Show Hair The Love It Deserves With EVO’s Care Line!

January 17, 2014

At Paul Gerrard Salon, we know that love is the hair! When you come in, your hair colour-treated hair will be treated with the love it deserves. Of course, it’s important to give hair the same love at home, that’s why EVO hair creates products to keep your hair happy and healthy. EVO makes products for every type of hair, but if you have colour-treated hair that’s weak and brittle, EVO’s Mane Attention products from the Care family line are right for you! EVO’s Mane Attention products repair your colour-treated hair, bringing it back to life!


The most important factor in healthy hair that’s been colour-treated is moisture. EVO’s Mane Attention products fulfill this need with Ritual Salvation Conditioner, a rich conditioner designed to physically repair hair, encouraging shine and health. EVO’s Ritual Salvation Conditioner helps to strengthen hair and prevent colour fading. It also adds moisture, conditions, enhances shine, helps protect from solar damage, and improves combability. And for days when you need extra moisture and sun protection, EVO offers Happy Campers Hard-Working Moisturizer. Sun dries out your hair, which causes chemical dyes in hair to fade. EVO’s Happy Campers Hard-Working Moisturizer protects hair from UV rays and prevents color fading, promotes elasticity and locks in moisture.

EVO’s Mane Attention line offers Ritual Salvation Shampoo and Conditioner, Mane Prescription Protein Treatment and of course Happy Campers Hard-Working Moisturizer. Get them all or mix and match for your perfect hair cocktail! Whichever products you choose, you can find them at Paul Gerrard Salon. Come in today and let us love your hair!

To treat your hair with love and moisture, pick up EVO’s Mane Attention products at Paul Gerrard Salon. Make an appointment and visit Paul Gerrard salon in Hong Kong today.

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Improve Your Business’ Efficiency With Better Internal Communication

May 28, 2013

Whether you’re a new business owner just getting off the ground or a part of a multinational corporation, clear communication within your organization is key for keeping operations running smooth. Good internal communication minimizes mistakes, keeps employees in the know, and increases overall efficiency of the business. Follow these tips from Business Registration Hong Kong and ensure that your business’ communication is up to par.

Get your employees engaged in the communication process by inviting them to share their team’s progress with you and the rest of the staff. Hold a town-hall style meeting in which all employees attend and prepare their own presentations updating the organization on all the fun and exciting new ground they’ve made. Make sure to allow time in the meeting for questions. This type of meeting not only gets all staff up-to-date on projects, but also makes employees feel that they are all a part of the process. As employee value increases, so will performance.

A company newsletter is an easy way to keep everyone up to speed. Send one out each month with updates about each department. Make sure that employees will find them valuable by keeping them brief, easy to read, and full of only the most important details. You can also increase engagement by asking different departments to contribute each month, or by reserving a small space for shout-outs each month.

As a business owner or manager, it’s crucial that your employees know you are available for questions and concerns. Keep your door open when you aren’t in a meeting so that you appear accessible. Engaging in team bonding with employees outside of the office is another great way to make yourself look more approachable.

Poor communication is one of the most common reasons for errors and employee unhappiness in an organization. Don’t let this hold you back! Always remain approachable and transparent to keep your organization moving forward. For more information on how to improve your business, how to get started, and more, visit Business Registration Hong Kong.

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Business Registration Hong Kong Helps Small Businesses Gear Up for Growth

May 4, 2013

 As the economy continues to grow, it’s time for small businesses to get ready. A healthier economy is one of the major signs that consumers are willing to spend more, which is just what your business needs! Make sure you’re ready for the incoming growth by following these tips from Business Registration Hong Kong.

A good first step for preparing your company for a business boom is to review your Business Owners Policy. Does it still reflect what your business does today? Your Business Owners Policy will help you find weak spots in protection, where you may need to increase equipment and inventory, and more.

In an age that’s becoming more and more technologically advanced, hacking and cyber fraud are becoming more frequent. Protect your data and your clients’ sensitive information by ensuring that all of your security software is up to date. Have a plan B set up by looking for a well-rounded insurance policy that can get your business back on its feet and notify customers in case of a hack. Just to be safe, backup your data on another drive! If someone does hack or cyber-attack you, all is not lost.

Check up on your inventory and supply chain. Keep your assets protected by enrolling in insurance policies that will protect you from profit loss if your supplier suffers a warehouse disaster or goes out of business. Make sure your storage is meeting your inventory’s needs, and look into better protection of your own items if need be.

Increase your employee pool before business picks up too much. Remember to leave time for interviewing, background checks, orientations, and training. Make sure your employee insurance policies and workers compensation are all up to date and up to par. For good measure, give your current employees a review session on training techniques and company policy.

Don’t get left behind as the economy continues to race ahead. Keep yourself, your employees, and your customers protected to increase brand loyalty and stay worry-free! For more information on how to improve your business, how to get started, and more, visit Business Registration Hong Kong.

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Asia High Tech Security Gadget for Your Investigative Ears

June 25, 2010

(Hong Kong, June 2010)

Clear communication through the rustle and bustle in Asia

The smallest ear receiver in the worldPhonak Invisity RF receiver has distributed in Asia by Manifest Marketing Hong Kong.  It is built for one way communications often applied in negotiation, investigation, and interrogation wherein you don’t need to talk back only to listen to instructions and directions without appearing obvious in doing so.  It is quite small –thus, the name “invisity”-, has high acoustic level, programmable and goes with a handheld remote control. It’s a wonder of a device that fits right in your ear for a clear one-way communication (within 7MHz) and gives you freedom to physically respond in any situation. The good thing about the earpiece is that it ensures comfort to the wearer.

Invisity RF receiver

Phonak Invisity for event management

I’ve further learned that Phonak Invisity RF receiver comes in three different models: invisity fix with one fixed frequency, invisity flex with one channel and reprogrammable frequency and the invisity 4 channels with (as the name implies) 4 channels, reprogrammable frequencies and a remote control. John Hirsch of Manifest Marketing Asia explains, “Phonak Invisity fix is the most user friendly model out there for one way communication”.The Invisity flex offers one reprogrammable channel (within 7MHz) which can be done by your dealer or by you, using the Invisity Programming Unit (IPU). The Phonak Invisity that was shown to me is the Invisity 4 channels with the waterproof, flip to open remote that is simultaneously programmed with the RF receiver and the Phonak Invisity Programming Unit (IPU) that can be installed in any Windows operated computer.  The IPU could show the previous stored data when an invisity model or remote control is inserted (a USB cable is given with the kit.  This high-tech security gadget is advisable to use in cases where inconspicuousness is a must without feeling like you need to reach and scratch the insides of your ear the whole time you’re in the process of interrogating or doing an activity that needs unnoticeable one-way communication. Casinos, my friend added uninhibitedly, have a number of rooms where security personnel conduct interview and interrogations as well as house the CCTV for video/audo monitoring.  They usually make use of Phonak Invisity RF receiver to subtly communicate with the interrogator inside the room while remaining outside to observe.

While learning more about Phonak Invisity RF receiver, I’ve realized that it’s also used by celebrities and TV personalities in Asia who are performing onstage or broadcasting the news.  It gives them the ability to receive prompts and important instructions without going down the stage and talking to the actual person.  It helps to achieve an easy flowing program.  If you’re interested to learn more about Phonak Invisity earpiece, you should visit Manifest Marketing.  Experts on the product will help you and answer necessary questions about the product.

Asia Security: High-Tech Covert Video Recording by Manifest Marketing

June 21, 2010

FlashBack-3 miniature covert digital recorder is state-of the-art equipment that is small in size extremely useful and powerful.  Available in Asia from Manifest Marketing, FlashBack-3 miniature convert digital recorder is the obvious choice even for the most demanding covert video surveillance operations.It’s an innovative product from Ovations Systems that offers features like video and dual audio inputs with monitor outputs, external record switches and triggers, USB ports, Ethernet interface, built-in programmable camera power supply with 5, 9 or 12 volts, internal Knowles microphone with an internal battery. The product makes use of the H.264 video compression referred to as Advanced Video Codec (AVC) which is the codec used by Blu-ray.  Hong Kong based security and communications hardware expert John Hirst who is currently with Manifest Marketing explains, ” What is so good about Flashback-3 miniature covert digital recorder is that it provides you with more than an hour of record time with full resolution, high-quality video and audio. By utilizing the configurable time-lapse mode, you can still increase the recording time. ”

Another stunning feature of FlashBack-3 miniature covert digital recorder is its ability to be manipulated and configured via Ethernet connection.  It has a user web page interface for controlling the video. The only thing you need to do is to plug it to a PC through the Ethernet port and apply power to the device.  Moreover, it can both record in high resolution and stream the video over the net.  Flashback-3 miniature covert video recorder is available in single SD card slot and dual SD card slots.  FlashBack-3 with the single SD card slot is more compact with the necessary features (i.e. local and remote record switch with vibration feedback, programmable camera power, USB and Ethernet interfaces through an adapter, Knowles microphone) still intact.  The dual FlashBack-3 on the other hand, has two SD card slots for an increased record time and an Ethernet port.  An added feature to the dual FlashBack-3 is that it supports Power over Ethernet where the recorder and the associated cameras can work with just one cable connection.

Experts on FlashBack-3 miniature covert digital recorder are available to answer your inquiries at Manifest Marketing, Hong Kong.  Visit the website and learn more about the product.

Vehicle Surveillance for Asia-Pacific events

May 26, 2010

In 2009 alone, the Hong Kong exhibition centre (HKCEC) has held 111 exhibitions, 36 conventions and over 1500 events and banquets. Each year, millions of guests visit HKCEC for various conferences and events. Like the HKCEC, many high traffic venues  around Asia are becoming international platforms and security for such sites are becoming increasing difficult to maintain.

One of the latest security equipment available today to scan vehicles travelling in and out of venues is the BDL Systems CUVSS (Colour under Vehicle Surveillance). Distributed in Asia by Manifest Marketing Hong Kong this system provides a colour, high-resolution image of the underside of any vehicle — and can capture the image even if the vehicle is moving up to 30mph. It’s available in two types: the static which should be engineered into a roadway and the mobile which can be relocated when the need arises.

BDL Systems CUVSS has been designed to give hassle-free, fast and efficient method of checking the undersides of the car for both the security personnel and the customer. All the functions are operated on a touch screen monitor that allows the operator to zoom.  Vehicles can continue to move over the area with up to 30 km/hr speed and still can be captured by BDL Systems CUVSS. BDL Systems CUVSS also consists of a scene camera for taking images of the vehicle plate number and the driver.

It’s, no doubt, a vital equipment for recognizing suspicious packages like explosives and firearms or illegal substances embedded in the undersides of the vehicles.  The mobile CUVSS is ideal for aiding security at large scale events or high-profile exhibitions, conferences, or meetings.

BDL CUVSS is available from Hong Kong-based company Manifest Marketing. Visit their website for more information:

MegaIce Youth Hockey League – Exhibition game

September 11, 2008

Want to escape the summer heat and be a part of the coolest sport in Hong Kong? Tune in to SO-U.TV for the new season of Ice Hockey games in Megabox. See it all at