Jane Goodall Inspires Hong Kong Children, Traditional Chinese Medicine Beauty Secrets and more!

Dr Jane Goodall Inspires Children to Find their Passion

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Recently Dr. Jane Goodall spoke to Runanga School students about the launch of the Roots & Shoots campaign, and encouraged children to fight back against chimpanzee and gorilla habitat loss. Several different programs within Roots & Shoots, like the Hong Kong Beach Clean-up and Save the Gibbon, have helped the Dr. Jane Goodall Institute become successful amongst young people and students. Dr. Goodall’s own passion and love for nature is surely transmitting to young minds who want to make a difference and help the planet and all the creatures on it.


If your children are in Hong Kong, there is no greater way to improve their nature- awareness and help them do something unique that will inspire all of their lives. Even adults can participate, by simply filling in the online form. All you have to do is visit the official Jane Goodall Institute Hong Kong website and find a way to contribute to this great cause in your own way.

Pilates: The Workout that Everyone Can Do and Should Try

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Pilates has grown to be one of the most well-known fitness systems in the world. And here at T8 Fitness, we are all about helping you achieve your health and fitness goals! T8 Fitness has been supplying Hong Kong and Asia with the very best in Pilates, Yoga, Fitness and Rehabilitation products and equipment for more than 5 years now!

Pilates is suitable for all people, in their quest to be healthy and happy and should be a part of all fitness or rehab programmes. Despite some of the intimidating equipment, Pilates is a workout that everyone can do and should try. The benefits are simply amazing. Whether you have a chronic illness, are starting from scratch, or are looking to build your athletic performance, here are reasons why Pilates is for you!

History and Development of Gin

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If you love Gin as much as we do, you’ll want to read this! Several months ago Food Linkers brought the amazing Nordic taste of Napue Gin to Hong Kong, and we have a few gin facts to share! You might be surprised to know that that first gin was advertised as a cure for kidney and stomach problems, gallstones and gout (very similar to whiskey’s beginnings). Though the first confirmed date of mass production can be traced back to the 17th century, its humble beginning started in the 12th century. During this time, people believe that it has the power to protect them against the Plague. Read on to learn more about the turbulent history of Gin!

Gourmet Skin Bar: Traditional Chinese Medicine Beauty Secrets

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The local culture in Hong Kong relies significantly on the vast wealth of knowledge that is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) when it comes to health and wellness. The experts at Gourmet Skin Bar, Hong Kong’s Luxury Organic Beauty Boutique, have rounded up some time-tested TCM beauty secrets with easy to follow recipes that are sure to make your skin glow from the inside out! Read on for the Pearl Powder Revitalizing Beauty Mask recipe and more!


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