Edible Arrangements Hong Kong Launches The New Fresh-tini Collection


Martini – shaken or stirred? In Edible Arrangements® Hong Kong, it’s fresh, edible and comes in the cutest reusable containers! Presenting – the new Fresh-tini Collection, made by the world’s trusted and most creative makers of the freshest and juiciest fruit bouquets – Edible Arrangements.


The Fresh-tini Collection is a guaranteed hit. Each fruit bouquet is made of bite sized fruit delicacies – a choice of bananas, pineapple stars, strawberries, cantaloupe, grapes and even signature apple truffles – all artfully arranged to create a colorful masterpiece. The fruit arrangements fit just about any occasion that requires happy smiles, cheers and celebration.

One of the surefire hits is the Birthday Wish-tini™ Dipped Bananas bouquet. This fruit bouquet features sweet pineapple stars, banana slices hand dipped in a combination of white and dark chocolate and classic Apple Fruit Truffles. A lovely addition to every party table.


For outdoor events, on the other hand, the Fun in the Sun-tini bouquet is a great choice. Sun-shaped pineapple and gourmet semisweet chocolate dipped strawberries plus other bite-sized mouthwatering treats make this a truly fun summer-themed bouquet.


Visit the official Edible Arrangements® Hong Kong website, go to “Arrangements” and click on “Featured Collections.” The Fresh-tini Collection can be found under that category. Once you’ve chosen your desired bouquet, click on “Order Now.” You can opt to pick up your order at the nearest store or you can have it delivered. Call +852 2673 3558 for inquiries.


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