Do you have a BIG day coming up? Get a custom designed dress from Aurza or a hand painted wedding dress from Hitched and for the perfect hair look to Paul Gerrard and ERA Barbers.

March 9, 2015


11043005_462684673883444_4789714249124678333_n.jpg-oh=377d70a5c166c5b5dd58848800c451d6&oe=557ABE98&__gda__=1435339135_79eb77030ab899b19883638b27cb78b0Join Aurza and Look Fabulous in Purple March 12th


Join AURZA for a good time and a good cause at the “Paint the Town Purple, In Style” event! This event is in honor of Epilepsy Awareness Month at The Feel Good Factor, 2FL Winsome House, Wyndham Street, HongKong. The fun is on March 12, 2015, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. You know you feel wonderful in purple, so put on your fave outfit and come out in style. We want to see a sea of amazing women in shades of lavender and lilac, plum and violet, amethyst and aubergine. Paint The Town Purple starting with yourself!


10425416_1015269701817281_6144300843395161238_n.jpg-oh=208ebccbc5da058f62247b51ca382968&oe=558834CC&__gda__=1434699676_fc110210cb57ba9f867be2299653c7feGet A Hand Painted Wedding Gown At HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong


Eyeing a wedding this summer or spring? Those are the perfect seasons to go playful or fashion forward with your wedding gown! Here’s one truly unique way to capture attention and really show your personality as a bride-to-be: how about getting a special hand painted wedding gown? HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong’s most popular one-stop shop for everything about weddings, has the perfect, world-class fashion designer for you – David Fielden.


HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong carries the unique, avant-garde and yet subtly sophisticated works of David Fielden. Best known for using only the finest fabrics, showcasing beautiful and flattering silhouettes and truly creative bridal gowns, David Fielden also has hand painted silk bridal dresses that are just simply captivating. Just imagine walking down the aisle with beautiful and colorful hand painted designs on your bridal dress. Talk of the town, most definitely!


Trendy-Ombre-Hair-Color-IdeasGet That Fun Summer Ombre Hairstyle And Color From Paul Gerrard Salon Hong Kong


Summer is drawing near! And you know what that means – a new and fun summer hairstyle and great hair color that would suit your personality and lifestyle as well as go well with those countless of photos you would most likely take during your summer escapades!


Ombre, a hair trend that started in France, is one of your best hairstyle bets this upcoming sunny season. It’s practical, easy to maintain and can present you with numerous color combination options. You can either opt to go soft and subtle or you can go all out daring with your choice of colors. No matter what type of ombre you want, there’s only one salon in Hong Kong that can help you best – Paul Gerrard Salon!


Treat Your Man To These Cool Summer Hairstyles At ERA Barbers Hong Kong


Be the ultimate sweet and thoughtful girlfriend by treating your man to cool summer hairstyles that will definitely leave him looking more handsome and stylish than ever. Earn brownie points from your significant other by bringing him to ERA Barbers Hong Kong!


At  ERA Barbers Hong Kong, your man can avail of either cutting edge, urban chic hairstyles or classic favorites that make him look always clean and professional.


Celebrate Valentines Day with a Romantic Lunch at The Globe, Skin Care Treatment at Paul Gerrard Salon, delicious Edible Arrangements and Beauty from Hollywood Hair Hong Kong

January 15, 2015

_1_img_640_400Valentine’s Day is coming. To really wow your beloved, how about a series of date nights leading up to the big event? Say “I care” with English Pub Night at The Globe: a fun lunch or dinner of great food, great atmosphere, and the best beer in Hong Kong. Our menu features Ashdale English beef through February 12, and we’ll let you know later what we have in store for Valentine’s Day itself. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and we’re pretty sure a great meal at The Globe works on women, too.

10915254_975908842436792_7691585451868291988_n.jpg-oh=8c06fceac0856249ba77ba7e6cdefacd&oe=552BD3DB&__gda__=1428263431_a8b838582f2dae9459710c9e1be2c9a9Healthier skin and hair? Yes, please! The professionals at Paul Gerrard Salon select essential treatments customized for each client. Think of it: exactly the treatments your skin and hair need to be as beautiful as possible. At first you may come to prepare for a special occasion like Valentine’s Day, but then you’ll want to make visiting Paul Gerrard Salon a regular beauty ritual.We whisk you away from phones, work, and distractions. During your essential treatment, time stops and you are the priority. No wonder you’ll emerge with a fresh, relaxed glow! Book your “me time” today.

bnr20_HK_VDay_20perOFFThe early bird catches savings! From now until January 24, 2015, Valentine’s collection orders placed for pick up at Edible Arrangements® Kowloon Bay store save 20%. While you need to order early, you can pick up until February 14. Simply order with Code KBHK0214 to save 20% at the Kowloon Bay store. The Valentine’s collections is full of lush red strawberries, sunny pineapple hearts or flowers, and adorable collector vases. You can even order chocolate strawberry “roses” on long stems. When you deliver a beautiful Edible Arrangements®–the day will be yours, and possibly their heart, too!


Want to catch the eye of someone special this Valentine’s Day? Switch out your usual smokey eye for a romantic shimmering scarlet-red shade. Trust us! Your professional stylist at Hollywood Hair can show you how to make this statement look work for you. And while you’re at the salon, indulge in our other services. Outstanding makeup deserves to be framed with outstanding hair. We offer a variety of color services, perms, Japanese Straightening, Brazilian Blowout, Ybera Discovery treatment, along with cut and blowdry. Hairstyle, conditioning, makeup–all personally tailored just for you. Be bold, be a little daring, be noticed!


Spring Wedding Hairstyle Ideas From HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong

April 9, 2014

Ah, spring – reminds us of beautiful, colorful flowers, fine weather, butterflies and pastel hues. Spring is truly a lovely season. No wonder more and more couples want to exchange their “I do’s” during spring time. Chances are, the weather will be nice and cooperative and an outdoor wedding will be the perfect choice.

For blooming brides who want to march down the aisle during spring time, you might like these two spring wedding hairstyle ideas from HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong.


How about a loose braid sprinkled with flower pins? Very easy to do and is a great hairstyle idea for the bride who loves to keep it simple yet classy and full of personality. You can even go playful with the flower pins. Do a mix and match. If you’re set to have a garden wedding, why not try and put real flowers on your hair as well.


Another great spring wedding hairstyle idea is the tousled braid where the tousled locks are gathered neatly like a hive. Pretty hairstyle for a bride with wavy mane. A flower can then be used to accentuate the area where the locks meet.

So which of the two hairstyles do you like? Make sure, though, that your wedding gown matches your preferred hairstyle. Visit HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong and ask for recommendations on the perfect wedding gown for you.


Call today at 852 2815 8330 to make an appointment, visit their store in person, or visit them online.


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Why Making Music Matters to Your Toddler

September 21, 2013


It’s no secret that making music is super fun. But did you know that making music also benefits your toddler? Find out why making music with your child matters, and how you can explore music more with SPRING Hong Kong.

Music is Educational

Making music gets kids moving, and all children learn through movement. This helps your child refine their motor skills, balance, and muscle development. Some studies also suggest that music stimulates the parts of the brain that are associated with reading, math, and emotional development. Research also suggests that making music helps children remember more by stimulating different patterns of brain development.

Music is Fun

Making music helps your child develop socially. Playing in a band or orchestra allows a child to learn how to work in a team and take turns. An interest in music also gives children an opportunity to relate to other children on the playground, in class, or in band. Music is a great friendship starter! Making music also helps your bond better with your little one through time spent dancing, singing, and being silly together.

Now you know music is beneficial, but how do you get started? Singing while doing everyday activities like cleaning, cooking, or getting ready is a good start. Make up a song to go along with daily chores to make the activity more fun and memorable for your toddler. Introduce your child to your favorite tunes to build a stronger connection and to teach them to fall in love with their own favorites. To develop rhythm, sing songs without words by using your hands, feet, tongue, and everyday objects around the house. Take time to dance and get silly with your child, and don’t forget to have fun!

Do you incorporate music at home? Tell us in the comments below how you and your toddle like to make music.

For more advice, tips, and more, visit SPRING online. Parents and carers are invited to come check out SPRING and say hello to the team. Discovery Classes are available to see what SPRING has to offer first-hand. Course descriptions are available for each programme.

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Get Cookin’ With SPRING Learning Centre Hong Kong

September 21, 2013

Cooking with your children is a great family bonding activity, but it has developmental benefits too. Teaching your child about cooking is a great way to talk about health, nutrition, and to give your child a little bit of independence. So, where do you start? SPRING has a few easy tips and child-friendly recipes for you to try.

Be Patient

Cooking with your child will take longer than cooking alone. Take the time to teach your child about each ingredient and tool. It’ll also be a lot messier than cooking alone. Try laying a tray underneath their workstation to catch some of the crumbs that fall.

Be Prepared

Pick a recipe ahead of time based on your child’s tastes, the difficulty level, and how long it will take. Make sure you have all the ingredients and tools needed ahead of time. Make sure you and your child are wearing clothes that can get dirty and that dangerous tools stay out of reach.

Be Educational and Fun

Talking through the recipe is a great way to get children to recognize words and practice their reading skills. It’s also great for teaching how to follow instructions. If a recipe calls for a certain weight, help your child with math by adding, subtracting, and measuring. Cooking is the perfect time to talk about hygiene. Make sure your child washes up before, during, and after cooking, as well as rinses off vegetables and raw meats. But most importantly, make sure your child has fun! Let them touch, smell, and taste along the way.

Now it’s time to get cookin’! Try this kid-friendly Spaghetti and Meatballs Recipe to start. Do you have any cooking tips or family-friendly recipes? Share in the comments below!

For more advice, tips, and more, visit SPRING online. Parents and carers are invited to come check out SPRING and say hello to the team. Discovery Classes are available to see what SPRING has to offer first-hand. Course descriptions are available for each programme.

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Help Baby Talk With Advice From SPRING Hong Kong

August 12, 2013

Parents are often eager to get their babies talking at an early age. While the wait may seem long until baby says his or her first word, babies begin language development from the moment of birth through observation. Learn how to help your baby’s language development progress at the right pace with the following tips from SPRING Learning Centre Hong Kong.

Zero to six months

Babies this young learn from observation. They listen to parents’ voices and try to imitate sounds with cooing and gurgling. Encourage this behavior by talking to your baby, continuing conversations when baby is near, and giving baby distraction-free sound making time. Singing to your baby will also help this process by showing how nice and pretty sounds can be. Hold baby close, maintain eye contact, and smile to show warmth and affection. When baby babbles, imitate the sounds to offer encouragement. If baby tries to say a word you do, say the word again. Don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t happen today.

Six to twelve months

Baby will start playing with sounds. Some sounds may even sound like “dada”, “baba” or “mama”. Simple words will be understood. Baby will stop and look if you say “no”. Baby will also start communicating through body language like pointing and will continue to make sounds. Help your baby begin to understand more words by playing games like Peek-a-Boo or Pat-a-Cake, describing favorite toys (like a fuzzy bear), and identifying people and pets with pointing while reciting names.

Twelve to fifteen months

Babies will start to switch from sounds to words, like “baba” for bottle. Other words are understood, but not said. Test your baby’s learning by asking for certain toys, cups, and other household items. Encourage vocabulary development by continuing to identify common objects and give baby time to listen and repeat.

18 months to two years

Baby will start following directions and put words together like “want juice.” Maintain progress by asking your child to help you by placing specific objects in specific places. Teach simple songs and nursery rhymes and encourage pretend play for fun language development.

Two to three years

Language will develop the quickest here. Sentences will start to be formed, questions can now be answered, vocabulary grows at a huge pace. Keep encouraging your child by teaching first and last names, describing objects around you, asking open-ended questions, continuing pretend play, and practicing active reading.

Get your baby talking by encouraging sound making and imitation at an early age. For more advice, tips, and more, visit SPRING online. Parents and carers are invited to come check out SPRING and say hello to the team. Discovery Classes are available to see what SPRING has to offer first-hand. Course descriptions are available for each programme.

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Bond with Baby- Tips from SPRING Learning Centre Hong Kong

August 12, 2013

All moms, both new and experienced, wait in anticipation for nine months for their new little bundle of joy to make a grand appearance. Now that this beautiful baby is in your life, where do you start? Experts across the board say bonding is step #1 and should be your primary focus when it comes to your baby.

Why bond with baby?

A strong emotional connection between parents and their children is what causes mom and dad to pay close attention to what baby needs through vocal and visual cues. A strong bond is what keeps parents playing with baby, and keeps parents more invested in their baby’s future.

Research has also shown that a strong bond between parents and baby are the first model for intimate relationships, socialisation, and help develop security and positive self-esteem.

First steps of bonding

Bonding doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a long process that develops over time between parents and baby as baby’s needs are met. Parents can start the bonding process immediately after birth with skin-to-skin contact like cradling and gentle strokes. This can give parents a head-start on what is known as the “attachment process”. Parents can develop secure attachment with baby by paying attention to cues and needs, and responding in a loving, nurturing way.

How to bond

Most bonding comes very naturally from everyday activities. Breastfeeding and bottle-feeding allow parents and baby to bond with close, personal contact and by showing a response to baby’s need- hunger.

Skin contact is a great way to keep bonding with your baby. There are a variety of ways to go about this whether through cuddle time, infant massage, or bath time. The more touch-based bonding you have, the more likely baby will be able to tell your cues just from touch alone!

Play and communication are other great ways to bond with baby. Playing with your baby provides a sense of closeness that touch does, but also stimulates learning and creates happiness. Talking to your baby and reading stories shows baby that they are worth your time, as well as begins language development.

Don’t wait. Bonding with your baby will set you up for a healthy relationship and will get your little-one ready for a future of developmental success. For more advice, tips, and more, visit SPRING online. Parents and carers are invited to come check out SPRING and say hello to the team. Discovery Classes are available to see what SPRING has to offer first-hand. Course descriptions are available for each programme.

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The Benefits of Using Sign Language With Your Baby

July 23, 2013

Your baby is crying and all you want to know is what he or she wants. With sign language, communication with your baby can happen before he or she starts talking. Baby sign language isn’t the same as American Sign Language (ASL). Instead, baby sign language encourages your little one to point at things of interest and to use symbolic gestures, such as one for milk. Sound too good to be true? See why SPRING thinks baby sign language will work for you.

It’s easy!

Babies naturally start pointing between 9 and 12 months of age. It’s super easy to get the ball rolling earlier by incorporating signs into your daily activities. When it’s nap time, show a sign. When it’s feeding time, show a sign. Eventually, your baby will pick up on these signs and start using them. Start off slow with just a few signs. Once baby has mastered them, you can add more!

It bonds you and your baby.

Communication helps any type of relationship grow. This is no different when it comes to you and your child. Baby sign language helps you understand your baby’s needs, what he or she is thinking, and what excites and interests him or her. Soon enough, your baby will be able to make comments about things, ask questions, and develop a better understanding of the world.

It furthers development– both for you and baby!

Research has shown that using baby sign language makes parents more empathetic and open minded. Parents who use baby sign language are more responsive to non-verbal cues from baby and are more likely to encourage independent exploration. Babies who use sign language are introduced to the concept of communication sooner and begin to develop speaking skills at an earlier age. Since they have already been introduced to a number of words and ideas, once they learn to speak vocabulary develops much quicker. Signing doesn’t replace speaking, it enhances it. Eventually, once baby learns the words he or she was signing for before, signs will be replaced with words.

Get your baby talking early! The benefits of baby sign language are overwhelming, and who wouldn’t want to know what’s on baby’s mind? For more tips, information, and fun ideas, check out SPRING online.

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The Importance of Emotional Development: How to Coach Your Child

July 22, 2013

Parents spend a lot of time teaching their children how to read, write, have good manners, and get good grades. But how do children learn about emotions? Parents can use emotional coaching to teach their kids about how they feel and what appropriate reactions are to those feelings. Children who understand their feelings are more likely to experience less negative emotions and more positive ones, along with performing better in school and forming better relationships. SPRING has these helpful steps of emotional coaching for you to try at home.

1. Pay attention to feelings.

Acknowledge how your child is feeling by labeling their emotions. If you notice your child feeling sad, communicate this to them and ask them to describe any other emotions they may be experiencing. Help them understand that emotions are completely normal for everyone. Remember to pay attention to your feelings as well. When a parent is frustrated or stressed, it’s easy to dismiss a child’s emotions. It’s important to remember to always validate how your child feels, whether you agree with it or not.

2. Discipline actions, not emotions.

Emotions like anger or frustration can appear in negative ways. Guide your children before they escalate into misbehavior by showing them you understand their feelings and are taking them seriously. Don’t avoid uncomfortable situations and avoid judging negative emotions. Set behavioral limits when your child experiences negative emotions so they know how to react without being afraid of feeling. It’s okay to be angry, for example, but it isn’t okay to call someone names.

3. Find solutions.

If your child misbehaves when upset, redirect their behavior after discipline. Brainstorm with your child to find appropriate ways to react to strong emotions and help them understand why certain behavior isn’t okay. The more ideas your child suggests, the better. Remember you are a coach– your child is more likely to try ideas they think of on their own. It’s also important to praise your child when he or she does something right. But remember, changes take time, so don’t expect too much too soon!

Emotions are a powerful thing for everyone, but can make learning and socializing confusing for your kids. Help them better understand their feelings and how to react to them by using emotional coaching. For more tips, information, and fun ideas, check out SPRING online.

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Improve Your Child’s Development With Play Therapy

May 4, 2013

Play time is great for children to unwind, develop social skills, and have fun! But did you know that play time can also help further your child’s development?

What is Play Therapy?

Play Therapy allows young children to communicate their experiences and emotions through play activities. Filial Play is one type of Play Therapy that allows parents, therapists, and children to work together to strengthen family relationships and improve the attachment between children and parents. Parents use child-centered principles and skills like reflective listening, recognizing and responding to self-esteem, and organizing weekly required play sessions with designated toys.

Why use Play Therapy?

Play Therapy addresses a wide range of issues children may face during their development including: making friends, temper problems, school difficulties, sleeping and eating difficulties, bonding and attachment, self-esteem, grief, and more. Through several studies, Play Therapy has shown to provide many benefits to children. Children who regularly participate in Play Therapy are better at coping, have reduced levels of anxiety, have a more healthy self-concept, are more self-aware, and experience maximum participation. One study also showed that regular Play Therapy sessions decreased stress in parents as well.

What can you do to help?

SPRING has a variety of classes available to help you and your child make progress on developmental milestones and maximize their learning potential from a young age. SPRING is staffed by a team of passionate educators who can help you every step of the way as you set your child up for success. SPRING hosts regular information sessions for parents on topics such as Play Therapy to help caregivers in their role to be their children’s greatest teachers in life.

Play time is important for your child’s development. Learn how to help your child grow through fun, communicative activities with SPRING. See what classes they have to offer today! For more tips, information, and fun ideas, check out SPRING online.

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