Be the Spa Diva with our Diva Membership

January 9, 2013

Sense of Touch is committed to providing a soothing experience to its valued customers. Our Exclusive monthly offers and seasonal packages ensure that we welcome our customers any time of the year. We are proud to announce that clients can become our permanent member, using our Diva Membership package.

Be a Diva with our Diva Membership and enjoy exclusive discounts on all our treatments all year round! Members have their individual client number and receive a monthly newsletter, detailing them about our newest partners, products, and promotional offers. Members also receive exclusive discounts throughout their birthday month.

Every dollar spent on treatments and products at Sense of Touch outlets earns the members loyalty points; the more the points, the higher VIP Diva levels you achieve. Each level includes its own discounts and promotions, with the percentage increasing with increasing level.

You can become a Diva by filling out an application form online or at our reception, membership is absolutely free! You can also request a Spa Diva card, which gives you access to discounts on treatments and products to any Sense of Touch Outlet.

So what are you waiting for? Visit any Sense of Touch spa, fill out a form, and become a Diva today!

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Sense of Touch: Re-discover the Pleasures of Life

April 11, 2012

Sometimes, with today’s busy and strenuous world, it’s getting too hard to manage. A person plainly needs to sit back and relax. Have a soothing massage, dip in a wine or beer bath to relax and warm tired muscles, do some gentle exercise, and treat yourself with some beauty and hair treatments. Sense of Touch believes that every mind and body deserves to be indulged extraordinarily in order to function well the following day. This is what Sense of Touch can provide to hardworking individuals, to make a spa day as part of the usual routine of a person.


Innovative, unique and result oriented treatments are offered by Sense of Touch. From the list of various spa services to enliven your senses and signature treatments to a wide variety of skincare products, you will definitely feel refreshed and rejuvenated after this spa experience.

Sense of Touch has captivated the tastes in indulgence and relaxation of a broad market all over Hong Kong. With its five accessible locations to choose from, you can pamper yourself when your stress levels come at the highest point and you need to relax desperately. Having an established name in the spa business, we take pride in offering exceptional spa services and providing a haven of recreation and relaxation to our clients.

You might feel anxious the minute your spa treatment ends thinking that you will have to get back to your tied-up life. With Sense of Touch, you don’t need to worry. With its affordable services and products, you can come to this place more often just a visit. You can think of yourself as a king or queen even just for a day, and take comfort in a world of indulgence. Enjoy and sooth yourself at one of the Sense of Touch spas for everybody is entitled to be treated luxuriantly.

For those who love spa and wellness, Sense of Touch is the perfect place for you.

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Get Bikini Ready with Sense of Touch

May 7, 2010
Summer is finally here and it’s all about short skirts and
bikinis for fun-in-the-sun beach and boat activities! Ladies
are you ready for summer? More importantly, is your body

Get baby smooth and glowing skin now at Sense of Touch
with our fantastic ‘nearly painless’ wax and sexy spray

Want some tips on getting the perfect wax and Tan in Hong Kong?  Watch
this video courtesy of Sense of Touch:

Located in the hip and glam Lan Kwai Fong, call
us now on: 2526 6918 or visit our website for other Hong Kong locations.