Online Booking Specials for Deluxe Rooms at Times Plaza Hotel, Shenyang

June 25, 2013

It is summer again, the season for bright sunny days, outdoor adventures, and travelling. Shenyang is definitely a good choice for a summer escape. Nowadays, most fast paced youngsters search all travel information and make the bookings virtually. That is why Times Plaza Shenyang has specials on online booking of their Deluxe Rooms this June.

 If you are travelling to Shenyang, make an online booking for Times Plaza Shenyang’s Deluxe Rooms. The prices are as low as RMB 299 but that’s not all that comes with it. You get a complimentary Buffet Breakfast for the next day as well! Times Plaza Shenyang has to be your stop over for this great offer.

Times Plaza Shenyang website gives you detailed information on rooms and services along with contact information for your convenience. Find out in details about everything from the rooms to dining options and function rooms. You can get latest news on the special offers on the website as well.

This online booking special is valid until the end of June 2013. Visit Times Plaza Shenyang website and make your booking today!

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Feel the warmth at Rosedale’s Times Plaza Hotel

March 21, 2013


During the cold winter months it’s important to rest and recuperate in a warm and relaxing environment. Rosedale’s Time Plaza Hotel Shenyang understands the needs for the travelling executive, which is exactly why we’re offering our fantastic Winter Warmth Package to help our guests relax and stay warm during these harsh winter weeks.

The promotion period for this package ends March 13, 2013 for our distinguished executive guests. Our Winter Warmth Package includes a spacious and luxurious Deluxe Room to comfort our guests from the chilly Shen Yang Winter. The package also includes complimentary breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as free use of our Fitness Centre facilities, ensuring that every need is met with a high standard quality service.

Rosedale’s Time Plaza Hotel Shenyang is dedicated to bringing a memorable and distinctive fine dining experience to every customer. That’s why we offer an amazing hot pot as part of our Winter Warmth Package at our Cheena Restaurant. If our guest’s tastes require alternative options, Cheena Restaurant is renowned for its diverse and delicious dishes. The health conscious travelling executive will love our Nutritious Dinner menu ensuring that all the important vitamins and minerals are included for our guests.

Rosedale’s Time Plaza Hotel Shenyang ensures that all our guests receive the highest quality service through our welcoming Winter Warmth Package. Book your stay while the promotion lasts.

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Rosedale’s Times Plaza Hotel Shenyang Is Grateful for Teachers

July 21, 2012

Tis’ the season to honor your teachers and the Cheena restaurant in  Times Plaza Hotel, Shenyang is offering a special menu for just that. With graduations happening all over the world, it is the perfect time to thank your teachers for all their hard work over the years. Students would not be as successful without the dedication and guidance of their teachers. Need the perfect way to say thank you? Visit Cheena in Times Plaza , Shenyang .

The fine Chinese cuisine of Cheena is the best way to celebrate your graduation with 3 different types of dinner promotions. For 988 RMB, 1188 RMB, and 1488 RMB, you can receive one of three sets of cuisine per table. Cheena is known for authentic and traditional Cantonese and Liaoning style food that is healthy, tasty, and MSG-free. Times Plaza’s Cheena staff is constantly working to make the menu fresh and exciting by recently adding Hunan cuisine to the fare.

Times Plaza Shenyang is dedicated to bringing a memorable and distinctive dining experience to every customer. Visit this summer and show your teacher appreciation with our graduation themed dinners. For reservations and more information please call: (86 24) 2253 2828 ext. 3315.
*Times Plaza, Shenyang is managed by Rosedale Hotel Group from Hong Kong.

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