Flodins Hong Kong Omega-3 Pork Belly Cooking Tips From HKScan


Pork belly has a reputation around the world as one of the tastiest cuts of meat that comes from a pig. From Asia to Europe and the Americas, nearly every culture eats pork belly in some capacity because it is delicious and plentiful. In China it is often braised, in South America they fry it and make a dish called chicharrón and in the United States cured pork belly, or bacon, is used in hundreds of recipes. HKScan’s Flodins omega-3 pork belly is perfect for use in all your favorite ethnic dishes, and we even have some special cooking tips for you!


First of all, it’s called pork belly because it is meat that is cut from the belly and side of a pig, right below the ribs. This meat tends to be rich and fatty with plenty of marbling that helps it stay moist and tender throughout the cooking process. Pork Belly can be roasted, chopped and fried, barbequed whole, cooked slow, or crisped up on the grill. You choose how to prepare your pork belly, but if you can’t decide, check out this serving suggestion from HKScan:


Italian Omega-3 Pork Belly Porchetta


  • Butterfly a pork belly so that it is a long and thin slab.
  • Lay meat side up and season with salt and pepper and fresh herbs
  • Chop dried fruits, bacon, garlic, and ginger and spread the mixture on the pork belly
  • Roll up the pork, tie with string, and score the skin with a knife
  • Roast at 275 degrees C until skin is golden brown
  • Remove and pour 2 cups of apple juice over the roast and then replace in a 125 degree oven for 2.5 to 3 more hours
  • Slice and serve as part of an Italian feast!


Maybe the only downside to pork belly is the high fat content. This can discourage some people from enjoying pork belly, but omega-3 pork from HKScan is not like other pork bellies because omega-3 pork belly is rich in healthy, unsaturated fats that are good for you. Enjoy your favorite omega-3 pork belly recipes without any feelings of guilt!


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