Social media as a social business

July 19, 2011

If someone probably told you some 5 years ago that social media can also be a social business, your most likely response would be, “what is social media?” It probably would have been preposterous that media can be made “social.” But ah, technology and science have a funny way of turning things around and shaking things up a bit. Today, social media already occupies a big chunk of our everyday lives. Social media is now a social business and, yes, digital agencies such as Prosperity Research Digital Agency or PRDA have even already embraced this business model.

First things first. Social media as a business model is made possible through the integration of business intelligence, with social media expertise and business process effectiveness. This results in low risk and high return. These results can be enjoyed by businesses looking to leverage social media in a positive manner for consumers.

One great scenario for this is a small enterprise that is slowly using the power of social media and social networking websites. The enterprise may be using Facebook, Google+, Twitter, message boards, blogs, Sina Weibo and other social media tools. On the surface, the results are there — better, faster interaction with target audience or existing customers, wider exposure for the brand, better search engine optimization efforts and more. However, what owners of these small enterprises may fail to understand is that the more they “listen” to their customers (through these social media networks), the more likely they can use these “eavesdropped” messages and convert them into organization-wide business intelligence. They can convert these pieces of information into helpful data which can also enable them to predict and plan for the future. It’s like having your very own CIA facility! Seriously, it helps to not only be socially active but also socially wise.

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Twitter: Are we smarter or dumber?

May 25, 2009

As the world flies by at an ever increasing pace is our diminishing attention span an indication we are getting dumber. I don’t think so. It is a sign of great ability.

Lamma 500 2009 Dragon Boat Festival Highlights

May 13, 2009

Lamma 500 2009 Dragon Boat Festival

Lamma Dragon Boat Race, The toughest race on the calendar 40 Men’s, Women’s and Mixed teams compete over the full international 500-metre length course in the “Lamma 500” held at the scenic Tai Wan To Beach, Lamma Island, Hong Kong.

CNN Executives on Twitter: Douglas White of Prosperity Research interview

May 8, 2009

CNN Executives on Twitter: Douglas White of Prosperity Research interview

CNN reporter Kristie Lu Stout interviews executives that twitter. Douglas White, founder of digital agency, Prosperity Research gives his views on the power of Twitter.

Hong Kong Lamma “500” Dragon Boat Race

May 6, 2009

Hong Kong Lamma 500  Dragon Boat Race

Come join families and sports fanatics alike at Hong Kong’s Lama 500 dragon boat race this Sunday, May 10th at Tai Wan To Beach. Free beach party and music following the race and awards ceremony. Drinks and food will be provided.

Social Media slams Banner Ads 2:1

April 23, 2009

Social Media slams Banner Ads 2:1
Social media is clearly preferred by consumers over traditional marketing methods for receiving brand recommendations.  Favoured 2:1 over banner ads, getting brand information from online friends is the best.

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Social Media Case Study: Lamma Dragon Boat Race

April 16, 2009

Prosperity Research created a series of action videos highlighting the Lamma 500 dragon boat race. These were seed in social network spaces to engage fans. The results were high view rates, increased sponsor’s brand visibility and strong promotion platform for next years race. YouTube top video. Over 250,000 video views across all channels.

Social Media Marketing – the power of video, SEO, and Social Media

April 1, 2009

Social Media Marketing Example: every good business has an interesting story to tell. This video shows how Prosperity Research and SOUTV worked with Servcorp Serviced Offices to create an educational, engaging, and brand building video series.

Hong Kong PR Network: Social Media and Public Relations

March 4, 2009

Are you in PR and wonder what Social Media’s impact is? Well Douglas White and Simon Taylor shed light on this hyper hyped area from very different backgrounds. Learn what they believe is the factor for success.

Marketing Minute: Business and Social Media from Prosperity Research

February 20, 2009 – Business needs Social Media. Douglas White illustrates the value of consumers flocking to and talking online. By listening to consumers and contributing value to the conversations, companies can both promote and protect their brand. The next episode will be about taking your brand online. – 網上社交平台是各行各業所需的推廣平台.Douglas White 將會講解一群消費者在網上聚集及交談所存在價值. 透過聆聽及參與交談,可以推廣及保障品牌. 下一輯將會講解關於如何將品牌放到網上. – 网上社交平台是各行各业所需的推广平台.Douglas White 将会讲解一群消费者在网上聚集及交谈所存在价值. 透过聆听及参与交谈,可以推广及保障品牌. 下一辑将会讲解关於如何将品牌放到网上.