PRDA: Enhancing Your B2B Social Media Marketing Effectiveness

It’s predicted that the number of worldwide social media users will grow from 2.46 billion in 2017 to over 3 billion by 2021. These users comprise of all kinds of people, including business owners and customers, on every platform. While we see many B2C businesses on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, many B2B companies stick to LinkedIn, hesitant to jump into unfamiliar territory. And that’s fine! This is exactly why you hire social media experts like Prosperity Research Digital Agency (PRDA). With more than a decade’s experience, Asia’s leading social media agency provides so many digital solutions no other social media agency can offer. No matter if your focus is B2C or B2B, PRDA is the solution to catapulting your business to success.


Here are a few ways to enhance your B2B Social Media Marketing Effectiveness.


Have a Social Media Strategy in Place

Before you begin designing content and posting to social media platforms it’s important to create a plan. Think about your business’s  key messages, goals, and objectives. Write (or type) them out. Then think about the best way to communicate them– what will be your TOV (Tone of Voice)? What times of day and how often will you post? What kind of content is best (photos, blog posts, videos. infographics etc)? What platforms will you use? A proper social media strategies should cover all these details plus more. Be sure your social media activity reflects your business values.

Form a Social Media Team

Creating content, posting that content and interacting with your followers takes time.  Find a team or hire a person who specializes in social media content creation and interaction. Audience engagement is what will help you get a lot of new followers.


Content, Content, Content

Content should be an essential part of your social marketing plan. Map out who will be in charge of what content. For example, who will be taking and editing photo’s, who will be writing blog posts, creating videos etc. How often will you post these? Who will insert the postings onto social media, whether you are posting live or scheduling posts ahead of time?


Whether you are putting out short how-to videos or hosting a live Twitter chat with a dedicated hashtag, the objective should always be to increase brand awareness among your B2B audience. Be prepared that a B2B audience may not be as active on social media as a B2C audience, but if your business’s content is good and consistent your audience will find you, remember you, and seek to work with you.


Obtain step by step guidelines on how to leverage the details and algorithms of popular social media platforms to maximise your content reach and engagement directly from the experts at PRDA. Prosperity Research Digital Agency (PRDA) helps your business stay on top of social media with fresh monthly content, posted to 5 top distribution sites!


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