Getting Ready for the Holiday with your Designer Dress, Perfect Place for Kids Parties and lavish Christmas Dinners All Waiting for You

November 22, 2014


1920167_10152740919796335_4631905683010298825_n.jpg-oh=8a7ca181d9ab4c49e1aeac085e7f6ecb&oe=54E275AEAurza Gives The Power To Create Your Own Clothes

Yes, that’s right. The power to create your very own clothes – dress or top and skirt – just the way you want them is now made available. Aurza, an innovative website that promises a fast, easy and ultra convenient way for you to be an instant designer. All you have to do is choose your silhouette, your preferred color and styling with just a few clicks of a button and voila! You get a look that is uniquely your own. Perfect fit, cut and size that you yourself choose. To get you started, why don’t you check out our website and like us in Facebook.




IMG_8551-2Organize A Pizza Party Like No Other At Sideways Driving Club Hong Kong

Kids love pizza. Kids love to party! So what better way to mix the two than to organize a fun kids pizza party at Sideways Driving Club Hong Kong? At Sideways Driving Club Hong Kong, parties are well-organized to keep them seamless, hassle-free and just full of amazing thrill. Let the kids drive virtually and enjoy F1 driving technology at less than karting prices. There are also prizes at stake for the top 3 kiddie drivers! Know more about this great party service, visit our website now and like our Facebook Page.



1383380_482407098566239_7219359051398115037_n.jpg-oh=08f8347f7ff6e6ff0cd96de1c4d592ce&oe=54D32FEFThe Globe Hong Kong Pride: A Constantly Changing Menu

You know what’s better than a fantastic menu that offers delicious dishes? A fantastic menu that consistently gets changed! This means that there’s always something exciting to look forward to whenever you visit. An ever-changing range of food choices is what The Globe Hong Kong promises. Let Chef Patrick Barrett dazzle your taste buds with delectable dishes of fantastic quality and superb value. Try the set lunches (that change weekly) for starters. For more information about The Globe, visit our website now.




s_May_001_DCwDP_Bday_wCome And Celebrate “You” With Edible Arrangements®  Hong Kong Birthday Treats

Happy Birthday! You actually don’t need other people to celebrate and honor you on your very special day. You can do that on your own, by yourself and so quickly! Just check out these super special birthday bouquets available at Edible Arrangements® Hong Kong. There are even edible bouquets that have edible pops, mixed toppings and sweet chocolate covered Love Pandas! Have your delectable treats delivered right at your doorstep. Honor your achievements with your very own fruit bouquet. Click here now.



Matt Solomon Rocks His New Axcel Sports Suit, Thanks Sideways Driving Club!

February 11, 2014

Hong Kong’s teenage driver Matthew Solomon has been working hard, training and practicing for the progression to Single seat race cars. He has been impressive throughout testing and continues to focus on developing his mental and physical fitness to dominate the single seat racing in the Formula Master China Series. Matt is quickly earning his place among Formula One fans, but he knows he couldn’t do it without the support of his partners. He is proud and happy to be associated with the fabulous group of partners, such as Sideways Driving Club, that he states give him the moral, technical and financial support he needs to compete at an International level.


Matt recently showed his thanks to Sideways Driving Club on his personal Facebook page for his Formula Masters China Series custom Axcel Sports suit. Axcel Sports is a North American manufacturer of motorsport and extreme sports protective race wear and accessories that are raced around the world! With the support of Sideways and Axcel Sports, Matt is ready to race the Formula Masters China Series! Come into Sideways Shop for more all your racing gear!

Of course, hooking him up with a suit isn’t the only reason Matt loves Sideways Driving Club! Setup in 2004, Sideways is the heart of Hong Kong’s racing culture. With 15 networked simulators, Sideways is a virtual racing centre that puts anyone in the driver’s seat! Heavy duty gear shifters, realistic steering system & brake pedal, this is just like being in a real race car. Come to Sideways to experience what Matt Solomon experiences on the tracks! We are located opposite the Centrium (1 minute walk), 5 minutes from Lan Kwai Fong and 3 minutes from Soho. Parking is available at The Centrium or the Universal Trade Centre. What are you waiting for?

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Get Your Race On In Less Than 5 Minutes!

January 11, 2014

Do you have a need for speed? Then come into Sideways Driving Club! We’re just a 3 minute walk from SOHO, so you can save all your energy racing with your friends! At Sideways, Formula One fans have an outlet to express their childhood dreams of race car driving, and without breaking the law! Simulated driving provides a safe, legal, and affordable way to experience the glamorous world of racing. Sideways Driving Club is for anyone who loves to experience the real thing.

Come into Sideways to experience the rush of Formula One racing!  Sideways hosts Formula One races every F1 race weekend. Sideways also has racing leagues, perfect for guys, or girls, night out! Our simulators provide hours of fun for all genders and ages. A variety of tracks provides many options for those at different skill levels. Race a different track each time! Drive multiple races all in one evening. When you’re ready to show off your skills, participate in Sideways Track of the Month. Race the clock to get the fastest time on a different track each month, as we find the 12 fastest drivers in Hong Kong! Everyone is welcome at Sideways, so come in today! We’re just 5 minutes from Lan Kwai Fong and 3 minutes from SOHO!

Sideways is the perfect place to have beers after work! You don’t have to worry about drinking and driving at Sideways! We even have a delicious gourmet menu so you can stay for dinner! We’re conveniently located to make it easy to get your race on! We are located opposite the Centrium (1 minute walk), 5 minutes from Lan Kwai Fong and 3 minutes from Soho. Parking is available at The Centrium or the Universal Trade Centre. What are you waiting for?

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