Primasia: Chinese E-Commerce Market

Primasia Corporate Services Limited is dedicated to helping different companies all over the world to set-up their operations in the Chinese e-commerce market. The Chinese E-Commerce Market is undeniably one of the most lucrative and fastest growing web industries in the world. China has a population of 1.4 billion, including 850 mobile internet users, which offers big opportunities  for savvy international brands that wish to expand their business. The future of e-commerce most certainly lies east, not west.


When looking at the online retail market in China, you’ll notice 2 big players monopolizing most of the internet retail market– TMALL and JD. TMALL occupies approximately 50% of the market share, whilst JD occupies nearly 25% of the market share. Thus building an online shop through TMALL and JD is the most common way to start your online business in China.

One big advantage of having an online store on TMALL, which is based on CBEC platform,  is that the market entry barriers are low. There is no need to set up a legal entity in mainland China. You should hire a professional, like the experts at Primasia, to assist in preparing a proposal to TMALL and help with business negotiations. You see, for the mainstream platforms like TMALL, the CBEC is invitation only. There is no official online application process for interested clients. That is why it is essential to have allies by your side to help smooth the way for your business to enter the Chinese e-commerce market.


Primasia is able to provide full e-commerce services to their clients, including building up an online store on TMALL Global, running and managing the online shop along with customer support including maintaining chat channels, coordinating the orders and fulfillment process, and providing a single point of contact responsible for Quality, Reporting, General advice on optimization potential.


For over 30 years Primasia Corporate Services Limited has worked with thousands of overseas and local clients, including entrepreneurs, consultancies, manufacturers, trading firms, and startups. We’re here to help your business succeed! Call today!


Connect with Primasia Corporate Services Limited

Hong Kong Headquarters: Suite 1106-08, 11/F., Tai Yau Building, No. 181 Johnston Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong






Credit: Prosperity Research Digital Agency(PRDA) provides branded content catered to your business, in English, and Traditional or Simplified Chinese.


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