Tips on How to Market Your Business Sustainably with Accor Planet 21

November 17, 2012

Running a green business gives your company a competitive edge. Today, consumers care more about going green than they ever have. While offering green products and services is the ultimate goal, there are other ways to lower your impact on the environment along the way. One of the easiest ways to do this is to market your business sustainably. Using the seven pillars of Accor’s Planet 21 program is a great way to get started in setting your sustainability goals. Here are a few tips for your business to try.

Lower your business’ carbon footprint by buying your marketing materials locally. Not only will this require less transportation and less CO2 emissions, this will also save your company shipping costs.

Take it a step further by printing all your marketing materials on recycled paper. Pamphlets, fliers, posters, and mailings can all be printed on recycled material and is in line with Accor’s Nature pillar. Let consumers know that you’re being eco-friendly by stamping all your marketing materials with “printed on recycled materials.” You can also print a friendly reminder to consumers to recycle on the bottom or back of your documents. Instead of printing and mailing newsletters, have consumers subscribe to a monthly email newsletter.

Recycling may seem like common sense when it comes to being green, but are you offering marketing materials that encourage green behavior? Instead of handing out disposable water bottles with your name on them, opt for reusable water bottles or mugs. When giving out food or hosting events with snacks, buy from local sustainable producers. Not only does this show consumers that you are dedicated to being green, it also introduces them to ways in which they can be more green with you!

Each small initial your business utilizes adds up to a huge impact on the environment. For more tips on how to green your business, visit Accor Planet 21’s blog at

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Be eco-friendly and even be rewarded with an HK $88 coupon!

October 26, 2011

Don’t look now but just in case you have been planning to go “green” and planning to advocate recycling and being all eco-friendly, then we must tell you — there’s no time better than today to start! In fact, the friendly folks over here at Edible Arrangements Hong Kong will even give you more inspiration to finally take that first time into becoming a full pledged eco warrior. How does an HK $88 coupon sound to you?

We all know that it is now but a must to be more aware of our responsibilities towards Mother Nature. Not only must we all advocate recycling or reusing but we actually must DO it. And Edible Arrangements Hong Kong, a specialty shop that produces only the freshest, juiciest and most creatively designed fresh fruit bouquets, is not just pushing for eco friendliness. They are walking the talk!

In an effort to encourage more people to recycle, Edible Arrangements Hong Kong has launched a campaign dubbed as “Recycle to Re-Treat.” For recent recipients or customers of fresh fruit arrangements made by Edible Arrangements Hong Kong, all they have to do is return the container and the skewers to any of the Edible Arrangements Hong Kong stores. They can also just call the recycling hotline 2385 0158. Just by returning the said items, Edible Arrangements Hong Kong will reward the act by giving a special HK $88 “re-treat” coupon which customers can use for their next order. Each transaction can only use one voucher.

Order today or visit Edible Arrangements Hong Kong! They have new tropical and even Halloween themed bouquets which are sure to capture your fancy! Delivery of the fresh fruit bouquets can be made the same day if you place your order before 4 pm. You can also drop by the Edible Arrangements shop at IFC Mall, Podium Level, Three Shop 3012. Visit their official website at

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