Business in trouble? Social media can come to the rescue!

July 21, 2011

Are you an entrepreneur? Did your business recently encounter a nasty problem that has started to catch a lot of fire online? Need fast, cost-efficient damage control? While good PR is most likely every person’s go-to in trying times, it might interest you that social media can also be your best friend. In fact, if you have the right approach for social media, if you try and embrace it and its power and perhaps if you have a good social media agency to help you, then you’re in good hands. Here’s why.

Unlike traditional PR where you may encounter polite denials from writers and editors, technicalities in terms of press releases and of course, face the possibility of pitching/offering more because your competitor may be offering something along the lines of what you have, social media is powered by the most important group of people – the consumers themselves. These individuals have access to social media, they have access to the wide range of channels and tools that more often than not, you have no other choice but to face the problem head on, fuel the fire with fire, provide apology when needed and counter the problem with nothing but reassurance.

Just take the case of KFC Malaysia where two videos purportedly showed something negative. What the food chain did was immediately tap the power of Facebook and provided the platform for their consumers to air their grievances. As expected, the Facebook page was flooded with complaints but while this was going on, the food chain was also busy creating videos that addressed the problems head on. The videos presented pretty visuals – clean kitchens, great, smiling staff, accommodating manager – plus the reassurance that they only practise professionalism. The social media campaign proved to be very effective. Needless to say, the complaints died down, people started to trust the food chain again and everything just went back to normal as if nothing major happened. Given these, it’s pretty difficult to say if the same results can be achieved if the food chain went through traditional PR.

The point is – social media is easily accessible and it’s there for the taking. You just really need to harness its power. And once you know how to do this, business will be easy breezy.

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