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February 13, 2015

What’s To Love At Sideways Driving Club Hong Kong? Let’s Count The Ways

These are known facts: Sideways Driving Club is the premiere venue for virtual racing in Hong Kong. The simulators at Sideways Driving Club  are endorsed and used by racing drivers around the world, including real F1 drivers. However, there are more facts about Sideways Driving Club  that truly cement the fact that this is the best choice when it comes to fun and thrill right in the middle of urban Hong Kong.


First off, did you know that Sideways Driving Club  has been in Hong Kong for more than 10 years? To be in business for more than a decade – that’s a good sign of stability. Over the years, Sideways Driving Club  has also increased the number of their cars and to date, they now have over 50 cars to offer to patrons, more than any other center in Hong Kong. With that many cars, it also means that they also offer the largest selection of tracks – more than 200. That’s way more than any other sim center in the city. Fifteen (15) people can all race against one another at the same – now this is pretty unique only to Sideways Driving Club . No other simulator center can even offer anything close! And to cap everything off, they have a fully licensed bar and catering. This is part of Sideways Driving Club’s forward thinking especially for valued customers.


PRDADouglasPhoto-20150121021203147Tip From PRDA Asia: Better PR Through Growth Hacking

Entrepreneurs know by heart the importance of PR. It can either help make or break a business. PR should be incorporated in just about every business plan or marketing strategy. Undeniably, PR plays an imperative role especially in letting a business succeed and expand. These days, however, with the presence of social media, things have shaken up. PR “gurus” can no longer say they’re the only ones in control. Fierce social media aficionados can already post whatever they want, most of the time without any reason and without any thought of possible repercussions. Moreover, writers don’t just receive press releases and print them verbatim anymore. So what’s the best thing to do? Digital and social media agency PRDA Asia has a tip: growth hacking.


PRDA Asia Founder Douglas White explains, “Growth hacking is not true “hacking” in the sense of breaking in where you don’t belong. It’s about maximizing customer growth through process improvement, technology and consumer psychology. Growth hacking is about taking methods that are already known and fully utilizing them and, when lucky, finding new ways to combine them for great effect. The term puts a focus on stepping outside of your comfort zone and learning and using new methods in a smart way.”


1488028_396480400523763_767019221785480206_n.jpg-oh=de06f5994626549eef778bf48a477f06&oe=55668C76Primasia Corporate Services Limited Hong Kong Can Help Keep Your Employees Happy

In Hong Kong, one of the tried and tested ways to keep employees happy is to ensure timely payment of their consultancy fees or salaries as well as timely compliance of their reporting obligations to the government.


This is where Primasia Corporate Services Limited Hong Kong can help you and your business best. Primasia Hong Kong can assist you with payroll and other accounting related requirements. They can also help you when it comes to contractual terms and other concerns related to employment offers. And if there’s need, they can give advice on disciplinary issues as well as calculation of termination fees.


image004 (1)TVB Jade To Feature Edible Arrangements® Hong Kong’s Stunning Fruit Bouquets


Absolutely exciting news! TVB Jade recently visited Edible Arrangements® Hong Kong to shoot a cool, must-watch feature which will be broadcasted on February 20, 2015, 10:30 pm to 11 pm. The video will be showcased during a new program. Who’s as excited as we are?


The TVB Jade shoot is truly a great opportunity for loyal (and new!) Edible Arrangements® Hong Kong customers to see what the fruit bouquet masters are up to in time for Valentine’s Day and for the Year of the Goat!



Why Singles Should Get A Date Night Look At Paul Gerrard Salon Hong Kong

February 9, 2015


With Valentine’s Day coming up, single ladies should really start thinking of where to go in order to get that perfect date night look – a look that could guarantee that your date’s attention will only be on you and you alone. In Hong Kong, there’s only one choice. Find out below why Paul Gerrard Salon is the most recommended beauty shop in all of Hong Kong.


75ab7dc986d3e264f80c874560e3968bFirst off, Paul Gerrard Salon Hong Kong is home to professional, highly skilled and courteous hair stylists and makeup artists. With years of experience in various parts of the world, these pros can help you get that perfect date night look! They know which hairstyle will fit the frame of your face and they know what kind of makeup will go best with your planned outfit for the night. Smokey? No makeup look? Or do you want an all-out vamp look complete with killer eyeshadows and sexy red lipstick?


Secondly, Paul Gerrard Salon has updated beauty equipment and lovely interiors. The salon makes customers feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed.


Thirdly, this Hong Kong salon is centrally located. Just a quick hop and step away from the nearest transportation.


These are just a few reasons why Paul Gerrard Salon rocks. Make that appointment now and experience for yourself the quality of service they’re known for. by Call +852 2869 4408 or you can also visit Paul Gerrard Salon at 1st and 2nd floor, Wah Hing House, 35 Pottinger Street, Central Hong Kong.


Good luck on your date! Rock it!



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Paul Gerrard Salon Will Transform You To A Glam Babe This Chinese New Year

January 30, 2015


The Chinese New Year is undoubtedly a very important event. By now, you may have already planned which clothes to don, what kind of makeup style to wear, which shoes to flaunt. Have you thought of your hairstyle for the new year, though? Remember, your hairstyle can also make or break your entire look!


10358742_975909152436761_6480381893342466315_n.jpg-oh=6aa5928105c63930ed80bf0023bca307&oe=552E8155&__gda__=1429311469_61cf1fb0c3783c8ab133286a3d61492aHere’s a plan – why not sport a new hair color for the new year? Sound good? And not just new hair color but rich, striking new hair color made possible by salon grade products, equipment and tools and with the magic hands of Paul Gerrard Salon’s pro hair stylists.


For a few hours, Paul Gerrard Salon Hong Kong will pamper you like a queen – away from all the pressures of daily life. Expect a warm and professional atmosphere at this famed Hong Kong salon!


To get that “new year, new hair” inspiration going, here are a couple of ideas for you:


  1. Opt for rich auburn tones and glossy chocolate browns. Celebrities Emma Stone and Jourdan Dunn are attracting all the attention with these kinds of hair colors, so why not try them out for yourself?


  1. Be bold and try an ombre look! The ombre trend may have started last year but it’s still in style this 2015. The pros at Paul Gerrard Salon can give you great options. If you’re still not ready to go ombre, though, ask them about hair highlights.


  1. Go for a complete color change. From black or dark brown hair, why not come out of your shell and go platinum blonde? Just be sure to ask the Paul Gerrard Salon professionals if your new preferred hair shade complements your eye color and skin tone.


Ready for a new look? Make that appointment now by calling +852 2869 4408 or by visiting Paul Gerrard Salon at 1st and 2nd floor, Wah Hing House, 35 Pottinger Street, Central Hong Kong.


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New Year, New Haircut, New ERA Barbers Hong Kong Head Barber From Liverpool

January 28, 2015



In Hong Kong, you simply can’t miss ERA Barbers Hong Kong. Located strategically in Central, ERA Barbers is painted a striking red color and has a stylish, retro vibe. It is also home of urban chic, street style haircuts that lots of fashion forward men like and even proudly show off to their friends. Now, there’s even more reason why ERA Barbers deserves to be called the most-talked about barber shop in all of Hong Kong – they have a new head barber and he comes from Liverpool. Yes, the very same place that gave birth to The Fab Four, The Beatles, and to mop tops! Now you have the best reason to get up, go to ERA Barberss in Central and finally get that haircut before the Chinese New Year!



Catch the new head barber, Lee Stephens, at ERA Barbers. Let him display his trim, snip, razor and shave skills. You can either specify the kind of haircut you want or you can leave your fate – err, hair – to his capable hands. Arrive at the barbershop as a guy, leave as a man!


So are you ready for a brand new look in time for the Chinese New Year? You can even invite your guy friends! Call and set an appointment today – dial +852 2577 3080. You can also visit the salon at G/F, 36 Pottinger Street, Central, Hong Kong.




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Why Your Next Date Night Should Be At Sideways Driving Club Hong Kong

January 28, 2015


When we think of dates, we usually think of candlelit dinners or romantic getaways in secluded areas. We usually think of circumstances where we can put our best foot forward. However, have you ever considered bringing your date to a place where skills, wit, sense of adventure and fun abound? Where you can just be yourselves, enjoy each other’s company and be at ease in a hip and happening place? Bring your date to Sideways Driving Club, the premiere virtual racing place in Hong Kong!



Virtual racing may not be the usual “date place” but trust us when we say that you and your date will truly have a great time here. They have top-of-the-line race car simulators. These simulators are the very same ones tried and tested by real F1 drivers. You and your date can do racing matches. If your date is as competitive as you are, then for sure the match will be a fun, close one!


Sideways Driving Club also sells racing gear so to really earn brownie points from your date, why don’t you stop by and buy a present? It’s a really good strategy to make your date feel like a real F1 driver!


Located near Lan Kwai Fong, Sideways Driving Club can be a great stop before or after a night out at the busy party district. Sideways Driving Club is located opposite the Centrium (1 minute walk), 5 minutes from Lan Kwai Fong and 3 minutes from Soho. Parking is available at The Centrium or the Universal Trade Centre.


Call telephone number +852 2523 0983 or send e-mail: for inquiries and reservations.

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Celebrate Valentines Day with a Romantic Lunch at The Globe, Skin Care Treatment at Paul Gerrard Salon, delicious Edible Arrangements and Beauty from Hollywood Hair Hong Kong

January 15, 2015

_1_img_640_400Valentine’s Day is coming. To really wow your beloved, how about a series of date nights leading up to the big event? Say “I care” with English Pub Night at The Globe: a fun lunch or dinner of great food, great atmosphere, and the best beer in Hong Kong. Our menu features Ashdale English beef through February 12, and we’ll let you know later what we have in store for Valentine’s Day itself. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and we’re pretty sure a great meal at The Globe works on women, too.

10915254_975908842436792_7691585451868291988_n.jpg-oh=8c06fceac0856249ba77ba7e6cdefacd&oe=552BD3DB&__gda__=1428263431_a8b838582f2dae9459710c9e1be2c9a9Healthier skin and hair? Yes, please! The professionals at Paul Gerrard Salon select essential treatments customized for each client. Think of it: exactly the treatments your skin and hair need to be as beautiful as possible. At first you may come to prepare for a special occasion like Valentine’s Day, but then you’ll want to make visiting Paul Gerrard Salon a regular beauty ritual.We whisk you away from phones, work, and distractions. During your essential treatment, time stops and you are the priority. No wonder you’ll emerge with a fresh, relaxed glow! Book your “me time” today.

bnr20_HK_VDay_20perOFFThe early bird catches savings! From now until January 24, 2015, Valentine’s collection orders placed for pick up at Edible Arrangements® Kowloon Bay store save 20%. While you need to order early, you can pick up until February 14. Simply order with Code KBHK0214 to save 20% at the Kowloon Bay store. The Valentine’s collections is full of lush red strawberries, sunny pineapple hearts or flowers, and adorable collector vases. You can even order chocolate strawberry “roses” on long stems. When you deliver a beautiful Edible Arrangements®–the day will be yours, and possibly their heart, too!


Want to catch the eye of someone special this Valentine’s Day? Switch out your usual smokey eye for a romantic shimmering scarlet-red shade. Trust us! Your professional stylist at Hollywood Hair can show you how to make this statement look work for you. And while you’re at the salon, indulge in our other services. Outstanding makeup deserves to be framed with outstanding hair. We offer a variety of color services, perms, Japanese Straightening, Brazilian Blowout, Ybera Discovery treatment, along with cut and blowdry. Hairstyle, conditioning, makeup–all personally tailored just for you. Be bold, be a little daring, be noticed!