Accor Asia-Pacific Planet 21 Shows You Unique Ways to Green Your Business

December 18, 2012

Have you decided to green your business? Excellent decision, but where do you start? While recycling paper, using less electricity, and carpooling may be obvious sustainable options for some, Accor’s Planet 21 program offers more creative options for your business.

Office decor is the last thing people think of when it comes to sustainable business. However, repurposing items to liven up your office is a great way to give back to the environment. Some Accor hotels reuse old tires as pots to hold fresh plants. Old bricks and wood can also be reused for tables, pots, and wall decorations. Looking for something a little more green? Check out Accor Novotel Auckland Airport’s living wall. This wall is adorned with native fauna, creating a beautiful aesthetic and bringing added benefits as well. Living walls are said to clean indoor air quality in the office space, especially of pollution that stems from printers.

Another unique way to green up the workplace is to offer sustainable food options. Does your office have a deli? Build sandwiches with free range meats and locally grown produce. This lowers your carbon footprint and supports your local community. Do you offer vending machines? Keep them stocked with sustainable and healthy choices. Eliminating water bottles from the workplace will greatly reduce your carbon footprint too. Water bottles produce up to 1.5 million tons of plastic waste every year. Instead, stock your office with reusable mugs, cups, and water bottles.

Greening your business is easy with the help of Accor’s Planet 21 sustainability program. Get more tips and advice at our blog: Do you have any creative green business ideas to share? Let us know online.

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Tips on How to Market Your Business Sustainably with Accor Planet 21

November 17, 2012

Running a green business gives your company a competitive edge. Today, consumers care more about going green than they ever have. While offering green products and services is the ultimate goal, there are other ways to lower your impact on the environment along the way. One of the easiest ways to do this is to market your business sustainably. Using the seven pillars of Accor’s Planet 21 program is a great way to get started in setting your sustainability goals. Here are a few tips for your business to try.

Lower your business’ carbon footprint by buying your marketing materials locally. Not only will this require less transportation and less CO2 emissions, this will also save your company shipping costs.

Take it a step further by printing all your marketing materials on recycled paper. Pamphlets, fliers, posters, and mailings can all be printed on recycled material and is in line with Accor’s Nature pillar. Let consumers know that you’re being eco-friendly by stamping all your marketing materials with “printed on recycled materials.” You can also print a friendly reminder to consumers to recycle on the bottom or back of your documents. Instead of printing and mailing newsletters, have consumers subscribe to a monthly email newsletter.

Recycling may seem like common sense when it comes to being green, but are you offering marketing materials that encourage green behavior? Instead of handing out disposable water bottles with your name on them, opt for reusable water bottles or mugs. When giving out food or hosting events with snacks, buy from local sustainable producers. Not only does this show consumers that you are dedicated to being green, it also introduces them to ways in which they can be more green with you!

Each small initial your business utilizes adds up to a huge impact on the environment. For more tips on how to green your business, visit Accor Planet 21’s blog at

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Recent Reports Show that Consumers Prefer Green Businesses

September 13, 2012


As the importance of sustainability rises, green businesses such as Accor hotels have seen an increase of consumer interest. With evidence of more and more companies providing an economically aware atmosphere, customer loyalty to these businesses raise significantly as well. Green growth is proving to improve local environment as well as companies’ personal interests.

There are many influences that drive consumer choices such as availability, brand names, and price. However many customers have come to expect the products in stores and from their loyal companies to be green. Despite environmentally friendly products having a premium price to them, customers globally have been reported regularly stating that they would prefer paying the cost for the green label.

It is because of this increase of interest that it is also important for companies to provide an eco-label for their products, such as Accor hotels’ toiletries that are available in every hotel bathroom. Making sure that consumers are aware your green products is beneficial to both the customer and your company.

By raising the awareness of an eco-friendly brand, businesses benefit themselves, their consumers, and the environment. Many companies struggle with how to achieve this goal, however, but the answer can be found. Accor has developed a programme titled PLANET 21 which is based on increasing green growth. Referencing the site for statistics, research, and other helpful hints is highly encouraged.

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Accor PLANET 21 Programme Encourages Sustainable Winter Activities

August 7, 2012

Accor New Zealand is working hard to incorporate sustainable practices to all of their hotels with the PLANET 21 programme. Using the 21 commitments and 7 pillars, they actively work towards building environmentally friendly hotels and communities with employees and guests alike. With the goals of PLANET 21 in mind, Accor New Zealand encourages both locals and tourists to remember sustainability during the winter season while enjoying activities with family and friends.

With Accor hotels, and the great deals that are available, it is easy to indulge in your favourite activities while saving on room rates. Accor New Zealand has strongly boosted the sustainability of their hotels with the help of the PLANET 21 programme. That makes travelling this season to your number one snowy peak for a weekend of skiing easy, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly. Always remember to be responsible and respectful of the environment on the slopes.

Enjoy a weekend of winter hiking while enjoying a sustainable stay at an Accor New Zealand hotel. Hiking not only leaves a small carbon footprint, but also gives you an opportunity to appreciate nature and learn more about it. There are tons of beautiful snow dusted hikes to enjoy near many different Accor New Zealand locations. Be sure to layer up in extra cold locations and bring something to carry your garbage and recycling in. Local wild life will thank you!

Stay warm this winter guilt-free courtesy of Accor New Zealand. Since 2011, Accor has reduced energy use by 5.5%. They are steadily working towards reducing CO2 emissions by 10% by 2015 and have increased the use of renewable energy everywhere they can.

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PLANET21 Focuses On Why Sustainability Matters

August 3, 2012

Sustainability is the main focus of Accor New Zealand’s PLANET 21 programme. They have gone to many lengths to reduce their carbon footprint, protect the environment, and encourage other companies to do the same. So why is sustainability so important? The answer is simple: to prolong the life of our planet and its inhabitants. Accor New Zealand is working hard to teach current and future generations how to accomplish this goal more effectively with the help of PLANET 21.

Sustainability isn’t easy. In the past 20 years, global waste has increased 150%, with only 10% of that waste being properly recycled. Pollution stemming from local waste dumps has become an international concern, but many people still ignore the storage problem as well: at the rate of which waste is growing, where will it be stored?

Sustainability goes beyond protecting the earth. Poverty, malnutrition, and lack of education are also huge issues to address. Nearly one billion people suffer from malnutrition while the dietary habits of more prosperous nations has become a major source cardiovascular diseases. The struggle for a healthy life is everywhere. Everyone can benefit from a more sustainable community by educating the illiterate and employing people without jobs. This would raise awareness to both a healthier lifestyle and the growing concerns of the environment in which we live.

With so many serious obstacles, it seems as though sustainability would be a difficult goal to achieve, but it is not so. The Planet 21 Programme outlines every way Accor New Zealand is taking steps to create a more sustainable planet using their 7 pillars and 21 commitments. With support, Accor and other businesses who are taking a step towards sustainability, can reach their goals, and easily go beyond expectations.

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Turn Your Business Green With the Help of Accor PLANET 21

July 23, 2012


Green businesses used to be a rare sight, but are becoming more common as consumers demand eco-friendly options. Stay ahead of the game and live up to consumer demands the same way that Accor’s PLANET 21 programme has. With such a variety of strategies available, taking a company from a carbon-producing wasteland to an eco-friendly wonder can be much simpler than many people think.

Accor’s PLANET 21 programme focuses on seven key factors to build green hospitality into their hotels. By focusing on specific elements such as recycling, reducing carbon footprint, and constructing sustainable buildings, Accor is well on its way to moving towards its goals for 2015.

Recycling is an excellent way to turn heads. PLANET 21 has already made a huge impact by increasing Accor’s recycling programmes to include most hotels and for a variety of different materials. It may seem as though this technique is a fad or does very little, but by reusing products, the planets resources are being saved. Instead of a garbage dump growing, trees and wildlife will be saved and preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Another great step is to invest in eco-labeled products. Use sprays, towels, and other cleaners that are marked with an organic or eco-label that is safe for people and the environment. Pass up the chemicals in bleach and other standard products to create a positive change. Accor hotels are making the transition to provide guests with green soaps, shampoos, and basic necessities, including cleaning products. Use sprays, towels, and other cleaners that are marked with an organic or eco-label that is safe for people and the environment. Pass up the chemicals in bleach and other standard products to create a positive change.

Get started on making the transition to become a green business.

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