Hiring a Social Media Manager: Does Age Matter?

August 9, 2012

Social Media Managers are higher in demand now that companies of all sizes are jumping onto the social media bandwagon. This is a smart move considering consumer trust increases sales.

The importance of a Social Media Manager role is obvious, but the more pressing question is: do you hire someone young who may be instinctive about social media usage, or someone more experienced in dealing with customer service and crisis management?

Consider the three main points of hiring a Social Media Manager.

First, you need to look for someone who is digitally savvy. Your new Social Media Manager should definitely already be on social networks for their personal and professional life. This may be someone young who grew up during the Facebook years, but someone older may have better aptitude to adapt social networks for business purposes.

Regardless of age, it is important for your Social Media Manager to be able to write, and write well. In this digital age, what you publish online is literally there for eternity, therefore it is important that what you put out there represents your company’s tone of voice and personality.

Finally, hire someone who is a people connector. This person will help manage the face of your brand by interacting with your consumers regularly. The Social Media Manager should be able to answer questions from consumers, interact with copywriters, and bring a positive light to your brand.

So, does age count? Age should never be a consideration in recruitment, therefore go for the qualities which really matter in the long run.

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