Sony Xperia Z2 Extraordinary Melodic Sounds! Best Deal in Hong Kong at one2free!

May 21, 2014

Speaking of melodic sounds on mobile devices, Sony Xperia Z2 is definitely unmissable! It has its original Sony noise cancellation system when used with Sony headphones. With Sony latest bluetooth headphone, Sony Xperia Z2 delivers an even more comforting audio experience for users!


Sony Xperia Z2 even supports Sony latest external Stereo Microphone, which makes it possible to record high quality videos with surround audio effect! With its 4K camera, the videos recorded is just stunning! Now one2free gives both bluetooth headphone & stereo microphone (priced $1296) under its latest offer!


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Photography Hot Spots Tips – one2free Facebook

May 20, 2014

Sharing with friends the special beautiful moments in life has become a very important part in our lives. Besides having a latest smartphone with a nice camera, you will need a good spot to make your photos more attractive!

Hong Kong is a metropolitan city with varieties of cultures and landscapes, it is not hard to find great spots for your great photos. one2free facebook shares a lot  of great yet not very conventional photography spots in Hong Kong. If you love the art of photography and you love Hong Kong, you ought to follow one2free facebook!


one2free facebook also shares a lot of events that are unmissable for photographers in Hong Kong, such as the coming 1600 Pandas flash mob in June! How can you miss this?


With the latest smartphone offers and these useful photography tips, one2free Facebook is a must-subscribe Page for HongKongers!


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Motivate Your Employees With These Tips From Business Registration Hong Kong

November 18, 2013

Every successful businessman knows that motivated employees work more efficiently and are more productive. As a result, the company benefits, sales are high and working relations not only among employees but also between bosses and employees are smooth.

So how do you motivate employees? Here are some helpful tips from Business Registration Hong Kong.

First off, you have to value their self-esteem. More than anything, employees are persons as well and they need to sense that they are valued and are considered important especially by their bosses. To do this, take a little time to get to know them better and understand what’s important for them such as the names of their children, what their favorite hobby is and how they usually spend their weekends.

Secondly, you can motivate your employees by ensuring their safety especially in the office and in other working environments. You must make them aware that management is doing everything to protect them from workplace danger.

Thirdly, always be ready to recognize outstanding employees. You can cite their great work by giving incentives like cash or gifts or perhaps a day off with pay. Employees will then be inspired to work harder in order to grab his or her bosses’ attention as well.

Do you have more tips to motivate employees and help them become more productive? Share them with us!

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How to choose your flower bouquet

March 14, 2012

It may be one of the generally unnoticed elements during a wedding but believe us when we say that a wedding flower bouquet should also be given importance. After all, a wedding flower bouquet will be what the bride will bring with her as she marches down the aisle. But how do you choose your flowers for your wedding bouquet? HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong, your friendly neighborhood bridal shop in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, is ready to give you helpful tips on how to choose your flower bouquet.   

Check out these easy to follow tips from HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong:  

First off, your wedding bouquet must be right for your body shape. Hence, do a quick check first. How tall are you?  Are you thin or do you consider yourself a slightly heavier? You see, if you are a petite girl, you might want to choose a large teardrop or sheath wedding bouquet. These wedding flower bouquets tend to add height so these will help give the illusion of length. Don’t choose flower wedding bouquets that have posies in them as this will only make you look short. On the other hand, if you’re tall, you can choose a large posy or a medium teardrop wedding bouquet. The former will help draw the attention of the people who will look at you to a different focal point while the latter will help draw the eye down. This will help accentuate your height. Meanwhile, if you consider yourself a bit of slightly heavier, you should also choose a large wedding bouquet. You see, if you have a small flower bouquet, this will only accentuate your width, which we know you would not want to happen. If you have a large wedding flower bouquet, though, this will help make you look thinner or slimmer.   

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Colour Me Beautiful: Series

August 28, 2008

Step into the world of colour, fashion and style. Eve Roth Lindsay a renowned stylist will show you step by step how to select the correct colours for your skin and hair tone. This simple action of selecting the correct colours to highlight and showcase your beauty will make and instant difference in how you look and feel. Start now, and then follow the series to learn all the professional beauty secrets.

For other episodes of Colour Me Beautiful series, go to SO-U.TV