Holidays End But E-Mail Marketing Shouldn’t!

Phew! Now that the holidays are over and you are not working 70-hour weeks or planning your holiday specials, you can take it easy slow down E-Mail marketing right? Of course not! This is the perfect opportunity to keep sending E-Mails to your subscribers, showing gratitude and providing information about specials you will have later in the year, so that they look forward to those emails. Below are a couple tips to help you keep your E-Mail marketing campaigns flowing and with JamiQ’s assistance, you’ll start off the New Year with a bang!

The aftermath of the holidays are the perfect time to start your testing. What do your clients and customers want? By testing, you will be able to learn more about your subscribers earlier in the year and be able to formulate your marketing campaigns around the results. JamiQ’s Insights and Discovery feature helps you with testing. The most used words in the content that JamiQ captures are extracted and trended according to the frequency of their occurrence in the social media posts. This trending helps you discover insights into what the majority of conversations are talking about. With JamiQ, you’ll be in the know of what your customers want!

Remember to set a goal for your email campaigns, and measure and analyze the results. By using the data from last year you should be able to learn what worked and what did not for this time of the year. Do something similar or better. JamiQ helps you keep track with our It’s Your Data Feature. JamiQ lets you view every individual entry and its attributes in an interactive table. All data captured on JamiQ is kept for up to 6 months. E-mail us for the most complete social media data analysis in your local language. JamiQ will ensure you’re more successful this year than last!

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