Pilates: The Workout that Everyone Can Do and Should Try



Pilates has grown to be one of the most well-known fitness systems in the world. And here at T8 Fitness, we are all about helping you achieve your health and fitness goals! T8 Fitness has been supplying Hong Kong and Asia with the very best in Pilates, Yoga, Fitness and Rehabilitation products and equipment for more than 5 years now!

Pilates is suitable for all people, in their quest to be healthy and happy and should be a part of all fitness or rehab programmes. Despite some of the intimidating equipment, Pilates is a workout that everyone can do and should try. The benefits are simply amazing. Whether you have a chronic illness, are starting from scratch, or are looking to build your athletic performance, here are reasons why Pilates is for you!

Perhaps you have a chronic illness or pain and you are finding it hard to exercise? Pilates was created to help those battling illnesses and pain!

  • As a young child, Joseph Pilates battled asthma and other conditions that left him sick. He turned to exercise and athletics to battle these ailments and was always studying various exercise regimens to expand his knowledge base. At the outbreak of World War I, Joe was interned as an “enemy alien” with other German nationals. During his internment, Joe developed an exercise program using makeshift equipment out of hospital beds and springs to help bedridden patients to exercise against resistance. After witnessing the amazing results of his work, he continued to refine his exercise program and the equipment to help rehabilitate dancers, and others in need of care.

Or maybe you are finding it hard to squeeze any fitness time into your hectic schedule?

  • Pilate’s workouts usually only take about an hour each session. That being said they are quite intense, offering results you will see and feel quickly.  Not only that, but you will feel a sense of accomplishment which will raise your productivity throughout the rest of the day.


Maybe you are an athlete or avid sports person looking to improve your performance?

  • Learning control, gaining strength and efficient and graceful movement will certainly benefit all other activities- and your whole life! Pilates is a great addition to every workout including, running, yoga, and high intensity interval training (HIIT).
  • We concentrate our resources on providing the best products and services to all of our clients, and urge all Pilates, Yoga and sports enthusiasts to check out our incredible selection of grip socks- to help you hold your favorite poses much more safely, with zero slippage! Both Toesox and Tavi Noir grip socks are designed to make indoor exercise safe and fun!


So whether you’re looking for a workout to do in your own home, like with the lightweight, portable Typhoon 1 Pilates Ring(the perfect home workout accessory!) or a gym owner that is looking to outfit their studio with Pilates equipment– T8 Fitness is the supplier you are looking for!


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