作為合夥創始人和行政顧問,葉倩女士(Mrs. Katherine Yip Geicke)於10月25-27日出席了河內VinaCapital2009投資者會議。這次會議吸引了200多名欲了解越南市場的外國投資者。會議發言者包括肯尼思•柯蒂斯教授(Kenneth Courtis),主題投資管理公司創始人,高盛集團前副主席,德意誌銀行經理 -—— 馬克•湯森先生,越南世邦魏理仕經理,以及,VinaCapital集團領導人。

With a role as a co-founder and administrative counsellor, Mrs. Katherine Yip Geicke attended the Investors Conference VinaCapital 2009 which was held on Oct. 25-27, 2009 in Hanoi. This conference attracted more than 200 foreign investors who wanted to know about Vietnam market. The speakers at the conference included Professor Kenneth Courtis, Themes Investment Management co-founder, former vice-president Goldman Sachs, the Deutsches Bank manager – Mr. Marc Townsend, the CB Richard Ellis manager in Vietnam, as well as, VinaCapital Group leaders.

作为合伙创始人和行政顾问,叶倩女士(Mrs. Katherine Yip Geicke)于10月25-27日出席了河内VinaCapital2009投资者会议。这次会议吸引了200多名欲了解越南市场的外国投资者。会议发言者包括肯尼思•柯蒂斯教授(Kenneth Courtis),主题投资管理公司创始人,高盛集团前副主席,德意志银行经理 -—— 马克•汤森先生,越南世邦魏理仕经理,以及,VinaCapital集团领导人。

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