New Wedding Trends Begin to Emerge

April 5, 2012

With so many great and unique wedding trends emerging, traditional weddings have now become even more rare. While most wedding trends change from season to season, these have garnered quite a following from brides-to-be everywhere!

The biggest overall wedding trend that has been emerging since the start of the new year is the personalization of the ceremony. Instead of picking the traditional processional music, grooms and brides are picking songs that are more representative of their relationship and history together- some with lyrics, and some instrumental only. Other elements of the ceremony also reflect upon the couple’s history together with other small, personal touches like self-written vows and the involvement of pets. Personalization is also a great way to save some money since it allows the couple to reflect on what they really find important to include in the ceremony.

Wedding attire is another thing that is changing rapidly. Many weddings are finding more focus on the groom’s outfit than in the past, while brides are getting more glamorous with their gown choices. Hollywood style, form-fitting dresses are very sought after currently with plunging backs, high slits, and eye-catching embellishments.

Wedding menus are also being revamped in weddings across the globe. While cakes are the traditional choice, cupcakes were starting to gain grounds because of their extra convenience and cuteness. However, cake pops are now replacing cupcakes with even more portability. These adorable bite sized pieces of cake are becoming a huge hit at weddings everywhere! Buffets are also becoming increasingly popular because they provide guests with more options and the ability to control their portions.

Wedding videos are now becoming a thing of the past with the emergence of “marryoke”. Now, wedding guests (and participants!) lip-sync and dance to a selected song at different points in the ceremony and reception. All of these clips are then edited together to make a music video full of special moments.

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Delay No Mall’: a new lifestyle store by the founders of G.O.D

February 14, 2008

The award winning founders of Hong Kong based G.O.D, Benjamin Lau and Douglas Young have opened a new lifestyle mall in the heart of Causeway Bay. The store, covering two floors, carries close to 50 of the world’s coolest brands and also features a bar, a café, sleep pod installation, and a tattoo parlor. The ground floor opened on Thursday, 13 December and the first floor Saturday, 16 December. Shoppers can find ‘Delay No Mall’ at 68 Yee Wo Street, next to the Regal Hotel.

G.O.D. Delay No Mall Tenants Party

January 26, 2008


The G.O.D. boys Douglas Young and Ben Lau did it again.

They turned Hong Kong upside down with the most outrageous party of the year. Bringing together a high energy group of hip hop ballers, fashionistas, the ultra chic underground, and of course, all the pretty boyz. Half naked models all around and if you felt like getting your own kit off a game of strip poker was wide open. 24 Herbs, the edgy cantonese hip hop band kept the crowd crazed while FINDS restaurant made sure endless cocktails flowed down the throats of the super fabs. Catch a glimpse of what you missed, or can’t remember, at www.SO-U.TV.

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