Power of Social Trust: Taking Advice

June 7, 2013

Humans can only do so much without friends. They define your personality, reflect your life choices and moral values. With social media redefining friendships, users have expanded their dimensions of placing trust. Not only a friend, but also a blogger, a celebrity or any stranger can be trusted. If their review proves credible, they automatically gain our trust.

Research shows 33% of people admitted to asking for opinions from friends frequently. A surprising 68% were found to inquire more about the services offered by a brand rather than its products. Many people actually did not pay heed to expert opinion, and 85% of the participants preferred to trust a close friend over a professional.

The popular categories people look for friends’ opinion include electric and household appliances (34%), health and beauty (31%), while medical care and footwear had a less than 10% priority among participants. 41% admitted that their chances of buying a product online increased if it was reviews by a close friend or family member. A mere 16% preferred to seek advice on Facebook, while 38% opted for face to face interaction.

These statistics show that consumers are almost always on the lookout for advice, be it shopping or health matters. JamiQ provides social media solutions aimed at gaining the confidence of mass consumers; advising brands on how to treat their clients as family. By sharing reviews, asking for opinions on services, promotional offers and collecting the relevant data, JamiQ ensures unwavering loyalty not only of its clients but also their customers. Data analysis and necessary measures aimed at increasing social engagement of brands is an integral part of JamiQ solutions. Contact JamiQ and find out more on how you can work for a better world with the power of social media.

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PRDA Helps You Reach Consumers With SoLoMo

January 21, 2013

Marketers are always looking for new ways to reach more consumers within their target audience. With an increase in mobile use and social media, marketing strategies are evolving. SoLoMo, a new marketing strategy, has proven to be very successful in today’s electronic world and PRDA has taken note.

SoLoMo combines three things that today’s consumers rely on when searching for products and services: SOcial media, LOcal information, and MObile usage. Mobile devices utilize users’ locations to deliver relevant information online and through social media. This technology can be taken advantage of to reach consumers in your target market.

China has surpassed the US as the world’s top smartphone market. There are over 1 billion mobile subscribers, with over 400 million consumers taking advantage of mobile web. China is also home to the world’s largest e-commerce market with an expected worth of 2 trillion yuan by 2015. Mobile usage, e-commerce, and social media usage have all increased significantly every quarter.

How can your business capitalize on this new trend in China? Use social media tools to drive traffic to your product.

Creating business pages on the best and most used social networks will give your company more visibility and will allow you to build trust in your brand. This also allows you to introduce offers locally to your target consumers. Mobile users spend most of their time on social media, so don’t miss out.

Be sure to include localization in your web pages and online stores. This localization will be useful when mobile users search for a specific product online. Optimize your website for mobile usage and consider developing an app for your consumers to use. Mobile users are people of action, so be sure to include all your information: phone number, location, hours, and special offers.

For more advice on how to maximize your social media experience, visit PRDA online.

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How Business is Adapting to a Design Driven World

June 18, 2012

Business is changing, and PRDA can help you build bridges between information and graphic design. The economy is no longer driven by information alone, but relies heavily on graphic design now as well. Simply put- businesses with well designed materials make more money. Design is constantly changing and updating, so keeping up with what consumers want is a full time job. This is where PRDA comes in.

Design is everywhere. With social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter growing exponentially, it is crucial to have an online presence. Having a well designed brand is only the beginning. Every business, especially small business, must carry their brand across a wide range of platforms. You can hand out business cards on the street all day and still only reach a small fraction of the business that social media will bring in. The internet and social networking target your specific audience, and then reel them in with aesthetics. Graphic design may seem like art, but in reality it is extremely deliberate and strategic. Business everywhere is changing to accommodate the consumers’ appetites for instant access. The only way to be successful is to join PRDA on the social media bandwagon.

The business world isn’t the only thing that’s changing. Graphic design professionals can no longer hide behind a computer screen playing with the pen tool. Design skills and business skills are converging. Without the ability to manage both, designers will soon find themselves out of work. Find out more about how design is changing in our next blog post!

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How PRDA is Helping Business with Facebook Apps

June 11, 2012

PRDA, your total social media provider, is helping increase business with the use of apps for Facebook Pages. These are an extension of the Facebook platform where you can install third-party applications (apps) to increase interactivity. Four are always displayed under your cover image, and you can utilize up to 14 custom apps total.

Get the most out of your social media presence by using apps to link all your social media profiles together. You can link your Facebook to Twitter,  YouTube, LinkedIn, and many others. You can also link your blog to Facebook with the RSS app so fans can view the feeds in the same window. There are apps that load a functioning storefront on your Facebook page, allowing fans to buy your products without having to leave Facebook. You can also load offers and promotions, further enticing the client to buy your product/service. There are apps for polling, discussion boards, checking-in, and even apps that allow you to share presentations. If you want it on your timeline… there’s an app for that!

Carry your branding to the apps section to help users remember and recognize you in the future. Replacing basic app photos with custom thumbnails is important because apps have a prime real estate spot right under the cover photo, to the right of your profile photo. You can replace any app thumbnail with a custom photo as long as it is 111 x 74 pixels. You can also reorder the placement of these thumbnails. Put the important ones first to ensure they are seen.

Facebook users are always looking to interact. Draw potential customers into your page and ensure that your fans become repeat customers with the help of PRDA and Facebook apps.

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Offers for Facebook Timeline Can Help Increase PRDA Client Sales

May 13, 2012

Social Media Provider PRDA is always up to date on new tools to help clients increase sales and fan growth. Just last week, Facebook added a new tool for business pages called “Offers.” Facebook Offers is located on the main timeline page for your business, right where you post your status. Just click on the plus where it says “Offer, Event +” and add a deal for your customers!

Facebook is making big headway when it comes to supporting business big and small. With Facebook Offers, you can provide your customers discounts and deals without the hassle of clipping coupons, and in a way that they will understand in a technologically advanced world. PRDA will be offering this service to their clients as soon as Facebook makes it available for every single business page; however, for now it is still in beta, which means a limited number of pages have access to it.

So how will PRDA make the most of Facebook Offers? By including strong headers, we’ll attract clients to view your offer. We will supplement our headlines with bold photos that work well as thumbnails because they will be displayed small. Most importantly, each offer will be unique to the business and product. PRDA knows their clients well, and we’ll be sure to design offers specifically for your target audience.

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PRDA Adds Pinterest and Viddy to List of Recommended SNS for Clients

April 11, 2012

Social media provider PRDA has begun to recommend two new social networking services, Pinterest and Viddy, to their clients. These new SNS have begun to revolutionize the already constantly changing social media platform, and mold together perfectly with PRDA client needs.

Pinterest takes the concept bookmarking websites and revitalizes it with the use of images and videos, now called “pinning.” These pins are much easier to use, lessen the clutter on users’ browsers, and allow for the sharing of websites through the use of easy to view pictures. These pins can be categorized by subject matter and can be shared with those who follow you, or with complete strangers browsing the site for the first time. This simplicity and user-friendly functionality makes Pinterest a perfect match for clients who wish to not only garner more views on their websites, but also want to become a better known name in their areas of expertise. Pinterest is currently available as an app in iTunes, as a mobile browsing site, and as a web-browsing application that can easily be added to a user’s toolbar. An Android app is in development.

Viddy has most recently become known as “the Instagram of video.” This easy to use app allows users to capture a video, instantly edit it with music and video, then share them on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. While Instagram has become increasingly popular and has aided in providing the importance of images in social media, Viddy goes a step further with the addition of motion and sound. This service is great for clients who wish to capture real life moments and share them with consumers and is great for adding even more personality to a virtual presence. Viddy is currently available as an app in iTunes and to view on their website. An Android version is set to release later this year.

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