Share the Fun! Try Funographer!

After the mobile app PLAYGROUND, one2free has launched another creative app Funographer! It is all about fun and photos!

The coolest thing about Funographer is the stickers! Like PLAYGROUND, Funographer also binds with many fun characters in Hong Kong! You can add stickers of the fun PLAYGROUND characters and accessories, and even add fun dialogue bubbles! Nothing but trendy would describe Funographer! Funographer is the trend setter!

After adding stickers to your photos, you do not keep them to yourself, right? Of course you ought to share with your best friends! In Funographer, you can share the edited pictures to 4 main social networks, including Facebook, Sina Weibo, Instagram and WeChat. Your friend won’t miss any of your funny ideas!

Come and download Funographer to share the fun now!

Funographer download:

PLAYGROUND download:

one2free official website:

one2free facebook page:

one2free Sina Weibo page:

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