Quality Pork Production


It’s said that “You are what you eat”. Eating meat is good for well-being but one must make sure that guarantee for the product quality is given. For many years, Flodins has cared for its customers by producing their Quality Meats straight from the farms of Nordic regions. As the superior brand of the HKScan, the largest prized and highly skilled meat producers, Flodins has preserved the traditions and customary practices with Long Heritage since 1913.


What type of Quality Meats does Flodins offer?

Within their home markets, Flodins offers a great variety of meat specialties like Premium Pork, beef, lamb and poultry products, processed meats, and convenient food products to retail markets, food and industrial sectors and even have the privilege to export their meat expertise globally. Their meat products, due to the Superior Taste, have been popular in many regions including the home markets. But you may wonder, “Where are the home markets?” Since Flodins guarantees Farm-Fresh and Pure Taste from Nordic Farms, the home markets are situated in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and the Baltic states.  Their sense of responsibility and ability in meat business has made them trustworthy enough to export their Quality Meats to 50 nations. Now that’s called the magic of Superior Taste!

Not only does Flodins work to develop economically, socially and environmentally but they also want to enhance the quality of their product by increasing the opportunities for animal health care. The Flodins have committed themselves to serve their customers with the purest quality of meat products. Each customer is taken care of in the best possible way and can rely on Flodins without a doubt. Now you can become what you eat with a light heart and soft conscience! Try Flodins pork at one of these fine Hong Kong restaurants.

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