Power of Social Trust: Taking Advice

June 7, 2013

Humans can only do so much without friends. They define your personality, reflect your life choices and moral values. With social media redefining friendships, users have expanded their dimensions of placing trust. Not only a friend, but also a blogger, a celebrity or any stranger can be trusted. If their review proves credible, they automatically gain our trust.

Research shows 33% of people admitted to asking for opinions from friends frequently. A surprising 68% were found to inquire more about the services offered by a brand rather than its products. Many people actually did not pay heed to expert opinion, and 85% of the participants preferred to trust a close friend over a professional.

The popular categories people look for friends’ opinion include electric and household appliances (34%), health and beauty (31%), while medical care and footwear had a less than 10% priority among participants. 41% admitted that their chances of buying a product online increased if it was reviews by a close friend or family member. A mere 16% preferred to seek advice on Facebook, while 38% opted for face to face interaction.

These statistics show that consumers are almost always on the lookout for advice, be it shopping or health matters. JamiQ provides social media solutions aimed at gaining the confidence of mass consumers; advising brands on how to treat their clients as family. By sharing reviews, asking for opinions on services, promotional offers and collecting the relevant data, JamiQ ensures unwavering loyalty not only of its clients but also their customers. Data analysis and necessary measures aimed at increasing social engagement of brands is an integral part of JamiQ solutions. Contact JamiQ and find out more on how you can work for a better world with the power of social media.

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Plan Your Business Meetings with Rosedale on the Park Hotel

October 26, 2012

Business meetings don’t have to be stressful to plan or boring to attend. With Rosedale on the Park Hotel, your business meetings can be relaxed, productive, and enjoyable! A landmark of Causeway Bay and just a short walk away from the MTR station, Rosedale on the Park is the perfect location for your next professional get together.

From now until December 31, take advantage of Rosedale on the Park’s Executive Meeting Package. Included in the package are a one night’s stay in an Executive Room, complimentary breakfast buffet, a full day Meeting Package, and complimentary hotel souvenirs for your coworkers. All Rosedale on the Park Hotel guests enjoy free WiFi throughout the entire hotel, access to our 24-hour fitness room, and access to our two highly rated restaurants – Cheena and Skyzone Restaurant and Lounge. All of our rooms are modernly decorated and stocked with coffee and tea making facilities, minibars, and cable TV.

Once business is taken care of and your meeting has been a success, take a break in beautiful Causeway Bay. Happy Valley and famous shopping malls are less than five miles away and provide a lot of fun things to do. You can also check out the newly opened Hysan Place mall. With 17 floors of shopping, food, and fun, you are sure to find something to your liking!

For a productive, care-free business meeting, book your dates with us at Rosedale on the Park now at (852) 2127 8606 or email at rsvn@rosedale.com.hk. Book your dates online today!

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Understanding the complicated, sophisticated China online shopper

July 13, 2011

Are you engaged in the online retail business in China? Or do you intend to? You might be fascinated to know that in China, almost half of the online shoppers have this tendency to complain by making a phone call to the customer service department of that website and leave a complaint on the said online retailer company’s website. Are you ready to face this 50 percent, if and when these complaints come rushing in? Interestingly, about 20 percent of the online shoppers in China who are not satisfied with the product or service will simply leave and will never ever buy from that online retailer website again.

According to a survey conducted by iResearch during last December as well as this January, complaints by dissatisfied customers will be likely coursed through the customer service phone line. This accounts for about 45.8 percent. In second place comes the tendency of these dissatisfied clients to complaint at the website’s guestbook. The next things that the China online shopper would do include doing nothing but never buying from that website ever again, complaining at online forums and finally, complaining to a consumer association. If you ask us, best thing to do in order to avoid these circumstances would be to put up an effective and time-conscious phone line where customers can easily air their grievances, put up a working contact form or even a live chat feature where customers can easily interact with a knowledgeable customer service representative and most importantly, hire a social media agency or digital agency that knows how to protect your brand online. Brand reputation, after all, is very important and if ever there comes a time that a customer will air his or her grievances online, at least you have an agency that can also pump up the good things about your company or about your online retail business. Believe us, it’s good investment.

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HKHarbourCity: Angelababy’s Christmas Cube. Win her special gift.

December 16, 2008

Beautiful model Angelababy creates a special Christmas present for someone special. Her Christmas Cube will go to one lucky winner. More from Hong Kong celebrities JJ, Kary Ng and Louis Cheung just shop with your family and friends and win! http://hk.youtube.com/user/HKHarbourCity
著名模特兒Angelababy 精心揀選聖誕禮物,準備送給一位幸運兒.其他的還有賈曉晨,吳雨霏及張繼聰.想得到他們親手揀選的聖誕禮物??快和親戚朋友到海港城購物.http://hk.youtube.com/user/HKHarbourCity

SOUTV Christmas at Harbour City HK – Christmas Magical Journey @ Harbour City Mall

December 10, 2008

Watch the Magical Christmas train delight children of all ages. Enjoy a Magical Journey @ Harbour City Mall – Christmas shopping and dining for everyone! http://hk.youtube.com/user/hkharbourcity

在聖誕節,最好的節目當然是到海港城參與適合任何年齡人士的星夢聖誕之旅,亦可以在購物商場搜羅給至愛親朋的聖誕禮物 – http://hk.youtube.com/user/hkharbourcity

CB Fresh @ Delay No Mall

October 16, 2008

A hilarious new tv program, presented by three hot, hetero, male asian-american hosts, exploring hong kong through sketch comedy and ridiculous stunts.


Delay No Mall’: a new lifestyle store by the founders of G.O.D

February 14, 2008

The award winning founders of Hong Kong based G.O.D, Benjamin Lau and Douglas Young have opened a new lifestyle mall in the heart of Causeway Bay. The store, covering two floors, carries close to 50 of the world’s coolest brands and also features a bar, a café, sleep pod installation, and a tattoo parlor. The ground floor opened on Thursday, 13 December and the first floor Saturday, 16 December. Shoppers can find ‘Delay No Mall’ at 68 Yee Wo Street, next to the Regal Hotel. http://www.so-u.tv/playVideo.php?id=458

G.O.D. Delay No Mall Tenants Party

January 26, 2008


The G.O.D. boys Douglas Young and Ben Lau did it again.

They turned Hong Kong upside down with the most outrageous party of the year. Bringing together a high energy group of hip hop ballers, fashionistas, the ultra chic underground, and of course, all the pretty boyz. Half naked models all around and if you felt like getting your own kit off a game of strip poker was wide open. 24 Herbs, the edgy cantonese hip hop band kept the crowd crazed while FINDS restaurant made sure endless cocktails flowed down the throats of the super fabs. Catch a glimpse of what you missed, or can’t remember, at www.SO-U.TV.

For more information on how you can be in the spotlight too contact www.Prosperity-Research.com.