Pride and Prejudice in Hong Kong


Pride and Prejudice is a global LGBT conference that aims to catalyse the ongoing debates on the economic and human costs of discrimination opposing the LGBT community. Both events have similar objectives, Gay Games Hong Kong 2022 wholeheartedly supports “Pride and Prejudice: The Business Case for LGBT Diversity and Inclusion” hosted in Hong Kong. The Gay Games not only rule out the societal patterns regarding sex, age, and sexual orientation, but also invite anyone having the right mind to appreciate the reality and personal beliefs of people. Call it a coincidence or an unpredictable setting, but both are going to happen soon in Hong Kong!


Pride and Prejudice will commence in three of the World’s biggest cities, Hong Kong, London and New York on March 23rd 2017. While most of the influential speakers, business conglomerates, policy makers, innovative thinkers and many others are being there, this conference calls for a dynamic shift of focus towards fresh debates addressing LGBT business issues with an unbiased, content-driven and business-directed approach. Here are some programme highlights:

  • Can business make a large difference in improving the call for rights for LGBT?
  • How has youth culture been changing the meaning of diversity and obliging companies to reconsider their inclusion policies?
  • How will the future of the diversity and inclusion movement be impacted by resurgence in the popular school of thought?
  • What can LGBT inclusion supporters learn from other stigmatized groups?
  • What can be learnt from business operation cases from regions of the world where LGBT community are not appreciated?


From Chief executives and Presidents to LGBT supporters, anyone should attend this particular motivational movement for the rights of LGBT community. The first conference shall be held in the hospitable city of Kowloon, Hong Kong, where Gay Games Hong Kong 2022 welcomes everyone desiring peace and harmony for all!



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