Get In On The Latest Social Media Marketing Trends!

Social media marketing remains the most important marketing area of concern for the upcoming three years. But where should marketers keep an eye for the upcoming year? Will Facebook still remain king of the social media hill or will 2014 be the year of Twitter? Below are just a couple of the social media marketing trends to look out for in 2014. Regardless of which social media marketing trend you decide to incorporate, JamiQ is equipped to help make your brand a success!

One of the main ways that marketing is hitting social media is through consumers themselves. In the past decade, with user-generated content platforms such as Yelp, individuals have had the ability and power that comes from bypassing traditional channels to voice concerns and feedback, be it negative or positive. This is why it’s so crucial to know where your brand stands with consumers. With JamiQ, you have access to our Sentiment Detection feature, which is able to detect the sentiment of every post on the fly. The sentiment chart gives you an indicative view of the perception surrounding your brand. This allows you to react immediately when you notice a sudden change of heart. With JamiQ, you’ll always be on top of consumers opinions of your brand!

Of course, videos should continue their upward ascent in the social media marketing toolbox hierarchy. In particular short videos. YouTube shows no sign of fatigue, yet for brands, the best promises come from the rise of applications such as Vine, with its 6-seconds video capabilities, and Instagram, with its 15-seconds video capabilities complete with filters and integration within Facebook. Without a doubt, this is one trend we can expect to grow in 2014! One thing’s for sure, JamiQ’s features and solutions will make sure your brand grows too!

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