Endangered No More: Zero Risks with the New Tarsier Closed Circuit Thermal Imager

September 18, 2010


Several thousands of miles across the sea is the beautiful island of Bohol, home to the famous Philippine Tarsier – considered to be one among thousands of endangered species in the world today. What’s so interesting about this small animal is its unique ability to rotate its head 180 degrees. Add up the tarsier’s very large eyes, reputed to be the only animal to have such big eye to body ratio, and you have an animal that is able to see exceptionally well at night. And with those exceptional night vision eyes and movable ears that can almost hear any movement, the result is an animal that perfectly embodies the kind of security we must have today.

You have probably heard the news about the Philippine hostage situation wherein some Hong Kong Chinese nationals were carelessly held hostage on the bus for almost 12 hours. Ironically, with today’s CCTV technology, we find that there is still more to learn out there. Simply put, we need more security innovations and advancements for the merciless threats of today. This is why a new kind of closed circuit thermal imager or CCTI is being developed by Manifest Marketing Limited.

Inspired by the Tarsier’s astounding abilities, the promising Tarsier Closed Circuit Thermal Imager is definitely something to look out for. First things first; one of the best features of the Tarsier CCTI is its 24-hour 7 days a week functionality. This means that this great tool will immerse its extra-sensitive eyes for you every single minute, so you won’t have to worry about getting breached by those pesky thieves at night. The tarsier CCTI works at its best at night. Even the shadow is no excuse and the various light conditions brought about by fog and smoke will not affect the efficiency of the tarsier at all. Now that’s really something worthy of a second look.

images (1).jpg

If you are questioning the Tarsier’s durability and life expectancy, it helps to know that the International Electrotechnical Commission or IEC through the International Protection Rating Code has rated the Tarsier to be IP66 certified. This means that the Tarsier CCTI is highly effective against solid and liquid intrusion. Talk about maximum durability and resistance! Also built for the extremes, the Tarsier has a maximum temperature threshold of +80 degree Celsius and a minimum threshold of -40 degrees Celsius. The whole product is also metal-coated with aluminum for ensured life expectancy.

Another interesting factor to check out is the Tarsier’s lenses that are both adaptable and flexible to various ranges and distances. Equipped with features such as the zoom feature and control over brightness and contrast, you have the perfect surveillance and protection for your business and home. Use the Tarsier CCTI anywhere you want. With a very easy set-up and installation procedure, you will be on your way to finally getting the good night’s sleep you have been longing to have for many days now.

To start using the new Tarsier CCTI surveillance system, you can visit the Hong Kong based company Manifest Marketing Limited, the premier security solutions expert in Asia. You can visit their site at http://manifest-hk.com/.

Manifest Marketing Asia presents: Personal Role Radio by Selex

September 1, 2010

The Personal Role Radio (PRR) from Selex Communications has been very useful in areas where immediate and clear communication is highly important. Distributed by Manifest Marketing especially across Asia, it is mostly the chosen brand by professional security forces and government police during operations.


Selex Communications is the one behind Personal Role Radio, the key in a clear and fast communication between soldiers especially in battlefields. Its lightweight and compact design makes it easy to carry during operations. It uses 50mW transmit power under 2.4GHz spread spectrum technology and capable in an operating open terrain range of 500m even within three floors of a building. It is also equipped with a total of 256 channels where 16 are directly available to the user. Manifest Marketing of Hong Kong now distributes it especially among buyers in Asia and the listed details below are more of its remarkable features:

Press to Talk (PTT)

Personal Role Radio has a wireless PTT function. This feature allows the user to change PTT setting without losing focus and control to his weapon.  The wireless PTT function is useful even within 2m range.

Interchangeable Switch Pack

Personal Role Radio can be easily configured with its interchangeable switch packs. It can be changed into two roles: the Single PTT Switch Pack suitable for users operating PRR singly and the Dual PTT Switch Pack where connection to the PRR and the Combat Net radio is possible. When switching to Dual Switch Interface, the audio from the Combat Net Radio and PRR are heard on the same microphone but not all at the same time as PRR has a call waiting tone for incoming signals.


Audio Ancillaries

PRR comes with audio ancillaries suitable for combat usage. This includes headsets equipped with different features and modes such as high noise, in-the-ear, active noise reduction, low profile, discreet, lightweight, waterproof communication solution and covert tactical speaker-microphone. Included as well is a fully integrated intercom system that is made to fit different range of users.

Re-Broadcast Unit

The re-broadcast unit is capable of doubling the range of scope for PRR signals. This makes it useful for other PRR users deployed outside the range normally covered by PRR. The device also works when there’s little signal clarity during heavy fogs.

With these great features, Personal Role Radio can indeed fit the needs of different users needing radios especially during combats and operations. Fortunately, Manifest Marketing of Hong Kong now distributes this innovative product from Selex Communications so it can be obtained easier especially in Asia. With PRR, expect that communication clarity even under harsh deployments is always possible!

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Manifest Marketing: Beyond Encryption computer data privacy in Asia

August 28, 2010

Available in Asia exclusively from Manifest Marketing, Beyond Encryption Technologies or B.E.T is an Irish software development company that specializes in business applications for top leading companies and organizations in the United States, United Kingdom, Middle East, and Asia. Beyond Encryption Technologies is revered as the global leader in data security solutions. The company also provides its users with the latest tools and support needed to enforce security in the network. To better understand the solutions that B.E.T is offering to us, let us get to know their various products and services.

B.E.T products feature a reactive security solution. This means that upon deployment, the software application can immediately begin its work in supporting data protection to its clients. This will speed up the whole security process. More work for B.E.T and less for its clients. The reactive security includes remote freezing, remote file transfer, and remote destruction of data, remote lockdown of device, and timed lockdown. A timed security mode is also available for those who want to have some tasks done automatically on a specific time or schedule. Not to mention that B.E.T also has the IP Fencing Security Mode needed to draw the line from the inside to the outside. Such is the great power of Beyond Encryption Technologies.

The B.E.T products are: B.E Prime, B.E Professional, and B.E Premium. Built for the small and medium enterprises, the B.E Prime can host up to one hundred computers as part of their security package. The B.E Professional product on the other hand is a business solution for larger corporations who prefer to have their servers hosted within the walls of their building. Lastly, the B.E Premium product is for those larger clients who are planning to integrate the B.E.T software into their own security applications. But regardless of what specific package you might want to get, you will definitely get access to B.E.T’s technology and its advanced tools such as – a server that stores everything about your business, a client agent to support you all the time, a secure communications channel or SCC, and B.E.T’s series of security commands for you to use.

B.E.T is indeed going beyond the norms of security and data protection. You can check out all of B.E.T’s products and services in the Hong Kong based corporation Manifest Marketing Limited. Manifest Marketing Limited is a partner of B.E.T in Asia. It hosts a wide number of security products and services including the revered B.E.T.


XRY data recovery and forensics Asia

August 13, 2010

Always a step ahead – is the fittingly-true slogan of Micro Systemation, a world leader  in mobile forensics. Two products in particular distributed in Asia by Manifest Marketing Hong Kong the XRY and XACT are worth highlighting.

I discovered that both products actually enhance the mobile phones we have today, and yes they exist for one purpose and calling – providing security. As you know, today everything is pretty much complex. The luxury of privacy is starting to fade away as we find ourselves living in a digital and highly-sophisticated world where every action can be seen in the eyes of the camera, every conversation is done through mobile technology, and our daily transactions done through a handy computer machine. It isn’t surprising that cybercrimes are growing increasingly each year. Literally crime is commited even when both parties are across Asia, Europe and Americas. That is why forensic experts are trying hard to cope with the need to counter the attack.

With more people online in Asia than Europe and Americas combined, it is no wonder that XRY and XACT is in such popular demand in countries like China, India, Cambodia, Japan and Korea.  Sipping coffee while reading the astounding benefits of the XRY and XACT technology, I realized that using this form of technology will make investigations much easier and effective. I found out that the XRY is actually the base product while the XACT is upgraded version of it. Able to read both the physical and logical components of mobile devices, it enables security agents and investigators to save time, effort, and money while providing exceptional results as well. One wonderful feature of the XRY and XACT product is the logical and physical extraction wizard which can be used to find all the information needed for investigation. So this means that we can actually get and recover data from all those devices. And what’s more is that you can also find out what information is needed and what is not. So it is what most users say as a critical time saver. But just as are tempted to think that the XRY and XACT are difficult to use, think again! The data collected from the XRY and XACT can be easily copied to flash disks, CD’s, DVD’s and can even be exported to MS Office and Open Office software.

Once you purchase any of these two products, you will also get training courses that will make sure that you will get all the maximum benefits of the product. You will also get free technical support and free software releases as well, in case of upgrades in the future. To sum it all, both the XRY and the XACT are considered as the all-in-one solution to your mobile forensics investigation needs. But you may be wondering where you can get these super products. I recommend that you check Manifest Marketing Limited, a certified corporation that is the best expert solutions company on security and communication. You can check their site at http://www.manifest-hk.com.

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Smart Vehicle Surveillance System in Asia

August 12, 2010


say that today’s modern security and surveillance systems are now that easy to breach. After all, we boys always want to fantasize being a part of these smart hard-core soldiers that can defy almost any obstacle they face in. We can dream of being hybrid warriors all day but the truth is irrefutable – Chemring EOD Limited’s CUVSS can prove you wrong.

Chemring EOD is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of top quality security and detection products. Distributed in Asia by Hong Kong’s Manifest Marketing, their products range from Remote Initiators to Programmable Delay Fuses and from Hard Wire Exploders to IEDD Disrupters. There is one product that defines what Chemring EOD is exactly about, and that is their refuted CUVSS or Colour Under Surveillance System. Commonly known as CUVSS, CUVSS comes in two systems – Static and Mobile. This means that CUVSS can perfectly meet the security demands of its clients with its flexibility. CUVSS is uniquely designed to provide its clients with a faster and more effective way to view the underside of vehicles. This is done though its surveillance scanner that is able to generate clear and high quality resolution images for accurate viewing. And that is another thing Chemring EOD is proud of, its accuracy to details. All images are neatly displayed at the back-end via a touch screen monitor that can be easily manipulated by its operator. Since CUVSS is built for easy usage, it no longer comes with a mouse and keyboard. Everything can be done literally in the touch screen monitor. Isn’t that perfect?


But wait, there is still more! CUVSS is also equipped with a scene camera, approximately six times higher in resolution compared to most monochrome cameras. The camera is fully capable of automatically viewing the vehicle’s plate number and its driver as well. Also weather-proof, the CUVSS can run on all weather conditions, rain or shine, day and night, indeed your 24-hour security surveillance system. Additional features like its zoom functions, image matching scans, and ability to be fully integrated within a local surveillance network and other terminals make the CUVSS the ideal detection system. Currently, Chemring EOD is a leading vehicle surveillance system in Asia as it finds its way to the Hong Kong based company, Manifest Marketing Limited. You can find all the details in their website at http://www.manifest-hk.com. Now that CUVSS is here, the A-Team should come up with a plan B in order to win.

Asia Surveillance: Affordable Outdoor Remote Video Monitoring

July 5, 2010

No public or private sector in Asia can afford repeating the break-in at the South Africa Pelindaba Nuclear Site that made headline news in 2007. Four armed men broke into the Pelindaba nuclear facility , a site where hundreds of kilograms of weapons-grade uranium are stored. Four criminals deactivated several layers of security, including a 10,000-volt electrical fence. A separate group of intruders failed in an attempt to break in from the west. The timing suggests a coordinated attack against a facility that contains an estimated 25 bombs’ worth of weapons-grade nuclear material. A large premise requires a sophisticated level of security and surveillance monitoring to maintain a high level of premise managment and to prevent vandalism and theft.

Video of Pelindaba Break In:

Video Monitoring is essential for public and private sectors such as hotels, resorts, casinos, schools, construction sites in Asia to secure a high level of safety and crime prevention. Manifest Marketing distributes hi-tech remote video monitoring devices system  Sun Surveillance developed which is extremely effective in protecting and monitoring casinos, large commerical or residential complexes since they can transmit wireless video from far distances. Sun Surveillance’s Solstice Cam is a leading provider of low-maintenance and quality cctv product.   Most of the products of Sun Surveillance integrates solar power generating plate with a 5 day battery bank which makes their line of products very affordable. Solstice Cam uses the most advance wireless technology that enables them in providing better monitoring results and reliable surveillance.

Online monitoring and remote video surveillance are what companies should be looking for especially if they aim for a tight and reliable security system that is not just affordable but also produces efficient and trusted results.

For more details, visit Sun Surveillance’s distributor in Asia, Manifest Marketing on Facebook and Twitter to get the lastest updates.

Easy Computer Data Recovery tools for Asia

July 2, 2010

Browsing the internet in search for some of the best and most advanced computer forensic software there is, I happened to pass through a site belonging to Manifest Marketing Limited a distributor in Asia for communications and security equipment. I soon realized that the Hong Kong based corporation is one of the leading experts in communication. software and equipment.

In the area of data aquisation and computer forensics, ASR Data is the recognized leading authority in computer investigations, and this is a fact recognized by the United States Department of Justice. ASR Data ‘s line of products can aid with: Litigation and Technical Support, Expert Witness Testimony, Data Recovery Services, Custom Hardware Solutions and Innovative Software Solutions. I would say that ASR Data is one of those “all-in-one “ experts in data security.


Say for example, your computer crashed and all your important files were lost along with itASR Data can actually recover that for you. They have developed specialized tools and techniques that will recover your deleted files from various file systems. ASR data can also restore your corrupted files and even reconstruct databases. Their data software service offers a No Recovery, No Fee” policy. I also got a glimpse in their cool forensic software such as the SMART Linux, which contain multiple versions of Live CDs for forensic use, the SmartMount which is an image mounting engine, and some powerful NTFS file system analysis tools like the Grok-NTFS and Grok-LNK.

ASR Data also offers a wide range of business, civil, and criminal litigation support services. Headed by their principal forensic scientist Andrew Rosen, who is both a certified Advanced Computer Crime Investigator and Advanced Computer Forensic Technician, ASR Data is chosen from all the other rival companies to analyze and authenticate trillions of data for its top clients. So to sum it all, ASR Data has truly demonstrated a great astounding track record backed up by excellence and integrity. Being also a partner of Asia’s leading hi-tech software and equipment company  Manifest Marketing Limited Hong Kong, what more can you ask for? Visit their distributor in Asia, Manifest Marketing on Facebook and Twitter to get the lastest updates.

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Asia High Tech Security Gadget for Your Investigative Ears

June 25, 2010

(Hong Kong, June 2010)

Clear communication through the rustle and bustle in Asia

The smallest ear receiver in the worldPhonak Invisity RF receiver has distributed in Asia by Manifest Marketing Hong Kong.  It is built for one way communications often applied in negotiation, investigation, and interrogation wherein you don’t need to talk back only to listen to instructions and directions without appearing obvious in doing so.  It is quite small –thus, the name “invisity”-, has high acoustic level, programmable and goes with a handheld remote control. It’s a wonder of a device that fits right in your ear for a clear one-way communication (within 7MHz) and gives you freedom to physically respond in any situation. The good thing about the earpiece is that it ensures comfort to the wearer.

Invisity RF receiver

Phonak Invisity for event management

I’ve further learned that Phonak Invisity RF receiver comes in three different models: invisity fix with one fixed frequency, invisity flex with one channel and reprogrammable frequency and the invisity 4 channels with (as the name implies) 4 channels, reprogrammable frequencies and a remote control. John Hirsch of Manifest Marketing Asia explains, “Phonak Invisity fix is the most user friendly model out there for one way communication”.The Invisity flex offers one reprogrammable channel (within 7MHz) which can be done by your dealer or by you, using the Invisity Programming Unit (IPU). The Phonak Invisity that was shown to me is the Invisity 4 channels with the waterproof, flip to open remote that is simultaneously programmed with the RF receiver and the Phonak Invisity Programming Unit (IPU) that can be installed in any Windows operated computer.  The IPU could show the previous stored data when an invisity model or remote control is inserted (a USB cable is given with the kit.  This high-tech security gadget is advisable to use in cases where inconspicuousness is a must without feeling like you need to reach and scratch the insides of your ear the whole time you’re in the process of interrogating or doing an activity that needs unnoticeable one-way communication. Casinos, my friend added uninhibitedly, have a number of rooms where security personnel conduct interview and interrogations as well as house the CCTV for video/audo monitoring.  They usually make use of Phonak Invisity RF receiver to subtly communicate with the interrogator inside the room while remaining outside to observe.

While learning more about Phonak Invisity RF receiver, I’ve realized that it’s also used by celebrities and TV personalities in Asia who are performing onstage or broadcasting the news.  It gives them the ability to receive prompts and important instructions without going down the stage and talking to the actual person.  It helps to achieve an easy flowing program.  If you’re interested to learn more about Phonak Invisity earpiece, you should visit Manifest Marketing.  Experts on the product will help you and answer necessary questions about the product.

Asia Security: High-Tech Covert Video Recording by Manifest Marketing

June 21, 2010

FlashBack-3 miniature covert digital recorder is state-of the-art equipment that is small in size extremely useful and powerful.  Available in Asia from Manifest Marketing, FlashBack-3 miniature convert digital recorder is the obvious choice even for the most demanding covert video surveillance operations.It’s an innovative product from Ovations Systems that offers features like video and dual audio inputs with monitor outputs, external record switches and triggers, USB ports, Ethernet interface, built-in programmable camera power supply with 5, 9 or 12 volts, internal Knowles microphone with an internal battery. The product makes use of the H.264 video compression referred to as Advanced Video Codec (AVC) which is the codec used by Blu-ray.  Hong Kong based security and communications hardware expert John Hirst who is currently with Manifest Marketing explains, ” What is so good about Flashback-3 miniature covert digital recorder is that it provides you with more than an hour of record time with full resolution, high-quality video and audio. By utilizing the configurable time-lapse mode, you can still increase the recording time. ”

Another stunning feature of FlashBack-3 miniature covert digital recorder is its ability to be manipulated and configured via Ethernet connection.  It has a user web page interface for controlling the video. The only thing you need to do is to plug it to a PC through the Ethernet port and apply power to the device.  Moreover, it can both record in high resolution and stream the video over the net.  Flashback-3 miniature covert video recorder is available in single SD card slot and dual SD card slots.  FlashBack-3 with the single SD card slot is more compact with the necessary features (i.e. local and remote record switch with vibration feedback, programmable camera power, USB and Ethernet interfaces through an adapter, Knowles microphone) still intact.  The dual FlashBack-3 on the other hand, has two SD card slots for an increased record time and an Ethernet port.  An added feature to the dual FlashBack-3 is that it supports Power over Ethernet where the recorder and the associated cameras can work with just one cable connection.

Experts on FlashBack-3 miniature covert digital recorder are available to answer your inquiries at Manifest Marketing, Hong Kong.  Visit the website and learn more about the product.

Vehicle Surveillance for Asia-Pacific events

May 26, 2010

In 2009 alone, the Hong Kong exhibition centre (HKCEC) has held 111 exhibitions, 36 conventions and over 1500 events and banquets. Each year, millions of guests visit HKCEC for various conferences and events. Like the HKCEC, many high traffic venues  around Asia are becoming international platforms and security for such sites are becoming increasing difficult to maintain.


One of the latest security equipment available today to scan vehicles travelling in and out of venues is the BDL Systems CUVSS (Colour under Vehicle Surveillance). Distributed in Asia by Manifest Marketing Hong Kong this system provides a colour, high-resolution image of the underside of any vehicle — and can capture the image even if the vehicle is moving up to 30mph. It’s available in two types: the static which should be engineered into a roadway and the mobile which can be relocated when the need arises.

BDL Systems CUVSS has been designed to give hassle-free, fast and efficient method of checking the undersides of the car for both the security personnel and the customer. All the functions are operated on a touch screen monitor that allows the operator to zoom.  Vehicles can continue to move over the area with up to 30 km/hr speed and still can be captured by BDL Systems CUVSS. BDL Systems CUVSS also consists of a scene camera for taking images of the vehicle plate number and the driver.

It’s, no doubt, a vital equipment for recognizing suspicious packages like explosives and firearms or illegal substances embedded in the undersides of the vehicles.  The mobile CUVSS is ideal for aiding security at large scale events or high-profile exhibitions, conferences, or meetings.

BDL CUVSS is available from Hong Kong-based company Manifest Marketing. Visit their website for more information: http://manifest-hk.com.