Samsung GALAXY S5 Special at one2free will also get you Physical

April 18, 2014


one2free’s latest Samsung GALAXY S5 special offers the social media adept a chance to be physically active as well, with ease. With this new offer, the one2free customer has an advantageous and well-organized chance to stay connected, stay healthy, and get in shape!

During the special, the Samsung GALAXY S5  is available for an incredible $0. In addition, customers will receive a Free Physical Gym & Yoga membership for 6 months. Want to build out those muscles and impress the girls (or boys)? Choosing this offer will make it as easy as eating cake. Need some focused downtime to de-stress from your very busy, very demanding work and social life? Here’s the way to achieve serenity with a committed yoga practice.

For those interested in getting and staying fit, along with the Free Physical Gym & Yoga membership,  the new Samsung Gear Fit is offered at a very special price. With the use of Samsung GALAXY S5, Gear Fit, and the Free Physical  membership, getting physical  with a consistent routine of exercise activity is all offered in one amazing, convenient, unbeatable package.

Along with all this, one2free is offering the new Socialholic Unlimited Data Package for 3 months. With Socialholic, customers  can use Facebook, Wechat & Sina Weibo with unlimited data.

This special one2free offer is everything a trendy socialholic needs to get fit, and stay connected.  You can’t go wrong with one2free. You can only get it more right!

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Wushu (Martial Arts) Competition 2008 武術錦標賽

August 20, 2008

Martial Arts(Wushu) is about balance, speed and power. It is a physical sport but spiritual training is equally important. Hundreds of the best Martial Arts athletes around Hong Kong will gather in Kowloon Park Sports Centre this weekend to compete in the 2008 Hong Kong Wushu Competition. If you don’t want to miss all the spectacular and stunning moves, stay tuned with