Paul Gerrard HK And Evo Products Keep Hair Fabulous

March 12, 2014

Evo is the most luxurious, innovative and yet sensible hair care range that has ever existed. Born from a desire to produce a high quality salon range, Evo steps outside the box to help people think a little and look good, all at the same time! Evo hair care products are broken down into five easy steps: 1)Clean, 2)Condition, 3)Treat, 4)Style, and 5)Finish. We make it so simple, it makes cheese look complex! Paul Gerrard knows how great Evo products are, which is why you can pick the hair care range at Paul Gerrard Salon.

Evo offers a shampoo and matching conditioner for every hair type from normal person’s hair to gluttonous hair in need of protein! Choose from the clean and condition product range among our calm, care, volume, or style options. After cleaning and conditioning, the third step is to treat. Whether your hair needs extra moisture or split end repair, our calm, care, volume, and curl range of treatment products have you covered! Once your hair is treated and ready to style, choose from our large selection of styling products meant to provide volume, straightening, curling, or just plain styling! From soft, bouncy curls to tousled, beachy waves, you can achieve any style you desire! Lastly, finish your hair with a product that will make your hairstyle last and enhance shine! With so many helpful products to choose from, Evo hair care will get you from clean to finish with little effort!

To try Evo hair products before purchasing, make an appointment with a stylist at Paul Gerrard salon at 1st and 2nd floor, Wah Hing House, 35 Pottinger Street, Central Hong Kong. After you fall in love with Evo hair products, make your purchase right in Paul Gerrard Salon!

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Amped up Hair the Major Style Trend This Year

November 18, 2013

Sleek, stick-straight hair has become a thing of the past, and super amplified hair a style of the future. Recently, fashion giants like Marc Jacobs have fully embraced the magic of big hair, and now you can too with help from Evo salon “ERA by Paul Gerrard”.

No need to damage your hair to get the big hair of your dreams. The volumizing line by Evo turns limp, lifeless hair into fat and happy locks. These four products tag team your hair to give you volume without hours of teasing.

Start off with Gluttony shampoo. Great for all hair types, but specially designed for fine hair, this shampoo volumizes while gently cleansing and coating the hair with protein and film formers. Next, add a small amount of Bride of Gluttony conditioner. This conditioner compliments Gluttony shampoo and physically fattens your hair while weightlessly conditioning.

Put away your teasing comb and pick up a bottle of Root Canal Base Support Spray. Just like a beautiful skyscraper, no hair masterpiece can be completed with a weak foundation. Uplift your roots and add volume instantly with just a sprays of Root Canal. Hair becomes ultra-manageable and wearable with just the right amount of shine.

Finish off your big look with some Shape Vixen Body Giving Juice. This weightless lotion adds body and support to your look that will last all day and all night. Shape Vixen is super versatile, allowing you to add volume, define curls, add texture, or just add a little more hold to your style.

Take your look from flat to fat with Evo’s special volumizing line up. Pick yours up today at ERA by Paul Gerrard in Hong Kong or online.

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Volumize Limp Hair With Evo Hair Products

March 1, 2013

Voluminous hair looks healthy and sexy. Thankfully, it’s possible to achieve volume without a blow dryer. Limp hair is a thing of the past with the aid of the products in the Evo Hair Products Volume Family. Your clients crave big, beautiful hair and the lineup from Evo Hair Products Volume Family can satisfy their craving with volume that’s sure to make a statement.

To begin maximum volume, your clients should wash their hair with Gluttony Shampoo from Evo Hair Products Volume Family. This shampoo not only cleanses, it volumizes thanks to proteins and film formers that penetrate and coat each strand of hair. Your clients’ hair will gorge on this sulfate free cleanser that’s not only better for hair, but better for the planet too because of its low foaming action.

Of course the best things always come in pairs and Gluttony Shampoo is no bachelor. Don’t forget to introduce your clients to the Bride Of Gluttony Conditioner from Evo Hair Products Volume Family. She’s the one that insists your clients have extra helpings. This weight free conditioner physically fattens hair for a well-fed look that’s also soft and manageable.

For those clients who aren’t satisfied with seconds and STILL want dessert, cure their sweet tooth with Root Canal Base Support Spray from Evo Hair Products Volume Family. This spray adds body and texture to hair by lifting up the roots. Root Canal Base Support Spray also provides volume and support to hairstyles.

Of course you’re going to have clients who just can’t get enough volume to their hairstyles and for them, the Shape Vixen Body Giving Juice from Evo Hair Products Volume Family is the icing on the cake. This weightless lotion will add body while providing long lasting style support. Shape Vixen Body Giving Juice is a multi-purpose styler. It not only defines and holds curls, it adds separation and texture so your clients CAN have their cake and eat it too.

Let your clients know that when it comes to their hair, they don’t need to cut back, they can indulge and savor the volume with the members of the Evo Hair Products Volume Family.

Be sure to keep Evo Hair Products Volume Family in stock at your salon so your clients leave full and satisfied.

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Lights, Music, Blue Tooth

April 21, 2008

A Glow Glow Macro Interactive Media Arts Exhibition takes it to the streets. Movie superstar Andy Lau opened the exhibit. Hong Kong LED artist, Teddy Lo premiered PHAEODARIA and United Visual Artists from the U.K. launched their awarding winning VOLUME for the first time in Asia. Thousands turned out to watch this amazing multimedia art spectacle of sound, light and motion on the Avenue of Stars. More information can be found at and be sure to check out www.SO-U.TV to see more.