Get Your Race On In Less Than 5 Minutes!

Do you have a need for speed? Then come into Sideways Driving Club! We’re just a 3 minute walk from SOHO, so you can save all your energy racing with your friends! At Sideways, Formula One fans have an outlet to express their childhood dreams of race car driving, and without breaking the law! Simulated driving provides a safe, legal, and affordable way to experience the glamorous world of racing. Sideways Driving Club is for anyone who loves to experience the real thing.

Come into Sideways to experience the rush of Formula One racing!  Sideways hosts Formula One races every F1 race weekend. Sideways also has racing leagues, perfect for guys, or girls, night out! Our simulators provide hours of fun for all genders and ages. A variety of tracks provides many options for those at different skill levels. Race a different track each time! Drive multiple races all in one evening. When you’re ready to show off your skills, participate in Sideways Track of the Month. Race the clock to get the fastest time on a different track each month, as we find the 12 fastest drivers in Hong Kong! Everyone is welcome at Sideways, so come in today! We’re just 5 minutes from Lan Kwai Fong and 3 minutes from SOHO!

Sideways is the perfect place to have beers after work! You don’t have to worry about drinking and driving at Sideways! We even have a delicious gourmet menu so you can stay for dinner! We’re conveniently located to make it easy to get your race on! We are located opposite the Centrium (1 minute walk), 5 minutes from Lan Kwai Fong and 3 minutes from Soho. Parking is available at The Centrium or the Universal Trade Centre. What are you waiting for?

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