Social Media Monitoring: Listening to People

June 20, 2013

In this day and age, every customer counts. Social media allows brands to focus on each individual client without hiring much expertise and finances. A survey suggests 90% clients choose brands which are easy to communicate with. Small businesses especially have been able to bridge the communication gap between brand and customer engagement. Hence brands need to formulate a strategy, based on increased customer engagement and valuing every opinion.

The principles of this strategy are to be based on the fact that social media engagement is a full-time job, allowing brands to remain updated with changing trends at home and abroad. This principle can be further marginalized by steps such as identifying target markets and knowing brand niche; Influencer, Competitor or Business Intelligence.

Once the principles have been established, then a plan of action can be formulated. Twitter, the most common social network used by brands and customers alike, can be used to tabulate customer lists and other competitive brands in the market. Frequent customers can be tagged in promotional offers and product launch events. Brands can also “befriend” customers who frequently check-in at the location. The tactic behind all these steps is to involve the maximum number of customers, listen to what they have to say on market trends and competitor products and negate any negative sentiment.



JamiQ inculcates all social media engagement solutions for businesses. JamiQ’s expert team monitors and analyzes data, in any language of the world, while also providing access to influencers and application developers. With its core technology, JamiQ provides brands with packages and solutions dealing with all aspects of social media engagement, necessary for brand promotions.

Contact JamiQ and get further details on social media solutions for your brand.

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It’s A Wrap! Using Video To Connect With Your Audience

March 3, 2013

Using video content to market your business may seem a little daunting, but it is certainly a more engaging and popular medium compared to text and images alone. As popularity of video sites such as YouTube and Vimeo continue to soar, let’s look at some considerations in using video to propel your business towards success.

Video is much more than just filming yourself. Consider many of the options available: clever combination of text and voice over, screen captures to make a product tutorial, slideshows of images with music. For video content, your imagination is the limit!

The ways you approach a video is dependent on your target audience, so first you must be armed with a game plan:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is your budget?
  • What is the message you want to convey?
  • What call-to-action do you want them to take at the end of the video?

Video experts can help you produce high quality videos suitable for commercial purposes. On the other hand, just a personal device like iPhone will be sufficient for a younger audience on social platforms.

Once you have your video, upload it to sites like YouTube or Vimeo. Make sure your videos are accompanied with suitable keyword-rich titles, descriptions, and tags so that users can easily search for your videos. YouTube also offers advanced options such as embedding links and providing subtitles onto your video to make it even more easily accessible.

Finally, remember to share your videos on your website, Facebook, and other social media platforms. With videos, you have the option to embed them directly onto your sites so that users can play the video and engage directly with it without leaving the webpage.

And the best way to get started? Just start filming!

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Instagram: A Snapshot For Business Success

February 27, 2013

Instagram, the photo editing and sharing app for mobile and tablet has reached stardom. Bought by Facebook for a staggering US$1 billion, it was a solid testament from the social media giant on the future of instant photo sharing.

Putting the power of photography back into the hands of everyday users like you and me, the lure of Instagram is its easy way to capture and create beautiful shots for instant sharing onto multiple social platforms. The powerful connection forged between users on Instagram is not to be underestimated; some 80 million are now snapping and sharing away with a passion never seen before.

How can your business leverage the power of Instagram?

First, connect your Instagram account to your existing social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Flickr. The Instagram app is designed to make sharing to multiple platforms a snap so when you take a shot, everyone within your social circle can see, like, and comment instantly.

Second, use hashtag, but sparingly. Clever use of hashtags make it easy for your photos to find new admirers and it is also a creative way to convey a message to your users.

Third, use photos to tell a brand story. Instagram is renowned for its simplicity – take a photo, apply a filter, and upload. Take it a step further to promote your brand on the platform. Product launches, event exclusives, and daily shots are all great material for Instagram.

Fourth, get your fans snapping. Instagram makes it easy for you to get your fans to create content for you. For example, you can ask you fans to snap photos based on a particular theme, and hashtag it. Creating a buzz online has never been so easy, or so engaging.

How are you using Instagram for your business?

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Using Pinterest To Pin Your Business To The Leaderboard

February 21, 2013

In the age of oversharing, engaging your users using visuals (instead of text) seems to be the new trick on the social network block. The beauty of carefully curated photos and the love for liking, sharing, and commenting seem to be a match made in heaven, and Pinterest is one of the best platforms available at the moment.

You will do well to enlist Pinterest in your social media network; here’s five tips to get you ahead of the pack:

#1 Confirm that images do, in fact, represent your business

As a visual platform, Pinterest can only work its magic if your business and images go hand-in-hand together. It is a no brainer for fashion stores, restaurants, travel operators and beauticians to hop onto the bandwagon, but can it work for a financial institution? Make sure you you can utilise Pinterest’s platform for your specific business.

#2 Keep it nice, keep it clean

The layout of Pinterest is incredibly clean and pleasing to the eye. Pin your images with care, and be selective. Organise them into appropriate themed boards so that your users can enjoy your content most easily and most efficiently.

#3 Share the love

As a business, it is natural to promote your own content, and yours exclusively. However, the key to success on Pinterest is the value of the community. Be sure to balance your Pinterest with self-promotion and sharing other pinboards and images related to your business for success.

#4 Make your content shareable

This may seem obvious, but you may be surprised by how many businesses that forget to make their content shareable. Images on your website should be made instantly pin-able to Pinterest using the available plugin. Make it easy for your users to show you some pinning love.

#5 Get inspired… by your competitors

The idea is not to steal, but to learn. Browse around pins and boards of other similar businesses, and learn why some are more successful than others. This could serve as a great jumpstart to your Pinterest effort.

Everyone loves a good visual, so start pinning today.

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Want to sign up for location based service? The Chinese always have the better option

July 20, 2011

Leave it to the Chinese to make things fancier, funner, more interactive and, well, better. While location based services are all the rage these days (think Foursquare where people childishly compete over mayorships and badges), Chinese start-up Douban has decided it’s about time that they join the bandwagon and basically offer more. Forget about badges for checking in while in an airport somewhere or for being on a ship or for partying with friends until 3 in the morning.’s DuiJiao allows users to check-in to venues across China, and share their activity amongst anyone they choose to follow. DuiJiao is the latest addition to features which now range from movie and book reviews, user blogs and brand mini sites to its original music streaming.

So here’s the lowdown – DuiJiao has all the features of a “standard” location based service but what makes it really better is the fact that it provides the platform for people to share their expertise, tips and reviews about a certain venue or service and people can also ask! Moreover, DuiJiao can also let the users “follow” venues as well as individuals. This means that DuiJiao has infused the power of Twitter and microblogging within their location based service. This is a plus point for owners of a certain business since he or she can follow what the customers want, ask for, discuss about and even criticize. It’s instant feedback that they can “follow” or monitor using any Internet ready gadget or mobile/smart phone. Instant feedback straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

Currently, Sina Weibo microblogging service users can log-in and use all the features by connecting with their Weibo account, for a single sign-in solution.

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Look who’s loving the social media scene so much these days!

July 11, 2011

Well, look who’s loving the social media scene so much these days — no other than the “oldies” a.k.a. those whom you probably once thought are mere seniors and are not interested in Facebook, Plurk, Twitter, Foursquare, Google Plus and other social networking tools and websites. Think again!

Don’t look now but these seniors now are even doing research on brands because of a pre-existing affinity for them. These seniors, according to recent surveys and studies, even want to be kept informed of the brands that they like or have affinity for. And this poses as a challenge to entrepreneurs who want to target these seniors…who, by the way, have money to spare! For wise businessmen, they’d most probably want to target seniors more than the younger ones since the former have the buying power. Still, this does not discount the fact that the younger generation also needs to be kept interested.

Which brings us to yet another challenge for those out there who want to target both the younger and the older demographics – are you ready for all of these? What tools, strategies and plans have you employed so far in order to attract the attention of these markets?

Let’s quickly look at the statistics. As of September 2010, Wedbush Securities-led research shows that only 1 out of 4 of Facebook’s oldest users had “liked” a brand. However, things changed by November 2010. Those with ages more than 55 have begun to close the gap and by April 2011, nearly half have started connecting with brands. Statistics say that 59 percent adult Facebook users have liked a brand and this is even 47 percent up the previous September. Now is this exciting or what? Remember, this seemingly fresh market has the buying power. You wouldn’t want to NOT get their attention!

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The social media scene in Asia

July 8, 2011

If you own a business that aims to attract more Asian customers or if you have a blog that wants to target readers from Asia or if you’re engaged in something that basically wants to make a name in Asia, then you might want to read on. This is but a brief but pretty helpful insight on the social media scene in Asia.

According to recent reports based on behavioral data, Asians now heavily use social media (i.e. social networking websites and other social media tools). Apparently, social media is now a big part of a lot of Asians’ lives and for good reason. Social media is a very easy tool to use and if you’re keen on watching your budget, then this is one powerful and cost-efficient measure that you might want to incorporate within your business. Just in case you still do not know, the use of social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, Sina Weibo (very popular social networking website especially among the Chinese) and even Foursquare and Google Places have grown in meteoric numbers over recent years that if you’re still not a part of all the hoopla, expect to be considered an “outsider.”

Reportedly, social network activity in Asia is very, very strong. Countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines have tremendous numbers of users involved in social networking sites. In fact, each of the said countries has more than 10 million active social network users – quite a staggering number, if you really think about it. In Singapore, roughly 2 million out of its 5 million population is already active in social networks. Interestingly, 40 percent of that number is active on Facebook.

Given these, one can deduce that Asians are very fond not only of social networking sites but of sharing information with people they know. And that should be a challenge that webmasters, entrepreneurs and bloggers should consider…how to be a part of all the hoopla and lure in target readers/customers/audience.

So…do YOU have a plan?

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Consumers lead and business follows

April 16, 2009

Business is migrating to digital strategies at an amazing rate. This territory once only for friends and family is becoming the new hot bed for businesses to stretch their ad budget and reach their illusive consumers. Find out more.

Social Media Case Study: Lamma Dragon Boat Race

April 16, 2009

Prosperity Research created a series of action videos highlighting the Lamma 500 dragon boat race. These were seed in social network spaces to engage fans. The results were high view rates, increased sponsor’s brand visibility and strong promotion platform for next years race. YouTube top video. Over 250,000 video views across all channels.

Prosperity Research: The Power of Social Media Marketing

January 7, 2009 Dazed and confused about social media choices? This quick and informative video explains the basic process of internet and word of mouth marketing.