Streamification — the emerging world we live in: Technology

March 16, 2017



The world we live, augmented by technology, is increasingly becoming more fluid. Not to long past our lives were blocks of time and activity. The morning paper, lunch with friends, the evening news, a movie night out but that has changed dramatically as all things are available to us most all the time and the way that we interact in this technology enabled world I call Streamification.

“History is obsolete in the humanverse – it is only relevant to technology

as a predictor of the future”


I am an observer of human behaviour and technology — it is my fascination. I observe the evolution of human/ tech interaction from a social perspective and it seems clear to me that we are on a quickly evolving path driven by two main forces:


  • Human behaviour change enabled by technology. Our access to most everything is no longer time bound. We communicate with multimedia capability to friends without restrictions on time, geography or even having ever met. Our lives are an open book, a series of snapshots of our likes, dislikes, passions and idiosyncrasies. We seldom have an exclusive online or offline experience as the interconnectedness of the two coalesce into a single experience.
  • Technology changes due to changing human behaviour. This has been long time in the coming as predictive modeling to anticipate desire is the Holy Grail of business, but we have seen it accelerate and morph in recent years largely due to Millennials. Snapchat is revolutionary. This silly app where pictures disappear was based on the premise that we live in the now and history is irrelevant. Our lives are truly a stream of events or periods of “now” being reinforced by the technology we use.


AI and bots are the hot topic of the moment. It may have seemed as if they emerged as some “cool” idea that took hold, but necessity is the mother of invention and bots are emerging because of Streamification and the need to cater to the demand of an almost infinite number of unique moments in time.


“In the most simple of terms, Streamification is “I want what I want and

I want it now” but it is far more complex and subtle”


Whether you talk in terms of customer journey, touchpoints or the uniqueness and spontaneity of the human spirit we each travel a path that is ours but touches so many other. . . everything. It is a stream of moments. Though we do embrace the notion of our own uniqueness, it is with greater precision that AI is able to predict our wants and desires. It is through the power of technology that at anytime we want to reach out, share or buy the expectation that there is a mechanism, whether human or technology, that will provide satisfaction is there and waiting. When you put this in the context of how many of us there are and how unique each of our lives, or Streams, are then it becomes clearer to see that ability to achieve Streamification lies with technology and human input on its design.


Much success,





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November 19, 2014



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Google Search And SEO, What Does It Mean To The Public?

November 29, 2013

What are the most revealing consumer attitudes to Google’s search results? How do the public behave when presented with a page of organic search results and ads? Richman SEO Training in conjunction with CINT conducted a study to find the public’s understanding, attitudes, and behavior towards Google Search and SEO. As a brand, it’s important to know how consumers are utilizing Google search so your brand can make the most out of SEO usage. JamiQ knows the importance of Google Search and SEO and can help your brand stand out among Google searches.

Consumers were asked how they feel about websites ranking in the top positions of organic SERPS. It was no surprise that high ranking sites received more clicks, but along with those clicks comes an assumption that the site is also trustworthy. Clearly there is still a great deal of consumer misunderstanding and false assumptions being made about Google Search. This must surely have an effect on how consumers perceive those websites that rank prominently in organic SERPS. This is why it’s so important to understand where your brand stands among websites, and JamiQ can help!

JamiQ’s Influence Indicators feature uses smart algorithms to automatically analyze the influence of every website on the fly. The influence chart gives you an instant view of the impact your brand is making. Jump right in by clicking the darkest segments to immediately identify who your top influencers are. JamiQ also has a Sentiment Detection feature to detect the sentiment of every post on the fly. The sentiment chart gives you an indicative view of the perception surrounding your brand. This allows you to react immediately when you notice a sudden change of heart. With the help of JamiQ, your brand’s website will be more prominently listed in Google’s Search results!

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Also, be sure to check out this infograph for more statistics on public awareness of Google Search and SEO:

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The Hidden Value of Long Tail SEO

November 18, 2013

Is your brand making the most of long tail SEO? If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it’s time to get acquainted. Long tail SEO is a white-hat SEO process that involves targeting less competitive, highly specific search terms, also known as long tail keywords. Since over 70% of all search queries are for long tail terms, there is incredible value in taking control of those keywords. Utilizing long tail SEO will garner your brand’s website more traffic, and in turn, more consumers.  With the help of JamiQ and long tail SEO, your brand’s website will be more popular than ever!

Pages optimized for long tail keywords move up 11 positions on average, compared to just 5 positions for head keywords. Those numbers speak for themselves! JamiQ knows that the key to using long tail SEO is knowing what words to use. That’s why JamiQ has our Insights and Discovery feature! The most used words in the content that JamiQ captures are extracted and trended according to the frequency of their occurrence in the social media posts. This trending helps you discover insights into what the majority of conversations are talking about so you know the best phrases to use for long tail SEO!

Now that your brand is taking advantage of using long tail SEO, it’s important to know what influence your brand is making on social media. JamiQ has a feature for this too! Our Influence Indicator feature uses JamiQ’s smart algorithms to automatically analyze the influence of every website on the fly. The influence chart gives you an instant view of the impact your brand is making on the social media. Highly influential media could signify news sites or popular blogs, while less influential sites are likely personal blogs or niche community forums. Noticing a shift from less influential sites to more influential ones could indicate a phenomenon where chatter about your brand is being picked up from the blogosphere in the news media. With long tail SEO, your brand’s websites will get more hits, and with JamiQ, you’ll always know where your brand stands!

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Also, be sure to check out this infograph for more information on why long-tail SEO is so valuable:

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YouTube Is Your Green Light To More Traffic

July 26, 2013

Having a great website for your company is a breeze when you utilize the technology of JamiQ. JamiQ uses Influence Indicators to determine how influential and impacting your website is. Once you have your website set up, you need traffic. YouTube is a great tool for making your product or service known, but it’s easy to lose potential customers to the next suggested video. The following method will help you leverage YouTube’s high ranks to boost your position on Google searches for your own site. This will allow for nature traffic to flow to your videos.

Start by making several YouTube accounts that are SEO friendly. Make use of keywords that are positive for your brand. JamiQ can help you with Sentiment Detection. Is this video description positive toward your brand? JamiQ‘s specially developed natural language processing technology allows you to discover critical issues and perception trends. Once you have this down, be sure to make 3-4 videos that are to the point. Don’t forget to alter them slightly since you will be posting the same video on multiple accounts. It is important to adjust your videos so YouTube’s autodetection doesn’t flag your account. A simple change of music  or background color will suffice.

Finally, upload your video to your accounts. Be sure to fill out the title and keywords. Like any blog post, use keywords that convert for your company. Don’t forget to include a link to your website. Add the link to the beginning of your description to ensure your viewers see it. Above all, focus on factors that YouTube cares about. Find forums and social circles that your message impacts. JamiQ can help with Media Segmentation. Are people talking about you on blogs, forums, social networks or Twitter? Find out where the buzz takes place with JamiQ’s advanced media segmentation. With the help of JamiQ and YouTube, you’ll have plenty of traffic to your website in no time!

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Also, be sure to check out this infograph for more details on how to make use of YouTube.

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With the advent of Google+, is this the start of the Google domination?

July 18, 2011

So with the seemingly fast rising popularity of Google+, Google’s newest social networking service, does this mean that there is also no stopping the world domination of Google? It might sound too far fetched today but didn’t it cross our minds as well that this thing called the Internet may not be as fancy as we all think it is? Ah, those were the good, old yet very naive days.

Going back to Google+…reports now say that the SNS market (outside China) is fast being penetrated by Google’s newest baby. Google’s +1 buttons may have only been out for about a month but the latest reports claim that more than 10 million people around the world have signed up for the service. Not bad for Google+’s very first week. We can just imagine the numbers now. Can we soon hear a fearless forecast of 50 million Google+ users in about 2 months?

According to search engine optimization companies, webmasters now frantically add the Google+ buttons in the hope that this can help attract more traffic, establish better search engine placement and yes, ultimately, better capacity to attract business. In fact, the Google+ buttons are now on 4.4 percent of at least 10,000 websites. This marks a jump from its initial 3.6 percent in June. If you compare these stats against Twitter, the latter’s plugins are only found on 3.4 percent of the 10,000 websites. Obviously that means that Google is doing a real good job in enticing more website owners to use the Google+ buttons and service.

However, the million dollar question now is…is Facebook, arguably the social networking website with the most users with about 750 million, worried at all? Or will they face Google and Google+ head-on? Certainly, these are exciting and fun times for social media and the Internet as a whole.

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