HIV Advocates Asks: What Do You Think Of This App That Could Test HIV In 15 Minutes?

March 30, 2015


Researchers at Columbia University in New York has developed an iPhone app and dongle that could very well change a lot of things in the fight against HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. This prototype app can actually test people for HIV and STDs such as syphilis and even get results in just 15 minutes. The device plugs into an iPhone or other smartphone and can analyze blood samples which can then be screened for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.


According to available reports, the device just costs US $34.00. With a fairly affordable price and with such a groundbreaking purpose, the app and dongle could very well revolutionize HIV diagnosis especially in remote areas or in areas where homosexuality is considered illegal or banned altogether.


What do you think of this development? Do you think the app can help the advocacy especially led by HIV Advocates?


HIV Advocates is a global initiative that aims to share news, experiences, strategies and new tools that will energize human rights movements and communities fighting HIV/AIDS, wants to address. Do you think that the HIV app can play an important role in the fight for more awareness and fight against social stigma and discrimination?


Share your thoughts on the official HIV Advocates platform. Your voice counts!




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Bedazzle Kitchen Ep6: Gonorrhoea 妖女廚房 第六集

August 6, 2008

In the last episode of Bedazzle Kitchen, AIDS concern and Queen Collection will bring more understanding to Gonorrhoea, our two hostess show off their hot red costumes. Making the hottest cooking show even hotter, watch out for the hot plate!

Coco and Karolina 與「關懷愛滋」在最後一集的妖女厨房會帶大家認識淋病 Gonorrhoea — Coco與兩個妖女穿上火紅戰衣,使出渾身解數,把節目原本一直處於高潮的狀況一再往 上推,小心熱爆螢光幕!

妖女廚房:肝炎 Bedazzle Kitchen: Hepatitis

July 23, 2008

Coco 、Karolina與「關懷愛滋」再度聯手。第五集的內容是肝炎 Hepatitis – 無人不識的肝炎也是性病?!但 Coco 把它化成糕餅而面不改容,厲害之處無不令人聞風喪膽,女傭造型引發街頭少女爭相仿傚!

Coco 、Karolina與「關懷愛滋」再度聯手。第五集的內容是肝炎 Hepatitis – 無人不識的肝炎也是性病?!但 Coco 把它化成糕餅而面不改容,厲害之處無不令人聞風喪膽,女傭造型引發街頭少女爭相仿傚!

Bedazzle Kitchen:Syphilis 妖女廚房:梅毒

July 17, 2008

Watch out for Bedazzle Kitchen this weekend on www.SO-U.TV . A series of videos presented by local favorite drag queens Coco Pop & Karolina Lista. They paired up with AIDs Concern to bring you food for thought and for tummy. This episode we will talk about Syphilis- Our Japanese-style Coco is having her best posture and cooking this time. Watch how she turns cooking into art and work her magic dymistifying STDs. She is sure setting a trend for Kimonos.

由「關懷愛滋」與「Queen Collection」合作製作的教育短片《妖女廚房》,將會在我們www.SO-U.TV內推出,主持人 Coco 及 Karolina 以輕鬆幽默的方法講解性病,及如何正確防範性病傳播,影片對象以男同志為主,但當中的內容男女皆宜。今集的內容是梅毒 Syphilis – 日本式 Coco 最有姿勢和實際的一次,把煮飯變成一種藝術,把性病戲謔於掌心間,神情令人敬仰,掀起和服熱潮。