PRDA Asia Updates Social Sites with Fresh Content Daily

July 9, 2015


Huffington Post, TMZ, and Business Insider represent the top three visited blogs on the internet and each blog has a drastically different niche than the other two. What do the world’s most popular blogs all have in common? For one, they all have fresh and engaging content added every day, which regular readers can count on for the information they need. PRDA Asia wants to give you the chance to execute the same strategy by writing new, original content for your social sites delivered at strategic times.

share_quality_contentUnder your watchful eye, PRDA Asia will increase traffic and your business’ visibility with our social media expertise. Each day, PRDA Asia will use your business goals to create a content strategy that we will then incorporate into that day’s content. Our comprehensive service will perform.


  • Personalized Research
  • Image Reformatting
  • Content Updates
  • Community Building
  • Copywriting
  • And more


In addition to our content writing, you will receive access to PRDA Asia’s full line of social media services. Our goal at PRDA Asia is to help you establish a brand that earns the trust of your clients and followers. One of the best ways to foster trust in the internet age is through engaging and informative activity on social media. PRDA Asia brings years of experience with some of the world’s most recognizable brands.


Make the most of your social media strategy by letting PRDA Asia establish your brand. We will consistently update any selected site with fresh content that grabs attention and convinces readers to return. Contact us online today and see what an improvement a daily update can make. The only way to get to the top is with a good strategy.


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Get a Report and Competitor Analysis with Valuable Key Metrics for Social Media from PRDA Asia

July 7, 2015


Is the best offense a good defense? Or is the best defense a good offense? The debate has raged for decades through sports, the military, and board games. No matter which side of the debate you fall on, PRDA Asia offers you the leading social media services in Asia so you can be sure that your strategy will have the best offense and the best defense.


To start, PRDA Asia will evaluate your social media strategy across all platforms, identifying strengths and weaknesses. Next, we will coordinate a social media “attack” guaranteed to attract new customers and keep them informed. PRDA Asia has over 10 years of business-specific social media success developing comprehensive plans to increase the visibility and value of our clients.


Defensively, the only way to stay up to date in social media is to pay close attention to the actions of your competitors. PRDA Asia not only evaluates your social media plan, we also evaluate your competitors plans to compare and contrast strategies. This ensures that PRDA Asia creates a unique brand for your business that highlights your goods and services better than your competitors. With PRDA Asia, your social media defense directly translates into offense. Take a look at the different management packages that we offer.


Measuring_SocialMediaAre you ready for the best news? The cost to start with a Facebook performance report from PRDA Asia is absolutely zero. That’s right, we will evaluate the effectiveness of your Facebook page and compare it to your competitor(s) Facebook page(s) at no cost. Our process uses proven techniques to calculate key metrics based on stats so progress can be evaluated and tracked over time. PRDA Asia’s key metrics include:


  • Percent Performance Calculation
  • Percent Growth
  • Community Engagement
  • Valuation of Worth


Famed strategists like Vince Lombardi and Mao Zedong may have disagreed over the relative worth of offensive and defensive strategies, but that is because they didn’t know about PRDA Asia. Give our experts a shout online, on Facebook or over the phone. We think outside the box with our social media services so that our clients don’t have to choose. PRDA Asia gives all clients the best on both sides of the social media ball, to guarantee victory.


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Start A Business in China with Primasia Hong Kong. Relieve Stress and Corporate Event at ISO Fit and Sideways Driving Club. Join the Hotel Royal Macau in Raising Environmental Awareness!

July 6, 2015


Join Hotel Royal Macau in Raising Environmental Awareness for a Greener Tomorrow!


Preserving resources can be as simple as remembering to turn off lights and electronics at home when not in use.  Simple energy saving measures like this help us create a greener city for the next generation!


In June 2015, Hotel Royal Macau participated in “Macau Energy Saving Week 2015” and continues to promote awareness this July by switching off the lights from 10pm – midnight every Tuesday. It is our hope this small reminder serves to remind us the importance of energy conservation.

Hotel Royal Macau is a luxurious hotel located in the heart of Macau. We are steps from the Colina da Guia; both the highest point in Macau at 94 meters above sea level and a legendary historic landmark that includes the Guia Fortress & Lighthouse.

Families enjoy the convenience of sightseeing Macau without the need for a vehicle. Business travelers love having our business district a short stroll from their room. Everyone enjoys our top-notch 5-star service and gorgeous, comfortable rooms that ensure a restful night’s slumber. You’ll find a haven of comfort and serenity with us; in one of Asia’s most exciting cities.


Primasia Hong Kong Has Been Helping Businesses Set Up in China for Decades


Primasia Corporate Services Limited Hong Kong has the experience, knowledge and relationships to help any business take root in China. You may be surprised by the vastly different business culture in China as compared to the western world. Our job is to mitigate that surprise and handle the difficult issues for you so that you can focus on your business. Learn more about our stellar and bilingual Primasia team by visiting the “About Us” page of our website.


Ambitious entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and consultants looking to set up shop in China should contact Primasia today. We have offices throughout China with satellite offices in Paris and Canada. Primasia’s ethical, efficient and bilingual staff around the world is ready to help you take your business to China.
11391350_10152853274765658_1889633155835785863_n.jpg-oh=d6a6d7333e5f66a2d591450833df7b33&oe=56269B0A&__gda__=1445543726_66b468e1c0a6f579a196caa29ae493b6You Can Hire or Buy Sideways Driving Club Simulators

Do you love Sideways Driving Club Hong Kong so much that you just want to have a private party at a venue of your choosing? If the answer is a resounding “yes”, than Sideways Driving Club Hong Kong has the solution for you. Sideways Driving Club Hong Kong will bring out their simulators to a party location of your choosing for you to enjoy with your group of friends and family as well as allowing you to book their location for a variety of different parties.

If you are looking for a unique option for a child’s birthday party, offering advanced F1 technologies at prices that are lower than regular karting location. Sideways Driving Club Hong Kong will fully manage the party from start to end. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 drivers if there are a minimum of 8 drivers, and the results can even be emailed upon request.

ISO Fit Hong Kong Accessories for a Balanced Body  


ISO Fit Hong Kong, established in 1998, is one of the leading choices in Hong Kong for people who are interested in learning Pilates. Through the years, ISO Fit Hong Kongwas able to offer state-of-the-art equipment and comprehensive classes that allow their members to achieve better balance and overall health. As a part of their commitment towards helping Pilates enthusiasts in their routines, they recently introduced two new accessories, which are called Reformer Rocker and Konnector Pulley System, each with the promise of being effective in delivering their respective goals. Because of these new additions to the studio at ISO Fit Hong Kong, you can discover new ways of improving balance and strengthening your body with the help of qualified instructors.



The Great War of Microblogging: Twitter vs Sina Weibo

February 23, 2013

With Sina Weibo launching an English platform to entice microbloggers to use its service, the battle ground is drawn. While both Twitter and Sina Weibo have their own merits, the decision to go for either or both is not an easy one.

PRDA Asia recommends that you evaluate both platforms with these findings.

With its engaging features such as Medal Reward System, Hall of Fame and rich media integration, Sina Weibo bodes well with entertainment and celebrity content. Twitter on the other hand stays true to its simplicity-is-king philosophy and is therefore an appropriate platform when it comes to business and professional content.

Though Sina Weibo is also available in English, a large majority of its users are in China and write in Chinese. Businesses wishing to enter China market will do well on this platform.

On the other hand, Twitter is largely a non-Chinese platform. Apart from its high usage rate in the English-speaking business world, increasingly more China companies reach out to English audience on Twitter.

It is also crucial to point out that, unlike Twitter whereby freedom of speech is upheld by-and-large, Sina Weibo accounts are regulated by the Chinese officials. Tales of government censorship and content control are rife. Twitter exists in a free yet mature market, while Sina Weibo exists in a less free, and growing market, so consider this when you decide to use Sina as a microblogging platform of choice.

Your choice between either platforms will depends on your target audience, business purposes and languages used.

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Sina Weibo Attracts International Businesses

April 3, 2012

Chinese Twitter-Facebook hybrid Sina Weibo has been gaining serious grounds since its launch in 2009. Most recently, Sina Weibo has surpassed 300 million users thanks to the support of International businesses.

Overseas companies are taking advantage of the extra marketing potential that Sina Weibo offers. With a predicted membership of 30% of internet users by 2013, Sina Weibo has some provides a larger customer base to companies that wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach them.

Most notably, US companies are using Sina Weibo to cater to more Chinese customers. Out of 1060 overseas enterprise accounts on Sina Weibo, the US accounts for 208, while Japan is not far behind with 178. Sina Weibo claims that 143 of these overseas enterprise accounts are Fortune 500 companies.

Sina Weibo is beginning to diversify its product by developing platforms for Android, Blackberry OS, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, Symbian S60, and iOS. There is also a Weibo Desktop client made to work with Microsoft Windows.

Sina Weibo is available in both traditional and simplified Chinese, as well as versions that are directed towards users in Taiwan and Hong Kong. They are currently in the process of developing an international version in an effort to further link companies and customers across seas.

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Are you an Internet star? In China, you have 30 percent more influence than a TV star!

July 28, 2011

Yes, you read that right. If you’re an Internet star (or if you have plans of becoming one pretty soon!), then chances are you have 30 percent more influence than a TV star in China! This is because in China, Internet is 30 percent more influential than TV. That means that if you’re an Internet hit, you’re far more influential and more popular than your regular TV star. Now for web junkies and people who simply want to have an easier, faster (and not to mention cheaper) way of gaining attention, this is definitely welcome news.

For the traditional media people, however, this poses a big challenge for them. How should traditional media outlets such as newspapers, magazines and television (both cable and free TV) now compete with the seemingly fast rising, unending demand for the Internet?

Most of the large media corporations have already started adopting social media techniques to keep the tech-savvy younger generation within its fold. Some of these traditional media outlets have started establishing their online media presence – from Facebook to Twitter to Sina Weibo to Plurk and now to Google Plus. Their websites are no longer just “corporate” and formal looking. Their websites are now more interactive. Their websites now have good content that can easily be shared by their followers and by their followers’ followers. The key now is to offer viral content. They know that if they don’t do this, they will quickly lose the loyalty and attention of a lot of the formerly traditional media-dependent public.

Things are changing and given the latest reports that indicate that the purchase influence of CCTV is 30 percent lower than that of the Internet, expect the traditional media industry to have a different face sooner than expected. For now, the public can bask in sheer excitement over the fact that, yes, even ordinary people can be more influential than TV, thanks to the wonder of the world wide web.

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No, Sina Weibo is not a Twitter wannabe

July 26, 2011

Do you think Sina Weibo, one of China’s popular social networking websites, nay, actually one of China’s popular websites – period -, is just another Twitter clone or Twitter wannabe? Think again! The truth of the matter is – Sina Weibo has a different “purpose” and “use” for most of its Chinese users. How different? Let us count the ways.

First off, according to a study led by HP Labs, Sina Weibo is more useful for its users in terms of entertainment – meaning its users like sharing jokes, videos and funny images. Twitter, on the other hand, is more for news – meaning factual, serious, formal stuff. Case in point: Remember that tweet sent via Sina Weibo whereby the user shared photos of him “wrapping” his shoes with the use of a condom in order to fight rain and road puddles? Nothing CNN-ish there but it was a hit in the Sina Weibo world.

Secondly, and this has something to do with the earlier example, Sina Weibo creates fame unlike Twitter which enhances “pre-existing” fame. Now if you’re Lady Gaga or Beyonce or Britney Spears, you can use Twitter to amp up your fame and interact with your fans. On the other hand, if you’re that guy who wrapped his shoes with a condom and just want your 15 minute spotlight and share something light and funny with others, then Sina Weibo is the better option.

Thirdly, according to the HP Labs study, retweets are “several orders of magnitude greater” on Sina Weibo. This means that people on Twitter have this penchant of sharing their own thoughts, news, images and videos more than sharing others’. In this regard, people on Sina Weibo can be considered “more socially friendly” since they do not really mind sharing another person’s thoughts and what-nots. We’re guessing that this could also mean that unless you’re really influential and really popular, it would take a whole lot more effort for people to retweet you on Twitter!

Given these 3 points, one can truly spot the differences between Sina Weibo and Twitter. So, no, Sina Weibo is not Twitter and is not certainly a Twitter wannabe. We think it will still have its own distinct charm and that will be the very reason why it will continue to flourish.

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Want to sign up for location based service? The Chinese always have the better option

July 20, 2011

Leave it to the Chinese to make things fancier, funner, more interactive and, well, better. While location based services are all the rage these days (think Foursquare where people childishly compete over mayorships and badges), Chinese start-up Douban has decided it’s about time that they join the bandwagon and basically offer more. Forget about badges for checking in while in an airport somewhere or for being on a ship or for partying with friends until 3 in the morning.’s DuiJiao allows users to check-in to venues across China, and share their activity amongst anyone they choose to follow. DuiJiao is the latest addition to features which now range from movie and book reviews, user blogs and brand mini sites to its original music streaming.

So here’s the lowdown – DuiJiao has all the features of a “standard” location based service but what makes it really better is the fact that it provides the platform for people to share their expertise, tips and reviews about a certain venue or service and people can also ask! Moreover, DuiJiao can also let the users “follow” venues as well as individuals. This means that DuiJiao has infused the power of Twitter and microblogging within their location based service. This is a plus point for owners of a certain business since he or she can follow what the customers want, ask for, discuss about and even criticize. It’s instant feedback that they can “follow” or monitor using any Internet ready gadget or mobile/smart phone. Instant feedback straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

Currently, Sina Weibo microblogging service users can log-in and use all the features by connecting with their Weibo account, for a single sign-in solution.

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Social media as a social business

July 19, 2011

If someone probably told you some 5 years ago that social media can also be a social business, your most likely response would be, “what is social media?” It probably would have been preposterous that media can be made “social.” But ah, technology and science have a funny way of turning things around and shaking things up a bit. Today, social media already occupies a big chunk of our everyday lives. Social media is now a social business and, yes, digital agencies such as Prosperity Research Digital Agency or PRDA have even already embraced this business model.

First things first. Social media as a business model is made possible through the integration of business intelligence, with social media expertise and business process effectiveness. This results in low risk and high return. These results can be enjoyed by businesses looking to leverage social media in a positive manner for consumers.

One great scenario for this is a small enterprise that is slowly using the power of social media and social networking websites. The enterprise may be using Facebook, Google+, Twitter, message boards, blogs, Sina Weibo and other social media tools. On the surface, the results are there — better, faster interaction with target audience or existing customers, wider exposure for the brand, better search engine optimization efforts and more. However, what owners of these small enterprises may fail to understand is that the more they “listen” to their customers (through these social media networks), the more likely they can use these “eavesdropped” messages and convert them into organization-wide business intelligence. They can convert these pieces of information into helpful data which can also enable them to predict and plan for the future. It’s like having your very own CIA facility! Seriously, it helps to not only be socially active but also socially wise.

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The social media scene in Asia

July 8, 2011

If you own a business that aims to attract more Asian customers or if you have a blog that wants to target readers from Asia or if you’re engaged in something that basically wants to make a name in Asia, then you might want to read on. This is but a brief but pretty helpful insight on the social media scene in Asia.

According to recent reports based on behavioral data, Asians now heavily use social media (i.e. social networking websites and other social media tools). Apparently, social media is now a big part of a lot of Asians’ lives and for good reason. Social media is a very easy tool to use and if you’re keen on watching your budget, then this is one powerful and cost-efficient measure that you might want to incorporate within your business. Just in case you still do not know, the use of social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, Sina Weibo (very popular social networking website especially among the Chinese) and even Foursquare and Google Places have grown in meteoric numbers over recent years that if you’re still not a part of all the hoopla, expect to be considered an “outsider.”

Reportedly, social network activity in Asia is very, very strong. Countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines have tremendous numbers of users involved in social networking sites. In fact, each of the said countries has more than 10 million active social network users – quite a staggering number, if you really think about it. In Singapore, roughly 2 million out of its 5 million population is already active in social networks. Interestingly, 40 percent of that number is active on Facebook.

Given these, one can deduce that Asians are very fond not only of social networking sites but of sharing information with people they know. And that should be a challenge that webmasters, entrepreneurs and bloggers should consider…how to be a part of all the hoopla and lure in target readers/customers/audience.

So…do YOU have a plan?

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