Yes, you too can be a video star!

November 8, 2011

With the advent of the digital era, more and more people now want to maximize the power of technology, the Internet and related resources in order to promote their clients, their businesses, their skills or even themselves! Not a surprise, actually, considering that a lot of people have experienced fame and even fortune just because they posted a blog entry somewhere, posted a really nice photo or come up with a video that has all the makings of a viral hit.

Just take the case of this video by Peter Rixham, a self-confessed medieval history specialist who also happens to love cooking and food. In the video, which can be accessed at, Peter shared his love and passion for medieval history. He talked about exactly why he loved it and what fascinated him about it. He even went around asking people about certain medieval characters and other interesting trivia. As a result, people saw how much of an expert he was and how much he just loved the topic. That helped concretize Peter’s expertise, not to mention fervent passion, over medieval history. He has, in many aspects, turned into a video star!

Peter’s video is a clear indication that not only is it easy and advisable to share your talents, skills and knowledge about a certain issue through the power of the Internet, it is also a great and fun way to interact with others and be a video star in your own right. Everyone can be a video star – all it takes is a cam, an Internet connection, your knowledge and a smile!

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January 26, 2011

(Social Media, Hong Kong) 上一次介紹過跟facebook功能相近的社交網站-Orkut 後,我便經常搜尋,看看有沒其他好用或有趣的社交網站。原來世界各地有著比我想像還要多的社交網站!有些有趣,有些無聊,也有特別主題的。我選了2個跟大家分享~

Line for (直釋:線天堂): 是個有趣的社區,這網站是「歡迎任何想要上天堂的人」加入。哈~放心!不是教唆別人輕生的網頁,只是有點宗教味道而已。Line for Heaven目標是「提供一個有趣、輕鬆、非敵對的環境,以促進宗教共融」。感覺在這裡比其他社區和平一點。
有趣設定:Line for Heaven用戶每參與活動及互動時會得到一些分數,叫「業力」。每星期「業力」最多的用戶便會得到「天使」稱號。

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Twitter: Are we smarter or dumber?

May 25, 2009

As the world flies by at an ever increasing pace is our diminishing attention span an indication we are getting dumber. I don’t think so. It is a sign of great ability.

Lamma 500 2009 Dragon Boat Festival Highlights

May 13, 2009

Lamma 500 2009 Dragon Boat Festival

Lamma Dragon Boat Race, The toughest race on the calendar 40 Men’s, Women’s and Mixed teams compete over the full international 500-metre length course in the “Lamma 500” held at the scenic Tai Wan To Beach, Lamma Island, Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Lamma “500” Dragon Boat Race

May 6, 2009

Hong Kong Lamma 500  Dragon Boat Race

Come join families and sports fanatics alike at Hong Kong’s Lama 500 dragon boat race this Sunday, May 10th at Tai Wan To Beach. Free beach party and music following the race and awards ceremony. Drinks and food will be provided.

Social Media Case Study: Lamma Dragon Boat Race

April 16, 2009

Prosperity Research created a series of action videos highlighting the Lamma 500 dragon boat race. These were seed in social network spaces to engage fans. The results were high view rates, increased sponsor’s brand visibility and strong promotion platform for next years race. YouTube top video. Over 250,000 video views across all channels.

Marketing Minute: Business and Social Media from Prosperity Research

February 20, 2009 – Business needs Social Media. Douglas White illustrates the value of consumers flocking to and talking online. By listening to consumers and contributing value to the conversations, companies can both promote and protect their brand. The next episode will be about taking your brand online. – 網上社交平台是各行各業所需的推廣平台.Douglas White 將會講解一群消費者在網上聚集及交談所存在價值. 透過聆聽及參與交談,可以推廣及保障品牌. 下一輯將會講解關於如何將品牌放到網上. – 网上社交平台是各行各业所需的推广平台.Douglas White 将会讲解一群消费者在网上聚集及交谈所存在价值. 透过聆听及参与交谈,可以推广及保障品牌. 下一辑将会讲解关於如何将品牌放到网上.

Prosperity Research Marketing Minute: What is Social Media Marketing?

February 18, 2009 Douglas White explains in easy to understand terms what Social Media Marketing is. Business engaging consumers with video, blogs, forums and other channels. The next episode is on the compelling reasons business should be in social media spaces. Douglas White 簡單地解釋什麼是網絡社群行銷.這是利用影片, 博客, 討論區等的途徑來進行推廣. 下一集將會講解為何要在網絡社群中進行推廣行銷. Douglas White 简单地解释什麽是网络社群行销.这是利用影片, 博客, 讨论区等的途径来进行推广. 下一集将会讲解为何要在网络社群中进行推广行销.

SOUTV Hotspot’s: Duo Restaurant. The Mediterranean’s finest comes to Hong Kong

January 20, 2009 – Combining a cozy ambience with excellent food and wine, Duo restaurant on 118 Hollywood Road is fast becoming a regular haunt to unwind after work or weekends.Modern, relaxing decor and an extensive wine list complete this fine dining experience. Duo offers an excellent set lunch and the perfect brunch.
Call (852) 2547 0000 to make a reservation. – 舒適的進餐加上美酒佳餚,這是最適合用作形容位於荷里活道118號的Duo 餐廳.它開業至今已廣受注目.中東及歐洲的菜式配而精緻的裝修,絕對是進餐的最佳環境.Duo 提供精心挑選的午餐及brunch.
訂座電話(852) 2547 0000.

Prosperity Research: The Power of Social Media Marketing

January 7, 2009 Dazed and confused about social media choices? This quick and informative video explains the basic process of internet and word of mouth marketing.