Boost Your Vitamin Intake with YoMama Fresh Fruit Toppings

Since opening our doors in 2008, YoMama has created the best flavours and the freshest toppings for our frozen yogurt. Low in calories, virtually fat free, no artificial flavours, and an excellent source of calcium, YoMama frozen yogurt is what dessert lovers in Hong Kong have been waiting for. With the availability of fresh fruit toppings, you can now indulge in a healthy, vitamin-packed dessert without any guilt.

Eating healthy is on the top of all of our minds and it should be no different when you are eating dessert. YoMama frozen yogurt is low in calories, contains no artificial flavours, and are an excellent source of calcium. Our toppings are plentiful and our frozen yogurt is divine, but by choosing to add fresh fruit to your dessert, you will be keeping true to your health conscious decision and avoid adding any additional fat or sugar to your treat.

Fresh fruits are an essential part of a healthy diet, providing you with essential vitamins you need to stay healthy. It doesn’t get any better than having fresh fruit put on top of our delicious frozen yogurt. With fresh fruit toppings like blueberries and strawberries, mangoes, green kiwis, and a seasonal fruit choice to keep you on your toes about our topping menu, you are never far away from a healthy decision at YoMama.

Our fresh and heavenly frozen yogurt and fresh fruit toppings even have our North America customers wanting more. So what’s your excuse? Come down today and indulge in one of YoMama’s frozen yogurt treats!

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