The Crisis of Using Free Wi-Fi while Traveling


One of the easiest ways to be hacked in public is to use free Wi-Fi services. A hacker can intercept your name, address, credit card information and other personal details. A public network is unsecure. People who use it should know that it opens up their laptop, Smartphone or tablet to a third party who may be lurking around the area.


Free public Wi-Fi is everywhere. it is offered in restaurants, libraries, stores, and airports. It might be a convenient way to stay connected to the Internet, but may also put you in danger. Users should be more skeptical about free networks and should take precautions to ensure that their mobile device and information are safe and secure.


When you are on a free Wi-Fi network, you should avoid making any financial transactions or using credit cards. Identity thieves often use public networks to steal information that they use on their own shopping spree. According to security experts, it is easy to access one’s private information and this is why users should be on guard when using free Wi-Fi. Security experts also recommend not logging into one’s social network and email accounts while on public Wi-Fi. Too much personal information can be exposed to unscrupulous people that will allow them to guess passwords on other accounts and at the same time steal one’s identity.


The most dangerous type of public Wi-Fi is a network that doesn’t require a password. People are lulled into a false sense of security and think that the security software installed in their computer can stop any attack. A lot of people don’t know that a hacker can easily intercept communications made on free Wi-Fi.


There are some cases in which people think they are connecting to a legitimate Wi-Fi network, but in reality, they are connecting to a rogue access point. More often than not, users are directed to a rogue site that looks like a legitimate website that asks them to input information such as user name, password, or credit card numbers. How many times have you been in an airport and dozens of free Wi-Fi networks are available for you? It is important to ensure that you are connecting to a real network and not a rogue one.


When travelling you should equip yourself with a portable Wi-Fi hotspot, such as GlocalMe G2. It is a safer and more secure way of staying connecting to the internet. It is a personal hotspot that will allow you stay online wherever you go. There’s no need to connect to a public network when you can bring your private network with you.


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