Power of Social Trust: Taking Advice

Humans can only do so much without friends. They define your personality, reflect your life choices and moral values. With social media redefining friendships, users have expanded their dimensions of placing trust. Not only a friend, but also a blogger, a celebrity or any stranger can be trusted. If their review proves credible, they automatically gain our trust.

Research shows 33% of people admitted to asking for opinions from friends frequently. A surprising 68% were found to inquire more about the services offered by a brand rather than its products. Many people actually did not pay heed to expert opinion, and 85% of the participants preferred to trust a close friend over a professional.

The popular categories people look for friends’ opinion include electric and household appliances (34%), health and beauty (31%), while medical care and footwear had a less than 10% priority among participants. 41% admitted that their chances of buying a product online increased if it was reviews by a close friend or family member. A mere 16% preferred to seek advice on Facebook, while 38% opted for face to face interaction.

These statistics show that consumers are almost always on the lookout for advice, be it shopping or health matters. JamiQ provides social media solutions aimed at gaining the confidence of mass consumers; advising brands on how to treat their clients as family. By sharing reviews, asking for opinions on services, promotional offers and collecting the relevant data, JamiQ ensures unwavering loyalty not only of its clients but also their customers. Data analysis and necessary measures aimed at increasing social engagement of brands is an integral part of JamiQ solutions. Contact JamiQ and find out more on how you can work for a better world with the power of social media.

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