Ready for the Dragon Boat Festival? Order Traditional Rice Dumplings From Catalpa Garden at Hotel Royal Macau!


On the fifth day of the fifth month of the Chinese Calendar, the Dragon Boat Festival begins. This year, the Dragon Boat Festival will take place on June 9th with the customary dragon boat races and, of course, plenty of delicious sticky rice dumplings! And, if you aren’t the type to make your own rice dumplings, not to worry because the Catalpa Gardens restaurant in Hotel Royal Macau crafts some of the finest rice dumplings in the city.


Catalpa Gardens is known as a fine dining restaurant serving traditional Shanghainese cuisine and the effort the chefs put into our dining room menu also applies to our rice dumpling menu. Hotel Royal Macau is currently taking order for our homemade glutinous rice dumplings with pork or red bean filling


The Dragon Boat Festival has a long history in China just like Hotel Royal Macau has a long history of pleasing guests and diners in Hong Kong. This June 9th, our hotel and the Dragon Boat Festival will be united by the rice dumplings made in Catalpa Gardens restaurant and eaten by holidayers all over the city.


A lovely ambiance, succulent cuisine, and attentive hospitality define Catalpa Gardens. This year, celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival in style with pork or red bean rice dumplings from Hotel Royal Macau. Then, after the festival has ended, drop by Catalpa Gardens for a meal from the restaurant that is repeatedly named among the best in all of Hong Kong and Macau.


Order your rice dumplings and make your reservation today and see why Catalpa Gardens helps make Hotel Royal Macau a complete cultural experience.


Scan the WeChat QR Code or search WeChat ID:macauhotelroyal for updated information, anytime! Book your stay with us by calling (853) 2855-2222.








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